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[Story] Attitude meets Arrogance – S01 E12

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

Ciara’s POV

I couldn’t unsee what I had seen. It was torture to the soul but not the eyes…

My eyes were dancing around there in their own rhythm. Damn it was big, so big…Ulalala!!!!

“Don’t you have shame???Are you literally looking at me right now????”

What have I done???How do i get myself out of this one…Why do my eyes love to embarrass me???

“Where is Jaxon’s room???” I looked away avoiding his eyes.

“Do you want to also see him naked???”

“I would love too…” I mumbled beneath my nose but I guess he heard it.

“You are a shameless woman.” He begun walking towards me ignoring the fact he was naked…

He looked like a male model. Unusually for a male model he had a manly Samson physique. His features seemed to be folded from granite…

His hair was wet on his face..

. He really looked handsome…

“So you like seeing handsome men naked???” He asked nose to nose and the only thing I thought of doing was close my eyes….

“Move aside!!!”I stammered…

“Will you kick me on the balls again???” His minty rushy breath made me feel dizzy…

“You insulted me….”

“You started it first….”

He took my trembling hand and placed it on his chest,”Do you wanna feel it too???”

“I just wanna go to Jaxon’s room….”

I turned around to walk away when he pulled me back this time leaving no inches between us and placed my hand there that I begun to scream….

“You are despicable….” A hot slap landed on his face.

“You are a fool to think I want you…I was just teasing you but the look on your face is priceless…” He begun laughing at me when we heard a knock on the door..

“Brother, are you okay????I heard girly screams…” My Jaxon asked from the other side…

Jordan quickly grabbed me and placed his hand on my mouth,”Yes brother..Those screams are from me. You know I always wanted to be a screamer…”

Wait what????A screamer…That’s the lamest excuse ever…When I was sure the coast was clear I bit his hand…

“Ouch!!!!That hurts…”

“I know….”

“You know what, I am sick and tired of you always having your way

. I am gonna give you some time to think about what you have done…” He took me by the hand, pushed me in the bathroom and locked me up..

“Jordan, I need to work????”

“No, what you need is to learn a lesson…”

He went silent for some minutes, I bet he was getting dressed…

I looked around the bathroom, smelt his shower gels, took bathroom selfies, danced around until I got bored.

“Jordan, get me out of here!!!!It’s Sunday and I have work to do…” He didn’t respond.

“Jordan, I am hungry….” No respond….

“Why are you doing this to me????”I begun crying on the bathroom sink. “I am only an innocent girl who you want to make her life a living hell. What did she do to you????What do you want from her????”

Yes it worked, he opened the door…

“Are you seriously crying????” He walked towards me, his hand on my shoulder…

” No I am getting my revenge…” I gave him a quick kick on the groin and locked him in…

“You will pay for this….”

“Can’t hear you….” I ran out of the door and bumped into this elegant lady…

I guess everyone who meet her first got the impression she was a really classy lady…

“Hello dear, why are you in a hurry????” She asked.

“I was….I was….” I begun stammering not knowing what to say…

“It’s okay…I know you are here to see Jordan, my son…”

“No, yes, yes, no…”

“I mean I am Jaxon’s designer and I had come to take measurements for Jordan’s surprise suit. Ssssh!!!!Don’t tell him, it’s a secret…”

“Okay, so what’s your name???I haven’t seen you around. I have only meet Natalie…”

“I am Ciara Kimani, a celebrity designer…”

“Yes, I have seen you on the magazines. I wondered where i have seen you from. Nice to meet you…” And she hugged me..

“Pleasure is all mine I guess…” I really felt awkward.

” You made Mrs Agotte her 25th wedding anniversary gown right???”

I nodded.

“I would love a dress from you. It was so beautiful…”

“That can be arranged. I need to go now…”

This woman looked classy and sophisticated. Her looks shouted more of an white woman..

. Unlike other moms I know. By this I mean the one who gave birth to me, her and classiness are like two parallel lines. She is over dramatic about anything and when she is mad she can hit you with anything especially a hot cooking pan with food…Typical African mother…

I was tensed that the old fool would start screaming but he was the wise kind. Those who think before they act…

In the fashion studio, I couldn’t concentrate. I only wanted to see Jason my honey bunny…I was lost in the world of dirty thoughts when Brian called me…

“Hello??” I pressed the phone to my ear resting my feet on the table…

“Have you read today’s newspaper and the trending blog???”

“Nope, why???”

“The news out there is that David dumped you yesterday in the party and there is pictures of you talking….”

“I knew it…Those cheap bloggers would pull such a stupid stunt…”

“Anyway how was the fashion show???”

“You weren’t there but it was good. Is it that bad???I mean the gossip.”

“People will shut up, eventually…”

“Okay, see you soon…” I hanged up…

“Rough Sunday???” Jaxon asked behind me…

“I am used to that…How are you???”

“I have a splitting headache…” He rubbed his forehead, sitting beside me..

“It’s called a hangover. I have your wallet….” I took it from my handbag and placed it on the table.

“I didn’t notice it wasn’t there but thanks….”


“About yesterday????”

“Let’s not talk about it…” I butted in,”I guess you can’t remember anything…”

“I had fun, I always wanted to be myself without being judged and yesterday I had the opportunity to be myself.Thank you..” He hugged me so tight that I would disappear in a moment notice…

“I am glad you did…”

I pulled back and for a moment we got lost into each other’s eyes before I pressed my lips on his softly and surprisingly he kissed me back sending a million electrical volts through my entire body…

“Do you wanna come over tonight???” I couldn’t hold back the question.

“Yes, I will see you there at 9pm….” He wanted us to continue with the kissing then I remembered it had been an hour since I locked up that fool in the bathroom…

“I almost forgot, Jordan was looking for you earlier…You should probably check on him…”

“Yeah, maybe he needs something. Shall we go and check???”


I couldn’t wait to see the priceless angry loom on his face…

“Jordan!!!!” Jaxon called him out.

“I am in the bathroom brother…”

When Jaxon got him out he was all smiley until he saw me… His face was red with anger as he clenched his fists…

“What is she doing here???”

“How did you get locked up in the bathroom in the first place???” Jaxon asked diverting his question.

“I just got in the bathroom and when I tried opening the door, it was locked…”

“You should have the locks checked…” I suggested tucking my lips in not to laugh since he was also limping.

“Can you two get out of my room now???I need to rest.” He yelled and we nodded getting out of his room…

“We meet again outside my son’s bedroom. Does he need another suit my dear???” The classy lady asked. The questions written on Jaxon’s face had me wishing the floor would swallow me whole…

And that’s when you realise the devil is always at work…How was I to get myself out of this one??

This chapter’s question…What’s your most embarrassing moment Infront of a guy????