[Movie] The Outpost season 4, episode 1 recap – “Someone Has to Rule”

This recap of The Outpost season 4, episode 1, “Someone Has to Rule”, contains spoilers.

It has only been six months since we last saw The Outpost, the CW’s fan-favorite fantasy is back once again for a fourth season of rapidly-complicating mythology and political squabbling. After the deaths of not one but two major characters and the reawakening of some pretty shifty-looking otherworldly figures, there’s plenty to play for in this outing, but of most immediate concern is who is going to replace Gwynn on the Outpost’s throne. After all, as the fourth season premiere tells us, “Someone Has to Rule”.

The Outpost

Most of the citizenry would like Talon to take charge. But after the loss of her father and best friend she isn’t exactly keen on the idea. She’s an ideal choice, being a Blackblood and a natural leader, but responsibility isn’t exactly her thing. Falista, though, is throwing herself at the opportunity. After last season made plenty of effort to soften the would-be queen, The Outpost season 4, episode 1 seems to be reversing some of that work and returning her personal ambition. Her royal blood gives her a legitimate claim to the throne, but her dodgy temperament and red kinj make her something of a risk. Even if she was exclusively nice and selfless, which she isn’t, she still doesn’t know how to control the power she now possesses, and she’s forced, through a bit of ambition, a bit of desperation, and a lot of grief, to ally herself with Two, sit on the Council of the Three, and be beset by visions of the newly-awakened Old Gods in the hope of resurrecting her late husband.

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The idea of Falista in a position of power is enough to make Talon renege on her decision, but she does so too late, and Falista takes the throne after having once again resuscitated Tobin. That’s a bit of a problem, and is the big dramatic moment of the episode, but there’s plenty more going on elsewhere, including the arrival of an assassin who is the sister of the Dragman, and the potential that Wren is pregnant with Janzo’s baby. There’s still lots of mythology left to unpack and it isn’t immediately clear how it all ties together, but thankfully “Someone Has to Rule” keeps the focus on character, and the grieving process everyone is in the midst of thanks to their shared losses.

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Falista’s heel-turn isn’t all that difficult to swallow, since her love for Tobin, despite his love for Gwynn, was established as being very genuine last season. Part of the reason Two was able to manipulate her was because she could offer to reunite her with her love. Of course, sacrificing 20 of Tobin’s soldiers to do it presumably won’t excite him, but he’s probably going to be happier alive than dead. Will he be slavishly devoted to Falista as she needs him to be, though? That remains to be seen.

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