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Little Women – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Episode 11

Episode 11 of Little Women starts with a flashback of how Sang-ha convinced Jae-sang to commit suicide. After Jae-sang has won the elections, Sang-ha is upset as she gives him the blue ghost orchid. Jae-sang jumps off a building as a flashback shows him saying that he is fulfilling a promise to protect Sang-ha, one that he made as a child.

Back at home, Sang-ha breaks down seeing the portrait of a childhood photo of herself with Jae-sang and Sang-woo which In-hye sent her from Japan. Meanwhile, In-joo is arrested for stealing the 70 billion won despite her International account balance being $0. Before being arrested, she tells In-kyung that Do-il betrayed her by stealing all the money.

The next day, Do-il and his mother are chased by a car and the two meet with an accident. In jail, In-joo is worried about Do-il after In-kyung mentions the accident. She asks In-kyung to look for him as she is in prison. After Jae-sang’s funeral, Sang-ha takes over the business and gives Soo-im full freedom to destroy the two older Oh sisters.

Sang-ha asks Soo-im to be patient stating that the time to avenge Jae-sang’s death will come soon. In-kyung is trying to figure out a way to save In-joo while she is in prison. Reporter Ma-ri conspires with Sang-ha and Soo-im in order to malign In-joo’s reputation further by accusing her of plotting with Hwa-young and stealing 72 billion won from the Wonryeong Trust.

In prison, In-joo’s lawyer tells her that she has no way out of the prison other than coming out clean and begging for forgiveness. In court, the prosecution manages to put In-joo in a fix where she basically confesses to all the crimes and embezzlement of the money. In-kyung notices Hwa-young and recalls seeing the deceased accountant in the past.

In-joo tells her lawyer that Do-il is the only one who can help her and asks him to get Do-il to court. The lawyer reveals that Do-il is already a witness for the Prosecution and against In-joo. As In-joo is being taken to the prison, one of the reporters tries to sneak in a note to her but fails to do so.

At the Oh house, In-kyung tells Jong-ho that Hwa-young’s mother was one of the victims in the Bobae Savings Bank scandal. In-kyung recalls Hwa-young leading her to Kim Dal-su in the past which helped her find Cheol-seong in the past. In-kyung tells In-joo that Hwa-young was seeking revenge for her mother’s loss and eventual death.

In-joo recalls introducing Reporter In-kyung to Hwa-young in the past. In-joo breaks down in prison as she regrets letting the people around her use her like a pawn. She asks In-kyung to help her get out and help get Sang-ha behind the bars for killing Hwa-young. In-joo directs In-kyung to the closed room and asks her to access the photographs she had taken of the room.

In-kyung states that Hwa-young, as well as Sang-ha’s mother, were both found dead hanging inside the closet in nothing but a fur coat and red heels. The next day, In-kyung tries to chat with Hwa-young’s father but the old man drives them away, refusing to answer her questions. Jong-ho learns that he sold the coat in an online store and attempts to reach the seller.

Reporter Ma-ri is on the local news where she reveals that Sang-woo was a mentally ill patient who was on the loose with the help of In-kyung and In-joo. She alleges that Jae-sang only killed Sang-woo in self-defence with trimmed dashcam footage from the night.

In-kyung is furious over the public’s reactions against In-joo and herself after Ma-ri further alleges with more clipped footage that the Oh sisters had been conspiring with Hwa-young for years. Sa-pyeong is having a meal with Sang-ha who asks him to be in charge of a new trust under Jae-sang’s name.

Sa-pyeong is now the only surviving active member of the Jeongran Society along with General Won who is in a comatose. Sang-ha tells Sa-pyeong that she is completely alone with Jae-sang and Sang-woo dead, her father ill and Hyo-rin abandoning her. She asks Sa-pyeong to look into In-kyung and handle her in the ways of the Jeongran Society. Sa-pyeong is hesitant but Sang-ha manages to manipulate him.

He asks Sang-ha about Jae-sang’s involvement in the murder of Sang-woo but she brushes it off saying he had a different way of thinking which wasn’t in tune with the Jeongran Society’s principles. Before he leaves, Sang-ha puts Sa-pyeong’s blue orchid on the father tree and he is delighted. In-kyung confronts Ma-ri for lying through her teeth to the media.

