ROH TV Results 07/12/2021

We are welcomed by Quin McKay. She reminds us that fans will be in attendance once again. She runs down tonight’s card. She tells us that the Briscoes are back to being a tag team but according to Papa Briscoe they must start at the bottom of the division.



Match: Dante Caballero and Joe Keys vs The Briscoes

Backstage, the ROH Dojo recruits look nervous about facing Dem Boys. McKay tries to comfort them with a deep breath. Keys has a breakdown and says they’re going to get their asses whooped.

A picture in picture promo of the Briscoes airs during their entrance. They declare they are back, Jay cuts a promo on moving up the division while Mark yells Bang Baby over and over.

The bell rings with Mark and Keys being the legal men. Keys gets Mark into the corner and gives him some shoulder thrusts, but Mark leaps over him and drop kicks him. Mark tags in Jay as we go immediately to commercial.

Back from the break, The Briscoes are double teaming Keys until Mark leaves. Jay is the legal man. Jay controls Keys around the ring. Jay tags in Mark, who enters the ring and lands an elbow drop. He goes for a cover but barely gets a 1 count.

Mark chops Keys in the corner. Mark begins stomping him, then sticks a boot in his face until the referee makes him break it. Mark tags in Jay, and they double team Keys with a tackle. Jay gets in the face of Caballero and asks him if he really wants to get in there with them. Keys takes advantage and hits a back body drop on Jay then quickly tags in Caballero.

Caballero gets the hot tag and gets plenty of offense. Jay escapes a scoop slam and lands a hurricanrana. Jay tags in Mark Briscoe who enters with some Redneck Kungfu to both Keys and Caballero.

Mark gets them both outside of the ring, then hits a baseball slide to the face of Keys. Caballero tries to attack Mark, but he ducks, and Jay lands a big boot out of nowhere.

Inside the ring, the Briscoes double team Keys. They nail the Redneck Boogie, but Keys kicks out to the surprise of everyone. Caballero tries to enter the ring, but Jay tosses him out. Mark goes off the top rope and nails the Froggy Bow elbow drop. He gets the cover and the pinfall.

Winners: The Briscoes

The Briscoes celebrate their victory and Jay asks the camera “who gonna stop us?” We go to commercial.

Match: “The Mercenary” Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black

Backstage, Flip is doing some handstand pushups. Quinn McKay attempts to get some pre-match comments, but Flip tells him he doesn’t care what she wants and goes back to working out.

She meets up with PJ Black and asks him how he thinks he matches up with Flip Gordon. PJ Black puts over Flip and says everyone is going to care about this match.

Code of honor is adhered to with a fist bump. Brian Johnson is on commentary. Both men square off fair, but neither can get the upperhand. The referee attempts to separate them, but Flip gets a cheap shot in.

Flip tries to get in Black’s face and talk trash, but Black smacks him. Black hits a head scissors that sends Flip to the outside. Black flies over the top rope and takes him out of the floor.

Back inside the ring, Flip starts getting in some offense. He springboards off the top rope and dropkicks Black, which sends him back outside the ring. Flip heads to the outside and superkicks Black in the face. He tells the camera that no one missed PJ Black and he should just go home. Commercial.

Back from break, Flip has Black in a stretch inside the ring. Black tries to slip out, but Flip hits a Fisherman Buster suplex. Both men get to their feet, but Flip chops Black back down. Flip bounces off the ropes and tries to go for an Around-the-World DDT, but Black lifts him up and suplexes him mid-move.

Black puts Flip onto the top turnbuckle and hits a Franksteiner. Black goes off the top turnbuckle with a moonsault that gets botched, but thanks to Black’s athleticism he catches himself in a handstand position and still executes the move. Black off the turnbuckle yet again with a flying dropkick.

Flip chops Black and goes to jump off the top rope, but Black meets him midjump and turns it into a Spanish Fly. Black hits a modified Dominator powerbomb. Both men get to their feet and trade blows. Gordon dodges a punch and turns it into a Blue Thunderbomb.

Flip pokes Black in the eyes, hits a Diamond Cutter, then applies and STF for the tapout victory.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Flip tries to reapply the STF after the bell rings, but Brian Johnson slides into the ring and knocks him off. Flip Gordon escapes outside the ring while Johnson yells at him to try to enter the ring again. Flip leaves and Johnson tries to encourage Black to get hyped up for Best in the World. Commercial.

Match: LFI (Kenny King and Dragon Lee) vs. The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal) vs. VLNCE UNLTD (Brody King and Tony Deppen)

Backstage, Kenny King questioned why they’re even doing this match when there’s no titles on the line. Dragon Lee asks why not, they can just watch the other teams beat each other up. King likes that idea.

Jay Lethal says this match is something, but he’s looking past that to Best in the World. Lethal tells Brody King to get ready for a professional wrestling match at the PPV.

Brody King says they’re ready for this match and the PPV.

The code of honor is adhered to between the Foundation and Violence Unlimited. LFI mockingly clap their sportsmanship. LFI immediately exit the ring and go sit at the commentators booth.

Instead, Gresham and Deppen will start the match out. Gresham gives Deppen his wrist, but Gresham nonchalantly reverses it and takes control. He releases and gives Deppen another chance. Deppen tries to roll around to take control of Gresham, but Gresham casually rolls too. Gresahm is unimpressed. Gresham applies an arm bar with a smirk on his face. Gresham gets up laughing and looks right at Brody King with a smile. Brody doesn’t find it funny.

Gresham goes off the ropes, but LFI grab his legs from outside the ring and pull him out. They double suplex him onto the floor. LFI quickly disperses again. Deppen rolls out and takes advantage. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Lethal has been tagged in. He tells Deppen to tag in Brody, and he does. Lethal tries to muscle Brody, he he has none of it. Brody powers Lethal against the ropes. LFI pulls out Lethal and double suplex him onto the floor, just like they did with Gresham. Brody rolls out and slide Lethal into the ring. Brody pwer Irish Whips Lethal into the corner. He tags in Deppen and they double team Lethal.

Deppen puts Lethal into a headlock while LFI cheer it on and watch like casual fans. Deppes goes off the ropes, but LFI drags him to the outside. They double suplex Deppen now. Brody runs after them and scare them off. Brody helps Deppen back into the ring. Lethal tags in Gresham.

Gresham enters the ring and immediately dropkicks Brody off the apron. Gresham once again flips Deppen around with complete control. Gresham flies to the outside and takes out LFI while they’re watching on the outside. Deppen uses this opportunity to tag in Brody.

Gresham re-enters the ring, but Brody takes him down. Brody goes off the ropes, but LFI drag him outside the ring. They go for their fourth suplex to the floor, but Brody resists and suplexes them both instead. Commercial.

Inside the ring, Dragon Lee is the legal man. Lee and Gresham trade blows until Lee clocks him and powerbombs him. Lee tags in Kenny King. Kenny hits a massive spinebuster then nails a Tigerdriver. LFI double team Gresham. Brody enters the ring and tosses LFI out of the ring. Brody beats The Foundation down now. He gets Lethal on the top rope, but Lethal fights him off. Gresham sneaks underneath Brody and powerbombs him off the turnbuckle.

The Foundation hit a double team Diamond Cutter on Dragon Lee. Deppen comes in and takes out the Foundation from behind. Deppen nails a huge Shining Wizard on Lethal, but Kenny King kicks Deppen out of the ring and covers Lethal himself for the three count.

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