ROH TV Results 08/02/2021

– ROH TV begins with a clip from ROH Best in the World where Maria announces a Women’s championship tournament and Chelsea Green’s debut. Quinn McKay introduces us to ROH TV. She says the Women’s championship tournament will be broadcasted on ROH TV leading up to the finals. She points out that, despite her loss to both members of Allure, she will be in the tournament thanks to the fans’ outcries.



Match: Miranda Alize vs Alex Gracia

Chelsea Green is on commentatory alongside Ian and Cole.

This match is very slow paced with neither woman really nailing any big moves until Gracia nailed a backstabber to avoid a Samoan Drop. Gracia hits a blockbuster but loses grip mid-jump. Alize hits a diamond cutter, then a drive-by kick for the victory.

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Winner and Advancing: Miranda Alize

Match: Mazzerati vs. Nicole Savoy

Mazzerati and Savoy get in each other’s faces. They flex to see who is bigger. Mazzerati steps on Savoy’s boots and scraps them. Savoy shoves her off. Savoy controls a majority of the match. Mazzerati eventually gets control and almost seems to put her away, but Savoy hits her snap dragon suplex finisher out of nowhere for the pinfall.

Winner and Advancing: Nicole Savoy

Match: “The Prodigy” Rok-C vs Sumie Sakai

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Sumie Sakai plays the part of the veteran heel here. She’s very cocky to open the match. She threatens to use a closed fist on Rok-C but stops herself. Rok-C steals the upperhand and hits a double knee to the gut of Sumie.

Sumie offers to lock up, but every time Rok-C reaches Sumie would move her hand somewhere else. She found it funny until Rok-C got fired up. Rok-C k knocks Sumie into the corner and then hits a flying double knee to her face as we go to commercial.

Sumie keeps playing up to the crowd, but there isn’t a crowd. She even tries to get them fired up with clapping, but the arena is still empty for ROH TV.

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Rok-C gets several near falls, each one closer than the next. Sumie goes to the top turnbuckle. Rok-C nails a kick to the head. She then does the exact same kick to head. This appears to have been a second attempt at the same spot that didn’t get edited out. Sumie barely sells either kick. Rok-C hits a Franksteiner off the turnbuckle into a pin, but Sumie reverses it with a roll up.

Sumie goes for Smash Mouth, but Rok-C rolls her up out of nowhere for the victory.

Winner and Advancing: Rok-C

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