O.K Ugba’s House, Cars Burnt In Abia. IPOB/ESN Accuse Him Of Installing Cameras

13632294 a9a2d79eccec4f7097e8031f3e07c96a jpeg jpeg1016c4d87e8328020417bb1599634872Ugo Egbujo Wrote:

Chief O.K Ugba

Ishi bu MBA.

The head that carries the burden of the town .

That’s his house.

Razed by unknown arsonists. 

His brother said the man installed solar lights in the village. The ESN misjudged him..they said he installed cameras to monitor their activities.

That’s their story.

The man’s mansion has been burnt down,.

His fleet of cars. G wagon. BMW X6. Range Rover Sports etc., all burnt. 

His entire house looted and razed.

His sin was that he installed solar lights in Amangwu Ohafia.

This is that last thing a republican and capitalist society that encourages being brothers keepers needs 

A culture of arson and assassinations will make Igbo land desolate.

Once violence sets in it spreads like a wild weed.

My sympathy is not for the rich like Isi bu Mba 

It is for the poorest of the poor . They will suffer the most .

The rich dont live in IDP camps.

Igbo land is already in a big mess.

In those days,

Efulefus were those who sojourned and forgot themselves.

And forgot their roots.

They were those who had traveled far and brought nothing back.

They were those who had gone to foreign lands and wasted years and didnt bother to build a house in the village.

They were those who lived well outside Igbo land but had nothing at home.

Efulefu= Onye fulu efu.

The lost one. 

But now everything has been corrupted

Refugees in foreign lands can 

now open their mouths call an Agu n’echemba, efulefu

People who have loitered in foreign lands 

Who have no tangible stake in the motherland 

Now call men who have earned their ochiriozua titles efulefu 

In those days, the villagers identified the efulefu

But these days, refugees and miscreants who have not paid anybody’s school fees in the village have become the identifiers of efulefus.

Today those who have brought wealth home are the targets of foreign based delusional delinquents servicing their fantasies by throwing firecrackers in the motherland


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