While In-kyung is trying to knock some sense into Ma-ri, the reporter believes that In-joo was truly involved in the 72 billion won theft. Ma-ri leaves by telling In-kyung that what she said was her version of the truth and leaves. Just then, some men in a van appear in the parking lot and kidnap In-kyung. Jong-ho brings the fur coat to Hye-suk’s house and is worried when he doesn’t find In-kyung there.

Meanwhile, Sang-ha visits In-joo in prison and teases her with personal belongings that she acquired from the Oh family house. In-joo is worried about In-kyung and warns Sang-ha. Sang-ha threatens to kill all of In-joo’s family including her parents who are in the Philippines as well as In-hye alongside In-kyung. In-joo breaks downs and causes a scene making the officers arrive to help her calm down.

She asks Sang-ha to leave her sisters alone. Sang-ha tells In-joo that she as well as her sisters will have to suffer the consequences of wronging her. Once back in her cell, In-joo starts crying profusely whereas Jong-ho is worried sick trying to find In-kyung as he files a missing report for her. In-kyung wakes up, tied to a chair with Sa-pyeong threatening to torture her for what she did to Jae-sang and General Won’s family. He brings a knife close to In-kyung’s neck and it is indicated that In-kyung is dead.

The next day, Do-il is in court during the second day of In-joo’s trial. He initially answers the Prosecutor’s questions by agreeing that In-joo was aware of the 72 billion won being embezzled.

However, during cross-examination, he alleges that In-joo was only a pawn while the money was actually transferred to a new firm in Panama under Won Sang-ha’s name. Do-il reveals a flash drive with all transactions of embezzled money into Sang-ha’s account and confesses that he too was part of the embezzlement in the past in order to save In-joo.

Sang-ha, who is also in court, is stunned after Do-il’s betrayal and In-joo seems worried for him. Reporters hound Sang-ha and once in her car, Soo-im asks if she knew about the transfer. Soo-im wonders why Do-il chose to help In-joo over keeping the 70 billion himself.

Do-il manages to sneak into the waiting room and meet In-joo one last time reassuring her before he is taken under arrest for his involvement in the case. In-joo watches the news from her solitary confinement and Ma-ri is on a call with Sang-ha. She tells the new Wonryeong director that the only way to save herself was to donate all the money under the Panama account.

Just then, Ma-ri receives an update that In-kyung is alive and on the local news. With the help of Sa-pyeong In-kyung exposes Jae-sang and Sang-ha for killing Hwa-young and Sang-woo as well as many others. The duo also exposes how there exists a father tree full of blue orchids in Sang-ha’s house maligning her reputation further.

Sang-ha who is also watching the news is shocking. A flashback shows how Sa-pyeong was already upset with Sang-ha for having Sang-woo killed. In-kyung convinces him to protect the Jeongran society’s honour and stop Sang-ha from embezzling money under the name of her father. In-kyung finds Jong-ho waiting for her outside the building and rushes to hug him.

She apologises for disappearing all of a sudden and he promises to hold on to her even harder. The next day, In-joo gives her emotional final statement in court. She shares how she got a little greedy upon seeing the money and asks the judge to punish her for her greed.

Just as In-joo finishes her statement, a woman walks into court from behind. In-kyung, Jong-ho, Sang-ha as well as In-joo are shocked to see that the woman is none other than Hwa-young!

The Episode Review

This was, if not the only, but the most chaotic episode in the history of Little Women. It definitely had a few plot holes but they can be overlooked by the insane amount of plot twists. From Do-il showing up and indirectly confessing his feelings for In-joo in court, to Hwa-young showing up alive and well as In-joo is in fear of being incarcerated for something that wasn’t her fault.

My girl In-joo really has an army of people that love her despite her innocence. It was entertaining seeing Do-il, a man who only chased money, be worried about In-joo as he tried to send her a message using the reporters. Jong-ho on the other hand is a literal godsend angel because of his relentlessness in helping In-kyung.

