List Of Nigerian Postal Codes for all States

Do you know what Nigerian postal codes are?

Postal codes are geographical zone address codes.

Nigerian postal codes
Nigerian postal codes

They are used to deliver parcels or packages to correct locations.

These online shopping malls find it easier to locate you on a doorstep delivery.

Esspecially, when you have the right postal code placed in your account profile.

These codes are very important.

That is why it is often asked for in several websites online, during registration processes.

So, if you intend to know the postcodes of all the 36 States here in Nigeria, then make sure you read on.

Is Zip Code Different From Postal Code?

In certain countries of the world like the United States of America, they make use of only zip codes.

On the other hand, so many other countries make use of postal codes.

This is the reason why so many people get confused.

Let me clear your doubt on this issue.

In countries like Nigeria, both the zip codes and the postal codes are the same.

That is, whenever you come across an online form that requests for your zip code, you can just put in your Nigerian postal code to proceed.

They serve the same purpose.

Note: These codes are not to be confused with dialing codes.

What is Nigeria Zip Code?

Well, as I have already said earlier, the Nigerian postal codes are the same as zip codes.

They serve the same purpose.

These codes are usually required in online purchase forms.

  • What Does Zip code stand for?

Zip code is short for ‘Zone Improvement Plan’ code.

Like I have already said, here in Nigeria and some countries, it serves the same purpose as the postal codes.

The Nigerian postal codes comprises of 6 numbers.

The first three numbers represent the regional set of digits (district for the outgoing sorting).

While the second three numbers represent the delivery location (post office or urban location).

While filling forms online, if you type a wrong code, you will face delivery setbacks.

In rare cases, some people do not even receive their orders due to postal code errors.

For example;

Bayelsa state has a postal code of 561001

In this setting, 561 represents the state.

While 001 represents the head department of the region.

So, if you want to send a parcel to a particular department in your region, you have to find out the right combination of the department.

Nigeria comprises six geopolitical zones, and each zone has a long and vast history.

When Ibrahim Babangida ruled Nigeria, he created several new systems of allocation of human resources.

One of these systems which he initiated was the post-delivery system.

Nigerian Postal Codes

Let us go through a full list of all the postal codes of the 36 states in Nigeria.

One can hardly know them all.

You can just memorise that of the state you live in.

As for the others, you can always come back to this page to cross-check them.

To do this, you can just bookmark this page, or save it in your browser.

Now, here is the full list of postal codes for 36 states in Nigeria.

Postal Codes For 36 States In Nigeria

Here is a list of all the postal codes of all 36 states in Nigeria.

  • FCT Abuja: 900001
  • Abia: 440001
  • Adamawa: 640001
  • Akwa Ibom: 520001
  • Anambra: 420001
  • Bauchi: 740001
  • Bayelsa: 561001
  • Benue: 970001
  • Borno: 600001
  • Cross River: 540001
  • Delta: 320001
  • Ebonyi: 840001
  • Edo: 300001
  • Ekiti: 360001
  • Enugu: 400001
  • Gombe: 760001
  • Imo: 460001
  • Jigawa: 720001
  • Kaduna: 700001
  • Kano: 800001
  • Katsina: 820001
  • Kebbi: 860001
  • Kogi: 260001
  • Kwara: 240001
  • Lagos (Mainland/Island): 100001/101001
  • Nasarawa: 962001
  • Niger: 920001
  • Ogun: 110001
  • Ondo: 340001
  • Osun: 230001
  • Oyo: 200001
  • Plateau: 930001
  • Rivers: 500001
  • Sokoto: 840001
  • Taraba: 660001
  • Yobe: 320001
  • Zamfara: 860001

These are the postal codes of all the 36 States in Nigeria.

You can save them for reference

History of Nigerian Postal Service

The first post office in Nigeria was established back in 1852.

This was done by our British colonial masters.

Although this post office was in Nigeria, it was part of the British postal system.

This post office remained a subsidiary of the London General Post Office until 1874.

As years went on.

