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Ayu’s children will disown if we release what we have – Wike

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Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state has again called out the chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, Iyorchia Ayu, over his insistence on keeping the position.


Speaking during a live media chat in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on Friday October 14, Wike accused Ayu of fraud and also said his children will disown him if he and his loyalists release what they have over him.


He said;


“If people know what we know, if we release what we have, Ayu’s children will go to him and say we are no longer your children.

“There cannot be any comment. He (Ayu) cannot say anything. Look, I am the governor of Rivers state and I don’t just come out to speak.

“Let Ayu say he did not collect N1 billion. In fact, let me also tell you, Ayu collected N100 million naira from a Governor that he was going to renovate our democratic institution and then he (Ayu) went back to the PDP NWC and took the same N100 million naira for doing the same work.

“What kind of system is that? I am telling you all these are facts. Let him (Ayu) say no first and I will tell you (those he collected money from).

“A leader must be a man of integrity. And I have realised that people find it hard to have that (integrity) lately. You are presenting a man (Ayu) who lacked integrity as chairman of the party. Somebody that wants to lead a campaign to take the reigns of government?

“What is the problem with what we are asking of Ayu? We are saying let there be equity, let there be fairness and justice. But if you don’t want it that way then you are the one causing the crisis (in the party) and that shows you (Ayu) don’t have leadership skills because this is the time to show it. This is the time to show leadership skills on the part of those who are leaders of the party.”