Making Use of Video on Social Media

In 2021, social media marketing has been flourishing. This is being driven mostly by video-based social media marketing. Users are constantly interacting with image-based and video-based content.

Making Use of Video on Social Media

Making Use of Video on Social Media

This last year has witnessed significant changes in nearly every social media platform and environment. Things changed, as apps such as TikTok and Instagram Reels emerged in 2020, making videos the most popular type of social media content in 2021.

Every digital marketing agency and digital marketer would acknowledge that video marketing is more successful than static posts at generating leads.

Try adding interactive features to your marketing videos to take it a step further. Interactive videos are a new form of content that allows viewers to engage with the videos directly, offering a unique user experience. Consumers prefer interactive video material over other forms of video content because it allows them to choose what content to watch and when to watch it.

Tips & Strategies for Social Media Videos

1. Understand your social media video specifications: First and foremost, you must grasp the specifications, sizes, measurements, and ratios for all of your social media videos. This also applies to your social media ad videos.

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2. Create an effective video strategy: Video content may be difficult to create since it demands more resources in terms of production and editing. Break down the key stages you must be aware of before you can begin planning and generating compelling videos.

  • Establish video marketing objectives: Goals must be established at the inception of every new social media project. What do you hope your videos will achieve? Where will these videos go in the marketing funnel? (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty, and Advocacy).
  • Select your platforms: Each significant social media platform, and even those that aren’t, has its own type of video. Older platforms, such as Facebook, have a variety of video formats, but emerging platforms, such as Snapchat and TikTok, depend mainly on a single format.
  • Choose your video kinds: There are several kinds of videos available. Choosing the appropriate kind of video for your brand is a crucial stage in your marketing strategy. Not all videos are created equal, and that’s fine–what matters most is that they support your primary goals. Choose your video kind from either Behind-the-scenes, Educational, Entertaining, Interview, or Testimonials.
  • Create a content creation plan: In the long term, a solid content development strategy will save you time and money. You must plan how videos will be produced and recorded, whether you use a storyboard or pen and paper.
  • Understand what post-production requires: Give time for post-production, particularly if your videos will be used for advertisements or require extensive editing. Post-production is more than merely editing scenes and reassembling them to music. Closed captions, text overlays, call-to-action displays, and other features are also included. The more video you produce and the more flawless you want it to be, the more time you will require.
  • Schedule and publicize the videos: Once you’ve finished the video, it’s time to schedule and advertise it. Don’t think of social media videos as one-offs. Depending on your social schedule, one completely created video might be published to various networks over the course of a month. You may promote it several times on Twitter. Multiple videos might be created from a single filming session. Different snippets might be used to promote existing videos or merged together to generate new ones. When it comes to video promotion, think big.
  • Assess and evaluate metrics: The final and most crucial phase in any plan is to analyze it. You can’t tell how well a video does till you look at the data attached to it. What are the viewership figures? What are the watch times? What about the shares, likes, and comments? Every network gives a unique set of metrics, therefore you must understand what they are before you begin production.
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It’s also crucial to remember that older videos will be viewed. A video more than 2 years may still be relevant to your users today with the proper blend of keywords and a timeless topic.

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Create your video marketing strategy by following this step-by-step approach.

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