Richest YouTubers (Video creators) In Nigeria

Who are the top 15 Richest Youtubers In Nigeria?

There is barely any human who can boldly say he or she has never watched a video on YouTube before.

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform on the planet today.

Now, with billions of users trooping into this site every day, you can surely bet that this is a good hub to make money.

Today, there are so many users of this platform that are millionaires.

YouTubers make so much money from YouTube, as there seems to be an endless flow of traffic that comes in on a daily basis.

Although YouTube has been recently acquired by Google, every functionality it has still remained the same.

As a matter of fact, some upgrades have been added.

Now like I have said, the video-sharing platform (YouTube) is used by everyone in almost every part of the world.

Here in Nigeria, we also have millions of YouTube viewers and millions of Youtubers.

There are certain people here in Nigeria who have made it big from this video sharing platform and we are going to look at all of them in this post.

Without wasting your time, let us explore a well-researched list of the top Richest Youtubers In Nigeria.

15 Richest YouTubers In Nigeria (2021)

Without wasting your golden time, let us get down to the list.

So… Here they are!

Here are the top richest Youtubers In Nigeria

15. Chidinma Umeh (Net worth: $48,000)

Chidinma Umeh is the founder of the popular YouTube channel called ‘ThatIgboChic’.

This channel is now called Dimma Umeh.

Chidinma Umeh
Chidinma Umeh

She dishes out quality beauty advice through her YouTube channel, and she is well trusted for it.

Today, she has performed so many consultation works and she has given over 2 million people quality advice on beauty.

Aside from offering quality beauty advice.

Chidinma Umeh’s YouTube channel is also a hub for several beauty products ranging from skincare to hair and makeup products.

With subscribers of close to 400k plus, she makes a lot of money from the YouTube scene.

What is Dimma Umeh’s Net Worth?

Chidinma earns a lot from her YouTube channel.

Ranging from affiliate marketing to sponsored ads and more, she earns a lot from her YouTube channel.

At present, she is said to worth a total sum of about $48,000.

This makes her one of the richest Youtubers here in Nigeria.

14. Adanna Ohakim (Net worth: $55,000)

Adanna Ohakim Steinacker is the daughter of a one-time governor of Imo state, Nigeria.

Adanna Ohakim
Adanna Ohakim

He is the popular Ikedi Ohakim.

She is the founder of the Adanna & David Family YouTube channel.

This is a reality TV YouTube channel which she created alongside her German husband David Steinacker.

Their reality show is loved by so many people, as a lot of people love to closely watch the everyday activities of the bi-racial couple.

Their channel is one of the biggest YouTube channels in Nigeria today.

Although they do not actually live here in Nigeria, most of their followers are Nigerians.

Their wedding video was even posted on their YouTube channel, and this generated over 1 million views in no time.

They have a total of over 300k followers, and over 51 Million views.

What is AdannaDavid’s Net Worth?

As we speak, the AdannaDavid Youtube channel has a total net worth of $55,000.

13. Yemisi Odunsanya (Net Worth: $65,000)

Yemisi Odunsanya (aka Sisi Yemmi) is the founder of one of the best YouTube food channels in Nigeria.

Yemisi Odunsanya
Yemisi Odunsanya

This channel is called ‘Sisi Yemmi‘.

She has bagged several awards both as a blogger and Youtuber.

Her channel was launched back in 2011, and it is one of the best YouTube channels in Nigeria today.

Yemisi actually studied Mass communication at the Igbinedion University, after which she traveled to the UK.

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In the UK, she had her master’s in International Diplomacy from Birmingham University.

However, she also took up a diploma in International communications from the LR Academy in London.

She is currently a Lagos-based celebrity YouTuber, blogger, wife, and mother.

Yemisi often shares her yummy recipes for Nigerians to watch.

Today, Sisi Yemmi is loved by so many fans both within and outside the country.

Her channel currently has over 400k followers, and a total of over a 40million views.

As we speak, she is one of the richest YouTubers in Nigeria.

