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MultiVersus Update Adds Dwayne Johnson Black Adam Skin & Holiday Event

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MultiVersus‘ latest update is multifaceted. Not only does it introduce a new holiday event and some balance changes, but it also adds a Game of Thrones map to the mix alongside a Dwayne Johnson skin for Black Adam.

The Black Adam skin called from the 2022 film is 2,000 Gleamium in the shop. The other costumes in the above slideshow (along with the new Marvin the Martian announcer pack that is 300 Gleamium) can be earned through a variety of means. The Batman, Arya, Jake, Finn, and Velma costumes can be purchased for 800 Gleamium, while the Gizmo skin is 1,500 Gleamium. The Reindog skin unlocks if players have logged in on at least 18 different days during the event.

The Superman skin can be purchased, but only with 12,000 Holiday Cookies. Holiday Cookies are this event’s special currency and can be earned by playing the game and spent on that Superman skin or other certain cosmetics. Winning and using the new Black Adam skin yield more Cookies. Logging in also yields Holiday Cookies, as it is set up like an advent calendar. The event itself ends on January 17.

Winter is here, which makes it a fitting time to add the Game of Thrones map. This Iron Throne map also brings in new themed cosmetics, which includes the House Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen Sigil Ringouts (800 Gleamium); House Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen Banners (200 Gleamium); and an Iron Throne icon (3,000 Gold).

As noted by the full patch notes, performance on low-grade PCs, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One has been improved on the Sky Arena and Trophy’s Edge maps. There have also been a slew of balance changes across 18 characters and some small general tweaks to a few different mechanics.