Nigeria leaders have ambition without vision — Okorocha

nigeria leaders have ambition without vision okorocha

From Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

Former governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha, has claimed that most people that aspire to lead Nigeria at every level only have ambition without vision.

The Senator representing Imo West senatorial district, who spoke when some youths paid a courtesy visit on him in his office in Abuja on Wednesday, maintained that it has been the major problem confronting the country.

He promised the Youths, under the auspices of “Forward with Anayo Rochas Okorocha (FOWARO 2023) that if given opportunity to lead the country, he would provide opportunities for them that would bring out their potentials.

He insisted that the Presidency would not in any way make him famous, as it would be a call for service, stressing that he had contested for Presidential ticket of political parties three times and lost all.

He expressed optimism that he would win in his fourth attempt, emphasising: “Anytime l see Nigerians come together, especially the youths, l get excited, l get emotional and l am deep with my thoughts because the Nigeria we are talking about starts and ends with the youths.

“We are a nation still struggling to be like other nations of the world and it has become a thing of concern that we are still talking about building a Nigeria at this time of our life. One of the thing that is disturbing today is that our nation is described as the poverty capital in the world along with some of the African countries.

“Our nation’s is going through the most difficult moment. It is either kidnapping today or Boko Haram striking and it is obvious that all is not well with our country and it pains me as a member of this generation.

“While other countries are talking about going to the moon and building sky scrappers of 100 floors, we are talking about how to catch the herdsmen with AK-47; we are talking about Boko Haram striking; and we are talking about sealing of properties. It looks to me as a joke. We therefore have to ask people under the present situation how to make this country better but unfortunately we are in the world of democracy where everybody is free to aspire.

“However, l tell you that most people who aspire to lead us at every level in this country only have ambition without a vision. So, we need to move this country forward and make it better and by the grace of God Nigeria would be better.

“I have run for the office of the President for Federal Republic of Nigeria three times. The first time l ran was when l was very, very young 20 years ago and l ran on the platform of ANPP and later l ran in PDP where l came second and the last one APC in 2014. So, l have been in the business of running for this office.

“When l run this time, it would be the fourth attempt l am making to be the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Everytime l started, l get stopped at the primary level, but this time around when l do run, l must win the race.

“I am not in the business of running for elections but l am in the business of providing visionary leadership for the nation because we are blessed much more than any country in the world. This country is blessed both human and material resources with energitic youths. All that is lacking is direction of what you can do to help our nation.

“l tell you that all these Presidents of America – be it president Trump, Biden, Obama, Putin, l don’t see any extraordinary intelligent in them much more than my own intelligent. What is happening is that their nations have given them opportunities more than l have been given. I say put me in the same classroom with any of these people, l will beat them hands down in any endeavor. So, l believe that the time has come that this nation must sing a new song. I have come to sing the new song – a new Nigeria,” he said.

Endorsing the forward with Rochas 2023, the former governor said there is nobody more Nigerian than him.

Speaking earlier, the Director General of the Organization, Comrade Ilefa Peter Ikpen said: “In running this campaign group, we have collectively agreed that it shall be youth focused as well as taking into cognizance the significant roles of our women and men. Thus in sensitizing the people to think Rochas, it is my expectation that as leaders of this noble movement, we won’t be limited by tribe, Colour, religion, or even party but shall all convince Nigerians to think and work for the new Nigeria Project be endorsing Sen. Rochas Okorocha for President 2023.”

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