I had been waiting for a betrayal from both Jong-ho and Do-il but it seems like Little Women has given us not one but two green flag boys.

In-kyung’s master-stroke trying to convince Sa-pyeong really worked and it will be interesting to see how Sang-ha is taken down now that she is all alone and helpless. I am sure Hwa-young had orchestrated all of this way before her fake death and I have a feeling In-hye is somehow involved in her return.

On we head to the grand finale of a show that clearly deserved 16 episodes at least!

Little Women – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap &Review

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Episode 11

Episode 11 van Little Women begin met 'n terugflits van hoe Sang-ha Jae-sang oortuig het om selfmoord te pleeg. Nadat Jae-sang die verkiesing gewen het, is Sang-ha ontsteld omdat sy hom die blou spook-orgidee gee. Jae-sang spring van 'n gebou af terwyl 'n terugflits wys hoe hy sê dat hy 'n belofte nakom om Sang-ha te beskerm, een wat hy as kind gemaak het.

Terug by die huis breek Sang-ha af en sien die portret van 'n kinderfoto van haarself met Jae-sang en Sang-woo wat In-hye haar uit Japan gestuur het. Intussen word In-joo gearresteer omdat sy die 70 miljard gewen het ondanks die feit dat haar internasionale rekeningsaldo $ 0 was. Voordat sy in hegtenis geneem is, vertel sy aan In-kyung dat Do-il haar verraai het deur al die geld te steel.

Die volgende dag word Do-il en sy ma deur 'n motor gejaag en die twee ontmoet 'n ongeluk. In die tronk is In-joo bekommerd oor Do-il nadat In-kyung die ongeluk genoem het. Sy vra In-kyung om na hom te soek aangesien sy in die tronk is. Na Jae-sang se begrafnis neem Sang-ha die besigheid oor en gee so-ek volle vryheid om die twee ouer Oh-susters te vernietig.

Sang-ha vra so-ek om geduldig te wees en sê dat die tyd om Jae-sang se dood te wreek binnekort sal aanbreek. In-kyung probeer 'n manier uitvind om In-joo te red terwyl sy in die tronk is. Verslaggewer Ma-ri sameswering met Sang-ha en so-im om In-joo se reputasie verder te verguis deur haar daarvan te beskuldig dat sy met Hwa-young beplan het en 72 miljard won van die Wonryeong Trust gesteel het.

In die tronk vertel In-joo se prokureur dat sy geen ander uitweg uit die tronk het as om skoon uit te kom en om vergifnis te smeek nie. In die hof slaag die vervolging daarin om In-joo in 'n oplossing te plaas waar sy basies al die misdade en verduistering van die geld erken. In-kyung merk Hwa-young op en onthou dat hy die oorlede rekenmeester in die verlede gesien het.

In-joo vertel haar prokureur dat Do-il die enigste een is wat haar kan help en vra hom om Do-il by die hof te kry. Die prokureur onthul dat Do-il reeds 'n getuie vir die vervolging en teen In-joo is. Terwyl In-joo na die gevangenis geneem word, probeer een van die verslaggewers 'n nota vir haar insluip, maar versuim om dit te doen.

By die Oh-huis vertel In-kyung aan Jong-ho dat Hwa-young se ma een van die slagoffers in die Bobae Savings Bank-skandaal was. In-kyung onthou Hwa-young wat haar in die verlede na Kim Dal-su gelei het, wat haar in die verlede gehelp het om Cheol-seong te vind. In-kyung vertel aan In-joo dat Hwa-young wraak gesoek het vir haar ma se verlies en uiteindelike dood.

In-joo onthou dat hy verslaggewer In-kyung in die verlede aan Hwa-young bekendgestel het. In-joo breek in die tronk af terwyl sy spyt is dat sy die mense om haar soos 'n pion laat gebruik het. Sy vra In-kyung om haar te help om uit te kom en te help om Sang-ha agter die tralies te kry omdat sy Hwa-young vermoor het. In-joo lei In-kyung na die geslote kamer en vra haar om toegang te verkry tot die foto's wat sy van die kamer geneem het.

