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The Bear Star Jeremy Allen White Agrees to Alcohol Testing in Custody Arrangement

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The Bear star Jeremy Allen White has agreed to participate in alcohol testing as part of a custody agreement, according to recent court documents.

Documents acquired by ET note that White and his estranged wife Addison Timlin have agreed on a joint custody deal. The deal allows White to spend time with his children as long as he agrees to several stipulations.

One of those stipulations, the documents note, is to undergo alcohol testing five days a week. This comes as an effort to prove that he will not be under the influence around his children.

White will attend AA meetings alongside testing

The documents note that White and Timlin will share custody of their two daughters — Ezer, 4, and Dolores, 2 — so long as White undergoes Soberlink testing on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Soberlink is a breathalyzer that has wireless connectivity that lets people share testing results. As part of the agreement, White will have to confirm his identity and show that no alcohol is in his system.

Should White fail a test and have his custody time removed, both White and Timlin’s attorneys will meet to figure out the next steps. Alongside the testing, White has also been ordered to attend individual therapy at least once a week, and also attend not less than two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings each week.

White and Timlin originally married in 2019, and filed for divorce in May 2023. According to ET’s report, the pair did attempt to reconcile their relationship, but couldn’t patch things up.

“Jeremy Allen White and Addison were having trust issues during their relationship, that ultimately led to their divorce,” the source said. “They were attempting to work things out, but things became increasingly difficult for them, and they decided to split.”