Only People With Inferiority Complex Oppress Others With Their Money — Omokri

Former presidential aide and author, Reno Omokri has said that only people with inferiority complex oppress others with their money.

lazy women see men with money as opportunities reno omokri

The controversial social media commentator took to his Instagram page to make the assertion.

In his words:

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The worst thing to do when you make money is to spend it to show people that you have money. It is the fastest way to return to broke status. When you make money, use it to make more money. By the time you make enough money, people will know without you saying it. Only people with an inferiority complex oppress others with their money. Money is not the goal. It is a tool. If you dont realise that money is a tool, you may end up a fool. Money is not a tool to oppress people. It is a tool to suppress poverty in you and others,” he wrote.

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