ROH TV Results 07/19/2021

– ROH TV opens up with a backstage promo from The Foundation. Gresham is backstage getting his ankle wrapped up. The rest of the Foundation checks in on him to make sure he’s okay for their match tonight. Tracy Williams suggests that maybe Joe Keys should take Gresham’s place tonight, and they all agree.



Brian Johnson is hosting today because Quinn McKay is wrestling tonight. He runs down tonight’s card, which includes Shane Taylor Promotions versus The Foundation, with honorary member Joe Keys tonight. Quinn McKay is set to battle Mandy Leon. The opening match is Fred Yehi and Rey Horus.

Match: Fred Yehi vs. Rey Horus

Code of Honor is adhered to. Yehi goes for a pin within the first minute of the match. Horus quickly kicks out and looked bewildered. He asks, “Its too early, man, and you’re pinning me around? Too early, man.” We go to commercial. Back from break, Horus hits a spinning Frogsplash. Horus charges after Yehi, but Yehi does a neck crank that leaves Horus in a lot of pain. Yehi locks in the Koji Clutch, but Horus gets a foot on the rope before he is forced to tap. Yehi goes to the top turnbuckle, but Horus meets him up top and hits a body scissors driver pin for the victory.

Winner: Rey Horus

We get a video package for Mandy Leon and Quinn McKay.

Match: Mandy Leon vs Quinn McKay

Maria Kenellis is on commetary. Code of Honor is technically adhered to, but Mandy Leon pulls her in and decks her. Leon grabs a microphone and says this is why Quinn McKay doesn’t belong in the Allure’s ring. McKay tries to get fired up but Leon just powers her down. McKay almost gets the upperhand, but Angelina Love trips her when the referee isn’t looking. Leon controls the entire match easily. McKay locks in the Tangerine Dream and has the match won with Leon tapping out, but Love distracts the referee. While McKay argues with the referee, Love slips Leon some brass knuckles which she immediately uses to get the pinfall.

Winner: Mandy Leon

After the match, the Allure talk trash over a fallen Quinn McKay.

Match: Shane Taylor Promotions vs The Foundation (featuring Joe Keys)

Both teams have a backstage promo. The Foundation is impressed by how hyped up Joe Keys is. This whole angle ignores the fact that Joe Keys was scared to death to even be in the same ring with the Briscoes only a week ago.

Keys and O’Shay Edwards start out. Keys easily powers Edwards around and keeps the momentum going. Shane Taylor is tagged in and quickly takes down Edwards. He tells the Foundation to get their rookie out of the ring. Tracy Williams applies an armbar over the top rope to Moses. The Foundation take turns double teaming members of Shane Taylor Promotions.

Promotions ends up getting the upperhand on Lethal and they all beat him around now. Taylor clocks him hard and sends him flying outside the ring. Shane Taylor Promotions stand over Lethal from the apron and get hyped up over the punch.

Titus gets the hot tag and takes out all four members. He’s on fire and taking it to everyone. Khan tries to launch over the top rope but Titus catches him with a spinning powerslam. All four members of the Promotions gang up on the Foundation and take them out one by one, leaving Joe Keys for last. Keys tries to fight them off but he can’t do it. The Foundation all rush into the ring at the last second to break up a pin and save Keys.

Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection on Shane Taylor, but he catches him mid-jump and tries to hit the Welcome To The Land Piledriver. Lethal escapes and dives out of the ring onto the rest of the Promotion. Keys goes off the top rope while Taylor is distracted, however, Edwards comes out of nowhere with a spinning spinebuster and scores the victory.

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions

Next Week: PCO vs Sledge, Eli Isom vs. Dak Draper vs. Dalton Castle.

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