Now and forever on joy prime, Monday 20th September 2021 update


Eva is ready to go to sign the contract at Cortes. Abel however asked to have a talk with her about Inno since it seemed like the two of them had a special relationship. Eva told him that there was nothing going on between her and Inno and they were only going to be working together.
Rosa also talked to Inno before he went to pick up Eva. She said that she did not like Eva working for Cortes because of Carmen and Stella. Inno promised her that he would protect Eva from them so that she would not be harassed.

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When Inno picked up Eva, he took her to the HR office so that she could go through her contract and sign it. Carmen had asked to see him so he went to meet with her instead. Carmen wanted Inno to let go of Eva because there would be an issue with the jewelry designs. Inno however defended Eva and Carmen told him that as the future president of the company and a member of the Cortes family, it was his duty to choose their business and family over anyone else. Inno told Carmen that he was sorry because he would not let Eva go.

Now and forever

Now and forever

Before Eva signed the contract, a message came asking that she go to Stella’s office before signing the contract. Stella accused Eva of stealing her designs but Eva said that she did not do such a thing. Stella asked her if she implied that Stella was the one who stole the designs.

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Eva said that she thought it might be a coincidence that their designs were similar. Stella refused to listen to her and instead asked Eva to sign a waiver saying that she would not claim the designs as hers once the collection was launched. Eva refused to sign it because she did not do anything wrong. Stella offered to pay Eva 50000 but she still refused to sign the waiver. Stella thefore threatened to sue Eva for plagiarism and corporate espionage for negotiating with the Saavedras.

When Inno came back from Carmen’s office, he found out that Eva went to Stella’s office. He arrived in time to defend her since Stella was ready to hit Eva. Stella was upset that Inno defended Eva and even told him that she already talked to the Koreans to get Eva out of the deal. Eva and Inno were both surprised by the news and Inno took Eva out of the office.

Inno took Eva home and promised her parents that he would do everything to fight on Eva’s behalf. When he went home, he asked Stella why she would blame Eva without proof that she stole the designs. He told Stella that she had a motive in accusing Eva and she was definitely not a thief.

Oliver agreed to organize the collection launch for Rebecca saying that he needed to work and was not in a position to be picky about how he made money.

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Rebecca met up with Hernan and he told her that her daughter was the only heir to the Cortes fortune. Rebecca thought Hernan implied she was after their money so she asked him why he was telling her that. Hernan said that she needed to know.

Rosa overheard their conversation and confronted Stella. Stella told her that she was a mere maid but Rosa said that she was not a slave. She pushed Stella who fought back and they ended up pulling at each other’s hair. Carmen stopped them and Stella was so mad, she fired Rosa. Rosa said she was glad to leave and promised to pay her debt to Stella’s sons.

Carmen reprimanded Stella for fighting with Rosa and stopping so low. She also asked Stella to tell her the truth about the designs. Stella admitted to Carmen that she had stolen them from Eva. Carmen was upset but agreed to take Stella’s side for Inno’s sake.

Inno met up with Oliver and told him what was going on with Eva’s deal. Oliver told Inno that Carmen and Stella were determined to get Eva out of the way so he had to let go of the deal for the sake of peace. Inno however said that he would not do that because he had a lot of plans for Eva and her community. When he got home, Stella had bruises on her arms and she told Inno that Rosa attacked her. Inno asked him why she would do so but Stella once again accused him of not defending her.

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Inno hired a lawyer to help the people at Gintong Pagasa and he was able to prove that the land title was fake so the residents no longer had to move. Rosa arrived with bruises but she said she was fine and went home. After she told Eva and her parents what happened, Eva said that she would give in to what Stella wanted if Rosa would get caught up in it. Rosa however told her that they raised her to be strong so that no one would walk all over her. She therefore advised Eva not to back down.

Inno and Oliver tried calling Eva but she did not take their calls. Inno went to see her at Gintong Pagasa but Eva refused to see her. Inno therefore decided to work on another plan to make it up to Eva.

When Rebecca met up with Stella, they talked about business and Rebecca’s daughter. She gave Stella the location but it was different from what she told Hernan. As she was leaving, she ran into Carmen and gave her a different location as well. She was baiting them to see who among the three would go after her daughter.

Stella called her mother to confirm that Rebecca’s daughter was dead but she was not sure because the body was never found. Stella therefore called her henchman and told him to go after Rebecca’s daughter. She also told him that they would get rid of Rebecca once she already had the money for the jewelry collection launch.



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