How rich is Sisi Yemmi?

Sisi Yemi racks in a whopping 5 million naira per year from YouTube.

She earns through different channels, and she is said to be one of the richest in the field today.

She is currently estimated to be worth $65,000.

12. Tayo Aina (Net Worth: $90,000)

Tayo Aina is one of the fastest growing YouTuber in Nigeria.

He is known for making travelling video and lifestyle video Within Africa.

Tayo Aina
Tayo Aina

Most of his destinations are Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana.

Recently, He started making video where he interview most of the successful entreprenur in Africa.

All this is to promote Africa and entrepreneurship while making money for himself.

Moreover, he has no background knowledge in the film industry when he started, but was good at photography.

The decision to start the YouTube channel was when he stops driving an Uber taxi in Lagos following his graduation.

What is Tayo Ani Net worth?

Tayo Aina’s net worth is estimated at $90,000 after he has acquired a 4-bedroom apartment in Lagos Nigeria.

The apartment was acquired in November, 2020.

We believe it might worth $20,000 or more but he hasn’t disclosed the amount to the public.

11. Osagie Alonge (Net worth: $160,000)

Osagie Alonge is a Nigerian YouTuber, blogger, and entrepreneur.

Osagie Alonge
Osagie Alonge

He is the CEO of Pulse Nigeria TV.

This is a YouTube Channel that focuses on the secret lives of entertainment stars here in Nigeria.

Pulse Nigeria TV is the number one center for entertainment lists on YouTube.

His channel is a hub for entertainment lovers, and his subscriber base keeps growing by the day.

He has a very provocative pattern of discerning the latest happenings in the entertainment world.

This results in a lot of reaction from viewers who air their opinion and argue with other viewers.

Today, Pulse TV is one of the biggest YouTube channels in Nigeria.

They have a very fast-growing subscriber base, and this makes them even more promising.

Pulse Nigeria TV currently has over 300k followers and a total of about 50 million views.

How much does Osagie Alonge (Pulse Nigeria) make?

As of now, Osagie Alonge earns a lot from his YouTube channel.

He gains from sponsored ads, adsense, and more.

Today, he is estimated to be worth $160,000 dollars.

10. Denilson Igwe (Net worth: $200,000)

Denilson Igwe is a Nigerian comedian and former co-founder of the Mark Angel Comedy.

Denilson Igwe
Denilson Igwe

He used to feature in the Mark Angel Comedy series, but he recently separated from the team.

Today, he has his own YouTube channel called ‘Denilson Igwe Comedy’.

Just like Mark Angel, this is a comedy channel.

He produces quality comedy skits for the viewing pleasure of Nigerians.

With a total of over 200k subscribers, he is surely a big Youtuber in the Nigerian youtube space.

What is Denilson Igwe’s Net Worth?

Currently, Denilson Igwe is said to worth about $200,000 dollars, making him one of the richest YouTubers in Nigeria.

9. Adeola Fayehun (Net Worth: $210,000)

Adeola Eunice Oladele Fayehun is a Nigerian journalist who specializes in discussing current geopolitical, social, and economic issues.

Adeola Fayehun
Adeola Fayehun

Her channel is also known as “Keep it real with Adeola“.

Most of her content focus on daily lives of Africans living on the continent.

In addition to that, she also uses her YouTube channel to criticize bad governance and raise funds to support the poor.

Adeola lives in the United State with her husband Victor Fayehun since 2011.

However, she spends most of her years in the United State after her graduation from Olivet College.

Currently, Adeola has over 470k subcribers on YouTube with over 1.8 million views every month.

She earns between $500 to $2,000 every month from the channel including sponsored ads and AdSense.

Currently, Adeola Fayehun is estimated to worth $210,000

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8. Mr Macaroni (Net Worth: $340,000)

Debo Adebayo popularly known as Mr. Macaroni is a Nigerian comedian, actor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

He owns a YouTube channel called “Mr macaroni”.