In-kyung sê dat Hwa-young, sowel as Sang-ha se ma, albei dood gevind is wat in die kas in niks anders as 'n pelsjas en rooi hakke gehang het nie. Die volgende dag probeer In-kyung met Hwa-young se pa gesels, maar die ou man dryf hulle weg en weier om haar vrae te beantwoord. Jong-ho verneem dat hy die jas in 'n aanlynwinkel verkoop het en probeer om die verkoper te bereik.

Verslaggewer Ma-ri is op die plaaslike nuus waar sy onthul dat Sang-woo 'n geestesongestelde pasiënt was wat met die hulp van In-kyung en In-joo op vrye voet was. Sy beweer dat Jae-sang slegs Sang-woo uit selfverdediging vermoor het met afgewerkte dashcam-beeldmateriaal van die nag.

In-kyung is woedend oor die publiek se reaksies teen In-joo en haarself nadat Ma-ri verder met meer geknipte beeldmateriaal beweer het dat die Oh-susters al jare lank met Hwa-young saamsweer. Sa-pyeong eet saam met Sang-ha wat hom vra om in beheer te wees van 'n nuwe trust onder Jae-sang se naam.

Sa-pyeong is nou die enigste oorlewende aktiewe lid van die Jeongran Society saam met generaal Won wat in 'n koma is. Sang-ha vertel sa-pyeong dat sy heeltemal alleen is met Jae-sang en Sang-woo dood, haar pa siek en Hyo-rin wat haar verlaat. Sy vra Sa-pyeong om na In-kyung te kyk en haar in die weë van die Jeongran Society te hanteer. Sa-pyeong is huiwerig, maar Sang-ha slaag daarin om hom te manipuleer.

Hy vra Sang-ha uit oor Jae-sang se betrokkenheid by die moord op Sang-woo, maar sy borsel dit af en sê hy het 'n ander manier van dink wat nie in pas was met die Jeongran Society se beginsels nie. Voordat hy vertrek, sit Sang-ha Sa-pyeong se blou orgidee op die vaderboom en hy is verheug. In-kyung konfronteer Ma-ri omdat sy deur haar tande vir die media gelê het.

Terwyl In-kyung probeer om sin in Ma-ri te slaan, glo die verslaggewer dat In-joo werklik betrokke was by die 72 miljard gewende diefstal. Ma-ri vertrek deur in-kyung te vertel dat wat sy gesê het haar weergawe van die waarheid en blare was. Net toe verskyn 'n paar mans in 'n bakkie in die parkeerterrein en ontvoer In-kyung. Jong-ho bring die pelsjas na Hye-suk se huis en is bekommerd as hy in-kyung nie daar kry nie.

Intussen besoek Sang-ha In-joo in die tronk en terg haar met persoonlike besittings wat sy by die Oh-gesinshuis gekry het. In-joo is bekommerd oor In-kyung en waarsku Sang-ha. Sang-ha dreig om al In-joo se familie dood te maak, insluitend haar ouers wat in die Filippyne is, sowel as In-hye saam met In-kyung. In-joo breek af en veroorsaak dat 'n toneel die beamptes opdaag om haar te help kalmeer.

Sy vra Sang-ha om haar susters alleen te los. Sang-ha sê aan In-joo dat sy sowel as haar susters die gevolge daarvan sal moet dra om haar te verontreg. Sodra sy terug is in haar sel, begin In-joo baie huil, terwyl Jong-ho bekommerd siek is om In-kyung te probeer vind terwyl hy 'n vermiste verslag vir haar indien. In-kyung word wakker, vasgemaak aan 'n stoel met Sa-pyeong wat dreig om haar te martel vir wat sy aan Jae-sang en generaal Won se familie gedoen het. Hy bring 'n mes naby In-kyung se nek en daar word aangedui dat In-kyung dood is.

Die volgende dag is Do-il in die hof tydens die tweede dag van In-joo se verhoor. Hy beantwoord aanvanklik die aanklaer se vrae deur saam te stem dat In-joo bewus was van die 72 miljard wat gewen is.

