Joel Osteen 19th March 2021 Today Inspirational Message

He wrote;

There’s a lot of noise these days, a lot of drama, things we can get pulled into: worry, offense, doubt, jealousy. That may be around us, but it doesn’t have to get in us. Pay attention to what you’re allowing in your spirit. Just because there’s strife, division, that doesn’t mean it has to get in you. Stay on the high road. Don’t take that bait.

Maybe at work, you could be frustrated: there’s politics, people aren’t treating your right. It’s easy to let that sour your day, so you come home negative. No, clear out that clutter. Your time is too valuable to live it offended, upset. Life is flying by. We can never get this day back. Live it in peace; live it in faith.

It’s your time to be free. It’s your time to break bondages. It’s your time to step into new levels. I believe everything that’s holding you back is being broken right now. God is releasing healing, favor, opportunities, breakthroughs, promotion, freedom. This is a new day; God is doing a new thing. He’s about to exceed your expectations. He’s about to do things that you’ve never imagined.

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