Royal Niger Company also set up the postal system in places like Akassa, Bururu, Calabar, and Lokoja.

As time went on, the British Post Office expanded to other parts of the country.

Later on, the Royal Niger Company (RNC) became a member of the UPU (Universal Postal Union).

Some years later in 1925.

Royal Air force planes flew from northern Nigeria in Kano, to Cairo in Egypt.

This was the first time items were shipped outside the country.

However, the Government later took over the postal system and the whole system was significantly more stressful in those days.

There were so many bad roads in the country, so mails were actually delivered to post offices by canoes, runners, etc.

This affected the productivity of the post system then.

After Nigeria gained independence, the postal service was merged as a part of the telecommunications government department.

This was the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), and telecommunications company NITEL.

These two bodies were merged back in January 1985.

As the postal system began to grow bigger and bigger, a new department was later created for it.

Much later in 1987, the Nigerian postal service was successfully made an Extra-Ministerial Department.

This was made possible by decree No. 18.

Postcode Zones

Nigeria is currently separated into nine postcode zones.

These nine zones have the digits 1-9.

The post codes are splitted into different regions.

They cover every area of the nation.

Each state’s postal code begins with a number representing a particular postcode zone.

If the postal code of a state starts with number 1, it then means that the state belongs to the postcode zone 1.

That is how it works for every other state.

Duties Of The Nigerian Postal Services

Here are the duties of the Nigerian postal services.

  • Provision of mailboxes and mail bags for individuals and offices.
  • Sales of stamps and collection of stamp duty on behalf of the government.
  • Collecting posted mails, arranging and delivering them to receivers both within and outside the country.
  • Granting postal service permits to local areas without post offices.
  • Conduction of EMS speed post, and also parcel deliveries.
  • Bulk postal services like newsletters, enquiry slip, and more.

How NIPOST Delivers Items

With these postal codes, NIPOST finds it very easy to deliver orders.

They do it in three forms.

These are:

  • Delivery to post offices or to mailboxes and mail bags.
  • Direct delivery to major cities.
  • Distribution of mails in rural areas

These are the three major forms through which the NIPOST deliveries are carried out.

How Long Do Postal Deliveries Take in Nigeria?

Although the Nigerian Postal service delivers mails and carries out order shipping duties.

It’s still a good thing to know how long they take to deliver these mails/items.

So, how long exactly should you wait for your delivery to arrive?

Well, these things can be found on the official website of the Nigerian postal service.

Here is an outline:

  • For Intra-City delivery missions, NIPOST takes 24hrs to make deliveries.
  • Inter-City delivery, they take 48hrs to make deliveries.
  • Nationwide deliveries, NIPOST takes 48hrs(3 days) to complete delivery.

Nationwide deliveries take the most time, as they require inter-state journeys.

In all, these delivery times should be taken as average, as they could be even faster times, and painfully slower some other times.

Overall, they have a good delivery time framing.

How Much Does NIPOST Charge To Deliver Items?

So, do you want to use the Nigerian postal service, and would like to know the cost involved?

To know the cost of your delivery on NIPOST is very easy.

You can even use what they call the NIPOST calculator.

This will allow you to estimate the costs involved in the delivery of your parcel.

This calculator can be found on the website of the Nigerian Postal Service.

Alternatively, there is a mighty price list on the NIPOST website.

Once you visit the website and locate the price list page from the menu, you’d be taken to this page.

In there, you will find a huge list of both international and domestic prices, the weights of parcels, and other crucial information.

Conclusion of Nigerian Postal Codes

From this post, you can see all the information you need to know about the postal codes, and postal services in Nigeria.

With these postal codes, you can easily make orders online, and your area will be located through these codes.

It has significantly made things easier, as we can now easily receive orders from abroad right from the comfort of our homes.

Make sure you memorise the postal code of the state where you live in, and also that of your state of origin.

For the others on the list, this page can always serve as a reference, so feel free to bookmark it.

In all, I hope you found this piece very helpful.

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