Lagos billionaire Olorogun Oskar Ibru back to party life

lagos billionaire olorogun oskar ibru back to party life

Billionaire and socialite, Olorogun Oskar Christopher Ibru is a jolly good fellow. The bubbly, likable fellow knows how to endear himself to others from the get-go. He is always full of life and everybody obviously likes him. You cannot but like this charming, gangling and real deep-pocket who sits atop the multi-billion naira Ibru Empire. But beyond his wealth, many are also in love with Oskar because of his remarkable generosity and philanthropy. That was why when reports filtered out early this year about his debilitated state of health; it sent a serious panic among the high and mighty in the society.

Indeed, many were scared when Oskar —the eldest son and scion of late business mogul, Oloorogun Michael Ibru Dynasty— was reported to have been infected with the COVID-19 virus and that he was battling with his health at an Isolation Centre in Lagos. He actually stayed over seven weeks in the intensive care unit of one of the highbrow hospitals before he eventually got healed. And when the news of his recovery and discharge hit the headline, the joy was palpable. So excited was Oskar himself that he had to send out a message to family, friends and well-wishers that the worst was over.

Titled Oscar Ibru Testimony, the 63-year old business mogul wrote: “I almost died. No kidding. COVID-19 is Evil. Seven weeks and two days, man! Pneumonia, Kidney, Liver, Collapsed Lungs, Cough Like No Other, Fever. In short, DEAD. Finally unconscious. No breathing whatsoever. Doctors lost hope; not your brother. I kicked his ass. But he left some serious collateral damage. Thank God my heart was strong from some of those things we did in dem days and at the same time being an athlete in the good old days.

“My heart refused to quit. So, here I am, home at last. My bro, the shit was rough and painful as hell. I do not wish for a re-match. I lost over 10 direct friends in my seven weeks of incarceration. Same hospital. The day I went in, Bolu came out on the way to the mortuary. The day I left (on my 2 feet) Kitty Rhodes left but flat on his back on the way to the morgue. Praise God. I must have done something right or I am about to. All I know is THANK YOU GOD”. Oskar —who really stared death in the eyes— stated effusively and thankfully for his survival. However, a few months after more and more people get vaccinated with the number of COVID-19 infections and deaths finally declining —albeit the threat not yet gone– many are gradually doubling down on the joys of physical friendship as party life returns in full swing. The fully-recuperated Oskar is one of them. As someone many believe loves to take the spotlight from time to time, the extroverted billionaire returned as the life of the party at the recent 40th birthday bash of real estate tycoon, Sijibomi Ogundele. At the colourful dinner party held at exquisite OX Restaurant & Lounge, Victoria Island, Lagos, Oskar was one of the centres of attraction as almost all the young entrepreneurs at the exclusive bash for the Sujimoto boss gravitated towards the Aghara-Otor-born mogul. As they sought to have selfies with him, of course, the business mogul, with no airs at all, was at his best. He was soaked in the fun and enjoyed the company of the younger folks who dominated the Sujimoto bash to announce his return to the party circuit.

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