Kogi governor: APC is the best political party in Nigeria

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state has said that certain politicians are frustrating the war against insecurity by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello has declared the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as ‘the best political party in Nigeria’.

Speaking at a meeting between the APC Sensitisation and Mobilisation Committee, of which he is Chairman, and the State Caretaker Committee Chairmen in Abuja, the Kogi governor appealed to Nigerians to join the party, pointing to what he said are the achievements of the President, APC governors, state and national legislators.

Governor Bello stated: ‘President Buhari during the last National Executive Committee meeting of our great party advised that party be built from bottom up. In line with that resolution of that NEC meeting, the party decided to saddle us with the responsibilities of educating, sensitising and mobilising youths, women, people living with disabilities and indeed all Nigerians into our party.

‘This Committee will not start work without first consulting with the State Chapters of our great party. Your role and active participation will determine greatly the and achievements of this Committee and indeed the success and achievement of the all-important registration and revalidation of members.

‘You will recall that prior to this, there has been controversy over register of our members across the country. So opportunities have presented itself that we should concretise and solidify the membership base of our great party. It’s an opportunity for us to expand the membership base of our great party.

‘At various states, local governments, wards and even polling units level, we have to engage Nigerians. We can’t stay in Abuja or at the state capital to do this job. We will require your input because you know your state better than me even my State Chairman understand Kogi State better than me. You are going to carry the message door to door across the country.

‘We can’t ask for positive change and good governance until we are part of the system that will produce the type of government that we so desire. Our constitution provides that whoever would want to occupy position of authority in this country must belong to one political party or the other.

‘As God we have it, APC is the best political party in Nigeria. I will continue to advocate to my brothers and sisters to please join the APC, participate actively in all of her activities and programmes, that is the only way you can have a voice, determine the type of government you so desire.

‘APC is the party to join. We have several reasons to adduce for Nigerians to join the APC. President has achieved a lot, APC Governors have achieved enough. The legislature at national and state levels have achieved a lot, our local government Chairmen and Councilors have achieved well enough within this difficult and challenging time.

‘APC is the only party today that has given youths the opportunity to serve at the highest level and APC is the only party that could guarantee youths inclusiveness in governance. Today, Kogi State is an example. APC is the only party that will give women the opportunity to participate in governance, Kogi State is an example.

‘APC is the only party that will give people with disabilities the opportunity to serve in governance, Kogi State is an example. APC is the only party that will tell our leaders and elders to take a rest while the younger ones will go and do the tedious job along with the guidance of our elders, Kogi State is an example.’

Giving the state Caretaker Committee Chairmen their matching orders, the Kogi governor warned: ‘Nobody should intimidate anyone. Allow other political parties who want to join us to come and join the APC. You can see the gale of decamping from the other political parties, it means APC is the to go. We are going to ensure that everybody is carried along irrespective of your background, class, religious or creed difference. You don’t have to be afraid or scaled of who is coming as Committee to state to conduct registration.

‘If you are a politician that price yourself high, you should belong to the grassroots. Politics is local. You should have followership at the grassroots. What we are starting with now is the basis – let people come into APC. People make the party. The party doesn’t make people.

‘You can not claim to be strong or be in power or in authority today if your membership or base is not big and robust enough. So as chairmen of our party, you will only be proud of your chairmanship if you are able to mobilise and have enough numbers from your states – that is your strength as a chairman.

‘As a leader, the number of people you are able to convince to join our political party either from a different political party or even those who do not have interest in politics before much were you able to make them to join APC, that’s your strength. Don’t bother about what happened thereafter.’

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