Mr Macaroni
Mr Macaroni

Most people recognized him with his slang “onin” or “freaky freaky”.

In an interview, he explains how he earns a second class upper degree after attaining four universities.

The first university was Lead City University to study Law but withdrew after he knows that they don’t have accreditation to teach law.

Follow by Houdegbe North American University to study the same Law but ut left after he had a dispute with one of the lecturers.

The third university was Afe Babalola University in Ekiti State where he applied to study Theatre arts but end up studying English and Media studies for two years.

Since it wasn’t his wish to study English and Media studies he left the university and proceed to another choice university.

His fourth choice university was Redeemer’s University in Osun State where he studies theatre arts.

Thou, he was expelled a few days after his graduation over a post he made on social media.

He took it to court and the university choose to settle out of court follow by his graduation in 2018.

Nevertheless, he has been making videos all this while and gains more recognition.

Mr. Macaroni currently has a total of over 200k subscribers and a total of over 3 million views every month.

With these numbers of views and subscribers, Mr. Macaroni earns between N300,000 to 1 million every month.

What is Mr. Macaroni net worth?

Currently, Mr. Macaroni is estimated to worth $340,000

7. Eric Okafor (Net Worth: $350,000)

Eric Okafor is the richest tech YouTuber in Nigeria right now.

However, he makes tech reviews and unboxing videos about the latest smartphone and some other gadgets.

Eric Okafor
Eric Okafor

Eric Okafor, popularly known as “Knewkeed” is a technology-focused content creator and influencer.

He began producing and sharing unboxing videos on YouTube in 2015, thereafter, quit his job in 2016.

In the course of his career, Okafor has been associated with Global brands like Intel, Google, and Huawei.

His YouTube fame has earned him a growing fanbase on Twitter and Instagram.

Eric Okafor has over 120k subscribers and over 1 million views every month.

He earns between 150,000 to 900,000 every month on YouTube.

What is Eric Okafor Net worth?

Eric Okafor is estimated to worth $350,000.

6. Taaooma Cabin (Net Worth: $380,000)

Taaooma’s Cabin is one of the fast growing YouTuber in Nigeria.

Taaooma Cabin
Taaooma Cabin

She uses the family comedy skits to expose the African style of raising children as well as passing messages to many.

Moreover, most of the characters are acted by Taaooma with different clothing styles.

Currently, Taaooma’s Cabin is estimated to worth $380,000.

She earns between N800,000 to 2.6 million Naira every month on YouTube with over 340k subscribers and over 5 million views every month.

5. Kassim Bramah – Kalistus (Net worth: $380,000)

Kassim Bramah’s Youtube channel called ‘Yawa skits’ is another channel that is well-loved by fans all around the nation.

Kassim Bramah – Kalistus
Kassim Bramah – Kalistus

It is a comedy channel that produces comedy videos.

The lead character in their comedy series is called Kalistus.

Yawa Skits was one of the first comedy channels in Nigeria and it is considered by many to be one of the best in the country.

Yawa currently has a total of over 300k subscribers and a total of over 40 million views.

The founder of this channel (Kassim Bramah) earns a whopping sum of about over 4 million nairas per month from his YouTube channel.

What is Yawa’s net worth?

Currently, Kassim Bramah is said to be worth $380,000, thus making him one of the richest YouTubers in the country today.

4. Toke Makinwa (Net worth: $390,000)

Toke Makinwa is the owner of the popular YouTube channel named ‘Toke Moments’.

Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

She is an actress, and a co-anchor of ‘The Morning Drive’ radio program.

This program is aired on Rhythm 93.7 FM.

She is a radio/television presenter who has switched over to the YouTube platform.

She is currently one of the biggest YouTube stars we have in the country.

On her YouTube channel, she dishes out quality information on relationship issues, celebrity chats, and love drama.

Her YouTube channel currently has close to 100k subscribers.

What is Toke Makinwa’s Net Worth?

As we speak, Toke Makinwa earns millions from YouTube yearly but not her major source of income.

