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[Story] Attitude meets Arrogance – S01 E22

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 22

Jordan’s POV

“You did it, didn’t you???” Sebastian questioned as he got inside my office…

“Did I have a choice???” I raised my voice…

“You are practically destroying her life right now. There is always another way…” He explained calmly as he sat where that crazy mud girl had sat earlier…

“Bring two cups of coffee!!!” I ordered my PA on the telephone and got back to my seat..

“You are supposed to be supporting me..”

“No Jordan, you have crossed all the limits anyone could ever think of. I am so disappointed…”

What was he disappointed about??? I know I was a wicked tornado but being my best friend he should have learnt to deal with it by now

. I am a businessman to me life is like business deals, emotional rubbish is for weaklings.

In fact Ciara should be happy that I am marrying her. Does she know how many marriage proposals I get everyday??? And here she is acting like queen Beyonce…

“So what do you expect me to do because you are disappointed???” I could feel i was erupting into my furious state…

“To do the right thing. Take your damn phone, call the minister and make this right…” He thundered slamming my table…

Before I could reply to his stupid thinking, the PA walked in my office without knocking…

“Sir here is…..”

“Don’t you have manners..

. Does my office look like a toilet to you????”

“But sir…..” I could see her trembling and her eyes glossy with tears and you know what it was soothing to see someone’s life depended on me..

“Turn around, get those cheap useless rags you call clothes and that cheap face out of my office…” I thundered and she run out of there like a scared dog. It felt good to make someone feel less of themselves.

I turned to my best friend and saw him give me this dirty look,”Why are you so mean??? Where is my best friend who was kind???? “Did you have to insult her???”

“To me life is like a business deal. If you thought just because we are best friends you would change my mind, my friend the devil fooled you. I am gonna marry that girl even if I have to drag her to the aisle I don’t care. This deal is good for me and I won’t let anybody mess it up for me…” I cussed out, glaring at him with angry cold eyes.

I don’t know why he still remained calm..

“A marriage based on a lie is gonna destroy you. Ciara is not the type of a girl to let someone step on her like a carpet.”

What was with him and this Ciara girl???.. It’s all her fault that this is happening. If she wasn’t a designer, she wouldn’t be working for my brother and we would never have met. It’s still her fault she came to my office at the wrong time and so she had to deal with it…

“And I am not the kind of a guy to back down easily. I won’t let people make a mockery out of me like they did five years ago….”

“You should move on from that and stop dragging everyone down with you…”

I had reached my breaking point with him.. His statement made the emotions I have tried so hard to hide over the years weigh my heart down once more.

“Get out of my office!!!!!” I ordered, my hands covering my face…

He didn’t talk or resist. He just stood up and slammed the door on his way out.

I hated the feeling of defeat. The rage was overpowering me…

The anger I felt was so powerful that I could feel it taking over every other ounce of my being.

Why did I have to love her???? I trusted her so much that I didn’t think she would do such a despicable thing to me..

With her my life was like a fictional romantic story… I was on top of the world and I loved it there. She brought out the best of me, made me the best version of myself until she decided to betray me…

There I was waiting for hours at the aisle for my bride, the woman who I hoped will be the mother of my children but she never arrived. People kept whispering to me to call off the wedding but I couldn’t bring myself to believe she wasn’t coming. But she had the nerve to leave me there standing like a fool infront of prominent people who I had bragged to about being married.

F-ck the word love.. I was willing to give her the world but that wasn’t enough to make her stay. I was like a white wall but instead of drawing something beautiful on me, she threw dark paint all over me.

Day in day out people made a mockery of me. I was all over the blogs, social medias, newspapers, television shows name them all. The runaway bride who left a billionaire’s son for a mere bodyguard… I wished I could go back in time and prevent myself from loving her but it was already too late…

The kind sweet charming part of me died when she left…I turned into a cold feared wicked tornado and I loved it. I loved the fact that people feared me, that they trembled to the mere thought of wanting to mock me. I learnt to hide my weaknesses, my pain, my kindness and shut everything away from the world.

From that day I swore never to love again.

. To me girls would be objects to be used for my own agendas. These creatures don’t deserve to be loved because they are selfish, manipulative and liars .

Everytime I thought of her, I got crushed one hundred times more painfully. Maybe I wasn’t over her, maybe she was still the owned my heart. The anger and the rage was a way to hide the pain and betrayal I felt…

Everyday and everytime I keep asking myself, where did I go wrong??? Why did she leave??? Did she even love me????

One sided love is dangerous. It’s like a ticking time bomb one that got closer to exploding and I guess mine already exploded…

I was dragged back to reality with a knock at the door.. I hadn’t realised tears had trickled down my cheeks by the mere thought of her. She still had an effect of me, she was still my weakness, she still had the power to get me down on my knees and that’s why I desperately craved for changed to get myself out of the unwanted claws of a stupid love…

At a point I am marrying Ciara because of the deal and maybe her nonstop bickering would help me forget about Beatrice and focus on my life…She needed to make me forget her or else her life beside me is gonna be a living hell…

I wiped my face, composed myself and pretended to be going through a file…

“Are you gonna stay out there all day long???” I thundered.

“Excuse me sir???” The project manager stammered.


“I have the budget of the condominiums that we are supposed to start building coming next month…”

“Have you discussed it with the financial manager????”

He stood there silent for a while forcing me to lift my now red eyes like tomatoes from the file.

“Should I repeat myself ???” I looked at him with burning reproachful eyes.

“I haven’t discussed it with him sir…” He trembled.

“Get out of my office before I forget how good you are at your work and fire you. Are we together???”

He nodded and walked to the door.

“Tell that PA to come to my office immediately…”

I was more determined than ever to have Ciara marry me. She is a tough cookie and I had to act fast before everything backfires on my face.

Am I scared???Yes, scared that she might do something stupid and refuse to marry me. Then history will repeat itself…

I don’t care if I had to drug her, point a gun at her head but no other woman is going to make a fool out of me.

I will propose to her tomorrow at Sophie’s party infront of the paparazzis and then we will see if she will have the guts to say no…

“Sir, you called me???” The PA came in running.

“Make calls I want all paparazzis, reporters from all the media houses in my house tomorrow during Sophie’s party. One mistake and you are fired…” I bossed, took my coat and walked out of the office.

I needed to buy an expensive engagement ring for my dear wife to be..

Tomorrow the whole world is going to know she is future Mrs Marcias…