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[Story] Attitude meets Arrogance – S01 E13

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 13

Ciara’s POV

“Hey beautiful madam, are you sure you saw me???”

“Yes, dear. I never forget faces….”

“You win….It was me but everything has an explanation…” I tried defending myself…

“It’s okay,” She cupped my face, “You owe no one an explanation….”

I nodded slowly avoiding Jaxon’s eyes which were stuck between me and his mother…

“Jaxon dear, your sister and sister in law are arriving in a few minutes so you are needed downstairs and please get Jordan too…” She smiled and walked down stairs…

“You don’t believe your mother about me being in your brother’s room right???” I asked him haltingly…

“I don’t know. You two barely get along….”

“I didn’t want to tell you this but Clara was here. Clara with the C. The girl people say we look alike….”

“The model??? The girl who Jordan dated for two weeks…”

“Yeah that one….”

“Now I understand why Jordan was locked up in the bathroom. She is one hell crazy woman…” Jaxon shook his head and that’s when I knew I had taken control over the situation…

“And for the record, you are more beautiful than Clara with the C….” My face flamed up with the compliment.

“Thank you…”

He called out for Jordan in his room who went ahead leaving us there..

“Have you read the latest blog and today’s newspaper????” He asked.

“No but I know it had alot to say about my break up with David…”

“Sh-t, I tried so hard for you not to find out by throwing away today’s newspaper and forbidding anyone from talking about it but I guess I had to try harder I am sorry about what they are saying…” He took my hand up his lips and kissed it,”I will always be here if you need anything…”

“Thank you biggest fan…” I whispered, encaged in his arms…


He took my hand in his and walked me downstairs but the moment we arrived at the hallway I don’t know who let the other go…

“They are here…” Carol said running towards the gathered family.

“Okay Carol, get the table ready…” Mrs Marcias ordered and Carol nodded running towards the kitchen…

“Hey family, did you miss me???” A girl got into the house, her arms outstretched ready for a hug… She had some Latin looks, high cheek bones, the kindest pair of coffee eyes trimmed by long gorgeous lashes and a confident s-xy strut that screamed to the world I am beautiful…

She hugged everyone smiling but when she got to me, she first did a full scan and then hugged me..

“You look familiar, are you Jaxon’s girlfriend???”

I shook my head in disapproval…

“She is Ciara, the fashion designer….”

“Oooooh!!!! My gawd….Ciara you are more beautiful in person…” She hugged me again and this time tighter that I could barely breath…

“Wow!!!! At 23 and you are taking the fashion world to the next level. You know like I read all your blogs. You and fashion are just, I don’t know. It’s like you understand fashion and it understands you….” She continued..

I loved meeting my fans but not when they are all crazy and clingy…

“We should have coffee sometime???”

“She is actually working for me, so little sister calm down you will be with her everyday…”

“Yeeeei!!!” She wanted to hug me again but I held her back.

“Dear, enough with the hugging…”

She had succeeded in making that about me and I didn’t like it one beat… The other lady was busy talking with Mrs Marcias with Mason’s hand on her shoulder…

She had the African kind of beauty.The kind in which the boys would trip over themselves.

Mason really had some good taste…. The beauty was complimented with An Amazonian figure which sat well on her wafer-thin body and her ebony black hair… In her arms she had a little girl who looked much like Mason….

“Ciara????” Mason beckoned me..

“Yes???” I answered when I got to where they were standing….

“This is my beautiful wife Chloe Marcias and our daughter Pashmina Marcias…And this my wife is Ciara my friend, Jaxon’s designer….” He introduced us….

“I thought so, she is so pretty. Nice to meet you Ciara, I would love to sit and chat but I am so tired. I hope to see you around….” She shook my hand and walked upstairs. I guess she was a woman of a few words….

I looked around and saw how happy everyone was even Jordan who never even shows me his teeth…. He looked so handsome smiling that he should make it a duty of his…

Him and the twins were busy teasing their little sister who seemed to loved it…

Indeed they were lucky to be there for each other. Unlike my family where we never check up on each other, me and my big sister never get along and I was recently disowned…

“Ciara, I need you to help me unpack???”

Wait what??? Was this girl serious???

“Girl, I am a designer. Thats all…Mason and Jaxon see you tomorrow….” I hugged them and when I turned to walk away, Jaxon held my hand.

“I will take you home……”

“But the lunch with your family???”

“That can’t wait….”

I could see Jordan wanted to say something but he chose to shut it….

In the car, there was a comfortable silence…Jaxon was focused on the road and I was lost in thoughts.

“Sorry about my small sister, she can be clingy…”

“Yeah, she is…”

“But thank you, you didn’t tell her off rudely…”

“Trust me, I wanted to but didn’t want to embarrass her….”

After that short conversation, everyone went silent again till we got to my apartment… On the balcony, Max and Brian were busying working on the barbeque and Jane was in the kitchen making her signature punch….

“What’s going on guys???” I was surprised that instead of them being in their room making out they were out here having a little party.

“We wanna have fun girlfriend….”


“Hey Brian???” I hugged him who couldn’t even stand upright.

“Friend, I have missed you. Go check what I brought you from South Africa in your room. Trust me you will love it….”

“Thanks dear….”

I left the boys talking and went to help Jane out when my big sister called….

“What???” I asked….

“Ciara, when will you grow up??? Scandals front, back, right, left and centre….”

“It’s my life Alice and leave me alone…”

“I am a doctor and you…….”

“I am a fashion designer which lack of direction. I know what you gonna say so just don’t ruin my day…” I hanged up…

Just because she was a doctor, she didn’t have the right to step on me. I may not be the perfect daughter but I needed my sister’s support…

“What has Alice done now???” Jane asked after she noticed my face was heated with rage….

“I don’t wanna talk about it….” I hurriedly walked to my room and slammed it shut…

I tried so hard not to cry but I couldn’t hold back. It didn’t feel right for her to always be on my case. Sisters are supposed to be each other’s strength but to me Alice was more of an enemy of progress…..

I heard the door flung open, “I dont wanna see anyone right now….” I whispered..

“Even me???” Jaxon asked…

“I don’t want you to see me like this…” I wiped my tears with the back of my hand….

“I said, I will always be there for you…” He assured, holding out his hand…I took it and he pulled me to sit beside him on my bed…

“Do you wanna talk about it???”

That question was like a catalyst to my tears…

“All I want is my sister to support me. I have no one else since my dad disowned me,my mother doesn’t pick up and my sister just got more reason to make me feel like a loser…..”

“Ciara, you are a strong found lady who is taking over the fashion world… Just give them time and they will understand you…”

“You think so???”

“I know so….Come here….”

I rested my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. I felt safe and I loved it…

“Isn’t your sister gonna be mad at you???”

“I would rather be here, at home people will just talk business and other boring stuffs…”

I chuckled and pressed my lips on his but he pulled back, “I want to be here for you. And kissing is not helping….”

We walked back to the living room to the rest and dug into the barbeque…After that we had Jane’s signature punch, talking about the latest gossip…

Jaxon’s didn’t talk much but he seemed comfortable… He loved our company and that was all that mattered….