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In addition to sponsorship deals, adverts, and other businesses, she is said to currently worth about $390,000.

3. Broda Shaggi (Net worth: $700,000)

Samuel Perry with a stage name “Broda Shaggi” is the second top richest YouTuber in Nigeria.

Broda Shaggi
Broda Shaggi

This follows by the tremendous increase in his channel and signing endorsement deals almost every week in late 2020.

Broda Shaggi who goes by the real name Samuel Perry is a Nigerian comedian and video maker.

It was in the University that Broda Shaggi took his natural gift of comedy seriously.

He started a YouTube channel for his comedy back in school and it gradually began to grow.

The comedy video that shot Broda Shaggi into the spotlight is the popular video titled ‘Jesus Appeared In Mushin’.

However, some popular stars and actors criticized the comedy skit, as they felt it was an insult to the son of God ‘Jesus Christ’.

In a response, he said he was only playing the character of Broda Shaggi.

His YouTube channel Official Broda Shaggi currently has over 750k subscribers and over 6 million views every month.

Currently, the Official Broda Shaggi channel earns between 3 million to 5 million Naira every month.

2. Editorial NaturalBeauty 556 (Net worth: $850,000)

Edith is the founder of the Editorial Natural Beauty 556.

Editorial NaturalBeauty 556
Editorial NaturalBeauty 556

This is a channel where she teaches people how to mix natural ingredients to achieve natural makeup effects on their bodies.

This allows viewers to enhance their beauty naturally.

She is loved by so many female fans.

She began her YouTube channel in 2016, and she is already one of the biggest YouTubers in Nigeria.

Today, she earns about N1 million to 4.5 million Naira every month.

She currently has about 2.5 million subscribers and a total of about over 300 million views.

What is Editorial Natural Beauty556 Net Worth?

With so many subscribers, Edith gets a whole lot of advert deals, and she also earns from other means like affiliate marketing, and General YouTube ads.

Currently, she is estimated to worth $850,000.

1. Mark Angel (Net Worth: $1.8 Millions)

Most people in Nigeria know Mark Angel.

He is popularly known for his YouTube channel ‘Mark Angel Comedy’.

Mark Angel Youtube channel
Mark Angel Youtube channel

This YouTube channel produces interesting comedy skits every Friday.

His comedy skits are family-friendly and they are widely viewed all over the nation.

He initially started his YouTube channel with Denilson Igwe, but they separated some years back.

As we speak, Denilson Igwe has his own YouTube channel called ‘Denilson Igwe Comedy’.

The Mark Angel Comedy currently has about 7 million subscribers and a total of over 30 million views per month.

Since the channel was created, Mark Angel has over 60 billion views on the channel alone.

From analysis and calculations, Mark Angel is said to be earning a whopping N18 Million naira per month ($49,500).

They gain this from YouTube ads, Private adverts and sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and brand promotion.

Today, the Mark Angel is said to be the richest YouTuber in Nigeria.

What is Mark Angel’s Net Worth?

With a net worth of about $850,000 dollars, Mark Angel is safely the richest Youtuber here in Nigeria.

Final Though on The Top Richest Youtubers In Nigeria

From the interesting list above, one can confirm that the Nigerian Youtube industry is well on the move to a whole new level.

To be rich on YouTube doesn’t have really determine your subscribers but the total views each month and how profitable your niche.

See Success Now is one of the YouTube channels in Nigeria that has over a million subscribers.

The channel is own by a Nigerian but we don’t know who he is yet.

If you want more ways on how to make money, grow your entrepreneurial skill and motivation.

Then you can visit the See success now for more video on that niche.

See Success Now is estimated to worth $130,000 with little or no affiliate or brand promotion.

Gone are the days when there were mostly only foreign Youtubers.

Today, Nigerians are fully into the YouTube scene and we are doing well.

You can bookmark this list for future reference, or share it with friends.

In all, I urge you to comment below if you have any YouTuber you wish should have been on the list.

Let us have your opinion.

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