Tydens kruisondervraging beweer hy egter dat In-joo slegs 'n pion was terwyl die geld eintlik onder Won Sang-ha se naam na 'n nuwe firma in Panama oorgeplaas is. Do-il onthul 'n flash drive met alle transaksies van verduisterde geld in Sang-ha se rekening en bieg dat hy ook in die verlede deel was van die verduistering om In-joo te red.

Sang-ha, wat ook in die hof is, is verstom ná Do-il se verraad en In-joo lyk vir hom bekommerd. Verslaggewers jaag Sang-ha en een keer in haar motor, so-ek vra of sy van die oordrag geweet het. so-ek wonder hoekom Do-il gekies het om In-joo te help om die 70 miljard self te behou.

Do-il slaag daarin om die wagkamer binne te sluip en In-joo 'n laaste keer te ontmoet om haar gerus te stel voordat hy in hegtenis geneem word vir sy betrokkenheid by die saak. In-joo kyk na die nuus uit haar eensame opsluiting en Ma-ri is op 'n oproep met Sang-ha. Sy vertel die nuwe Wonryeong-direkteur dat die enigste manier om haarself te red, was om al die geld onder die Panama-rekening te skenk.

Net toe ontvang Ma-ri 'n opdatering dat In-kyung lewendig en op die plaaslike nuus is. Met die hulp van Sa-pyeong in-kyung ontbloot Jae-sang en Sang-ha vir die moord op Hwa-young en Sang-woo sowel as vele ander. Die duo ontbloot ook hoe daar 'n vaderboom vol blou orgideë in Sang-ha se huis bestaan wat haar reputasie verder verguis.

Sang-ha wat ook na die nuus kyk, is skokkend. 'N Terugflits wys hoe Sa-pyeong reeds ontsteld was oor Sang-ha omdat hy Sang-woo laat vermoor het. In-kyung oortuig hom om die eer van die Jeongran-samelewing te beskerm en Sang-ha te keer om geld onder die naam van haar pa te verduister. In-kyung vind Jong-ho wat buite die gebou vir haar wag en jaag om hom 'n drukkie te gee.

Sy vra om verskoning dat sy ewe skielik verdwyn het en hy belowe om haar nog harder vas te hou. Die volgende dag gee In-joo haar emosionele finale verklaring in die hof. Sy vertel hoe sy 'n bietjie gulsig geraak het toe sy die geld gesien het en vra die regter om haar te straf vir haar gierigheid.

Net toe In-joo haar verklaring afhandel, stap 'n vrou van agter af hof toe. In-kyung, Jong-ho, Sang-ha sowel as In-joo is geskok om te sien dat die vrou niemand anders as Hwa-jonk is nie!

Die Episode Review

Dit was, indien nie die enigste nie, maar die mees chaotiese episode in die geskiedenis van Little Women. Dit het beslis 'n paar plotgate gehad, maar dit kan oor die hoof gesien word deur die kranksinnige hoeveelheid plotdraaie. Van Do-il wat opdaag en indirek sy gevoelens vir In-joo in die hof bely, tot Hwa-young wat lewend opdaag en wel as In-joo is bang om opgesluit te word vir iets wat nie haar skuld was nie.

My meisie In-joo het regtig 'n leër van mense wat haar liefhet ten spyte van haar onskuld. Dit was vermaaklik om te sien hoe Do-il, 'n man wat net geld gejaag het, bekommerd was oor In-joo toe hy vir haar 'n boodskap met die verslaggewers probeer stuur het. Jong-ho aan die ander kant is 'n letterlike uitkoms engel vanweë sy meedoënloosheid om In-kyung te help.

Ek het gewag vir 'n verraad van beide Jong-ho en Do-il, maar dit lyk asof Little Women ons nie een nie, maar twee groen vlagseuns gegee het.

In-kyung se meesterslag wat Sa-pyeong probeer oortuig het regtig gewerk en dit sal interessant wees om te sien hoe Sang-ha afgeneem word noudat sy alleen en hulpeloos is. Ek is seker Hwa-young het al hierdie dinge georkestreer voor haar valse dood en ek het 'n gevoel In-hye is op een of ander manier betrokke by haar terugkeer.

Op ons gaan na die groot finale van 'n program wat duidelik 16 episodes verdien het!