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[Story] Attitude meets Arrogance – S01 E18

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 18

Ciara’s POV

I kept my word…It’s not that I would have quit my job, it was just a smart move that would make Jaxon force the arrogant man to ask for forgiveness.

No need to brag but the musician needs me…He is obsessed with my work and that one hell of a weakness fellas…

For the past one week, I was so busy trying to finish up with Sophie’s dress and also Jaxon sneaking into the studio once in a while to steal a kiss… Its not like it bothered me, I loved the way we acted like teenagers in love… Everyone acted normal after the theft incident, Mrs Marcias always made me coffee at four o’clock and Chloe atleast faked civilisation..

Finally Friday was here, I was done with Sophie’s dress.. I couldn’t wait to get home and take care of the tired me..

“Done with work???” Jaxon wrapped his arms around me from behind.

“Someone could see us…”

“I don’t care….”

I wanted to move away but my body was in a no function mode..

“I wanna kiss and feel you…”

“Not now Jaxon…Natalie might walk right in and find us…”

“Let go for a weekend getaway at Masai Mara. I have already made the reservations.” He trailed kisses down my collarbone..

“Why did you make the reservations without asking me first???”

He twisted me around and his lips brushed mine in a hot, fiery, passionate and demanding way seducing my senses…

“What time are you picking me up???”

“7am, it is…” He kissed me once more and left..

It literally took me five minutes to get back on track..


By 5am, I was ready…I didn’t want to be late..

Jane and Max kept teasing me the whole morning before Jaxon arrived but I didn’t care…

They two should be in a better position to understand when one is in love…

Jaxon was there at my door at 6:55am looking all hot…

The pair of blue skinny jeans, the vest that sidelined his abs, his black leather jacket, the side boots…Mamma Mia I wanted to grab him for a kiss..


“You look hot…” I mumbled. Why did I think out loud???

“Thank you gorgeous, you too…”

That was a lie…I had worn a regular jeans, a tank top and some bata Ngoma rubber shoes. Not forgetting the black leather jacket on my hand..

“Shall we go???” He asked and Jane replied from nowhere,” Drive safe and I repeat use a c-ndom..”

Jaxon looked away embarrassingly and I smacked the top side of her head,” We hear you Miss highness…”

When we got to Jaxon’s car we drove to Aleleshwa where we switched to a land cruiser.

“Ciara, this is Ethan my bestfriend…”

“Hey Ethan..” He was also handsome but not like my Jaxon..I have seen him on Jaxon’s IG posts but I couldn’t tell him. I didn’t wanna look like a stalker…

“Hey Jaxon’s girl and please you two be careful. The paparazzis might be anywhere…” That kinda made me feel on top of the world…

Now I understand why we switched cars…

During the ride, there was a comforting silence. I was hooked to the window soothing myself with Jaxon’s playlist whereas he was there singing and driving like he should…

Once in a while he would touch me and the intoxication was instant.. Everytime I felt his hand on my thigh, my hormones would shut down my higher brain and rise my animal self.

I wanted to f-ck his brains out..

After a two hours drive from Nairobi, our first destination was Narok which holds a culture of its own colored by the natural green beauty…

Few kilometres past Narok is the great Rift Valley and the escarpment viewpoint…It’s so beautiful… Wow, I really needed this getaway..

“Do you like it???” He asked..

“Yeah, I do….Thank you..”

“You are so silent???”

“I am craving to kiss you so bad and make love to you like crazy…”

His eyes were almost falling from his sockets.. Why do I keep thinking out loud???

“Don’t mind me, I guess is the side effect of my sleeping pills..” Did that make sense cause he just smiled…

After 6 hours, we finally arrived to Maasai Serena Safari lodge. And guess what, his PA just booked one suite because he thought he was coming alone.

How was I to calm my monster side beside him??? What if I fart??

How was I to ensure I dont breathe too loud like a generator or too slow like a dying man??? Lol I am in big trouble…

“Sorry I could only book one suite…”

“No problem, I understand…”

Luckily I was undercover. Me with a big hat and sunglasses and him like him. I was the mysterious one. I hate fame…

In the suite, there was a marvelous view of Lake Mara.. I was ready to enjoy the warmth and sophistication of the suite which was appointed with a master bedroom with a king size bed, a separate sitting area and two private balconies…

“I will go shower…” I didn’t want him kissing the sweaty me…

After getting out of the bathroom, he was standing at the door… Unexpectedly his hand drifted to my hip and settled there…

He pulled me closer and I inhaled deeply..

I was against his shirtless warm chest chiseled for perfection..

“I dont know what’s happening but I want to make you mine…” I felt electricity in my skin..

“Let me shout to the whole world that I want to make you mine…Ciara I want you to be Mrs Marcias, to be holding my hand at the red carpet. To be my strength…Because I am beginning to fall for you…”

I was speechless…His head was angled to the side as his lips came closer and closer to mine. To my surprise I parted my lips ready for the kiss as our breath mingled..

I felt like he was the only flame, I would ever need…

Our kiss was disrupted by a knock at the door which was to remind us about our game drive..

“I will get dressed…”

Our game drive was fun. I have seen a lion in the zoo but never have I seen it in the wild before…Maasai Mara had alot to offer in terms of nature and animals…

After that we went on a balloon safari which was an absolute spectacle that would remain in my memory forever… I could see the animals from the bird’s eye view and when you add the ride itself and being next to the man you love it’s a double thrill for you…

I was so tired that I only drunk juice and walked to our room. I couldn’t wait to get off the hat and sunglasses…

“Don’t close your eyes…”Jaxon stated after he got out of the shower,” I don’t mind you seeing me naked…”

I wasn’t shy, I didn’t wanna pounce on him like a wild animal…

“I don’t wanna get horny…” My big mouth again..

Embarrassed I savoured into the sheets and in few minutes I felt him beside me…

I wanted to turn around and kiss him but I couldn’t..

I couldn’t fight against the thoughts that we going through me. His very smell flooding my sense now…

“Ciara, do you love???”