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In the previous episode, after Jalal sent Salim out of the palace, the story took years leap, Salim is all grown up but refuses to return to Agra. In this episode Salim returns to Agra and his hatred for his parents keeps growing. Thanks to Ruks, Salim is now an addict. I added a few pictures for you guys.

We begin with Voice over saying, Hamida was successful, Salim agreed to return to Agra, he was going to Agra, his hometown, he took two days to reach there.

Jodha Akbar Teasers June 2021 Zee world

Jodha Akbar Teasers June 2021 Zee world

In palace, Jalal gets the message that Salim has agreed to return, he is returning with Hamida, Jalal says its great news, decorate whole Agra like bride. Dasies says that we have to work hard now otherwise Ruks wont spare us.

Ruks tells herself that I don’t know how you stayed away from me SAlim, I was waiting for you too, but now the wait is over, he is returning, she eats paan and smirks, she says now I have to see what I made Salim habituated in childhood (addicted to opium), is he still addicted to it or not.

In harem, princesses says that when Jodha can marry Mughal king Jalal then why cant I marry Salim. all princesses are getting ready to impress Salim as he is going to be next king, one princess says Salim must be very handsome.

Preparations for his welcome is in full swing. Salima is handling the kitchen and ask Dasies to work fast.

Jodha tells Jalal that I am dying to see Salim but, I am in tension, Jalal says first you were worried that he is not coming back and now when he is coming, you are still worried, Jodha tells Jalal that I am very worried about Salim. in childhood when Salim got away from me for 5 days, he didn’t talk to me for a month for that and now Salim is returning after 7 years, will he talk to me? will he call me mother? will he be angry with me? Jalal says he cant be angry with you, Jodha smiles, Jalal says I die to see your smile, Jodha says I have to go to prepare for Salim’s return, Jalal says now you will love Salim more than me? Jodha smiles and says I promised you that I will keep your heart safe and the one returning is also part of your heart, Jalal smiles, she leaves.

All family members are waiting at the gate to receive Salim, Salim enters the palace. 

Ruks smiles seeing him, Salim looks at palace, he recalls how he left this palace 7 years back, he then see Jodha and Jalal then Ruks, he gets down from his horse, Jodha imagines her kid Salim who runs to her and hugs saying I came back ammijaan, she kisses his cheek, Jodha gets out of her dream and look at young Salim, Hamida ask Salim to meet his mother, Salim looks at Jodha then at Ruks, he approaches them and goes to Jodha, he slightly smiles at her, Ruks is confused, Salim touches Jodha’s feet.

Jodha gets emotional and does his aarti, Jodha says I cant tell you how happy I am that you first came to me.

Salim says I didn’t came to mother but to Marium Zamani, you have highest position in saltanat so as heir I had to come to you first as formality, he looks at Ruks and says ammijaan, he goes to her, Jodha is hurt.

Ruks kisses his forehead and says my child, how are you, I cant tell you how happy I am to see you back, Salim starts to leaves.

Jalal says stop shaikhu baba, Jalal says I want to see what you had learn in all these years, I want to see if all what I have heard about you is true or not, Jalal gives sword to Salim, Jodha says what are you doing, he just returned, Jalal says nobody will come in between us today now, not even you, Jalal takes out his sword and ask Salim are you ready, Salim nods

Salim and jalal start the sword fighting, Salim falls on ground by Jalal’s attack but he gets up and fights with Jalal, Jalal is overpowering Salim, Salim angrily looks at Jalal, he dodge his attacks and defend himself, he then overpower jalal and injures his hand, Jalal”s hand bleeds, Salim says I wanted to attack your chest but forgive me, I forgot that you have heart there. Jalal smiles and says very nice, now you talked like a son of king Jalal, today by injuring me you proves that nobody can hit you in war, I am happy to see your new avatar. 

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At night, Salim is standing on terrace, other princes come there, they greets Salim, Salim looks at them and says there used to be 4 kids with me, now there is 3, where is fourth one, one prince ask tell me who is not here? Salim says I maybe away from palace but I know everything about here, I heard that Murad is aggressive person, still he kills innocent pigeons, 1 prince says I promise I never killed pigeon after you left, Murad ask Daniyal to tell Salim, Daniyal says he is right, Salim says I would accept this only if Haidar agree to this too, Murad says Qutub tell Salim that I didn’t kill pigeon, Salim says so Haidar is missing from here, you are Murad, Qutub and Daniyal, they smile, he hugs them.

Salim come in his room, he start getting anxious, he feels dizzy, and throws things here and there, he breaths high, and takes out his dose of opium, he intake opium and falls on bed, Salim says everything changed but only this addiction of opium didn’t change.

Jodha comes to Shaugnai bai, she tells Jodha that he came back, Jodha says yes my son returned, Shaguni says not your son but king has come and now his love story will start, Jodha says he just came, and you are talking about love, Shaguni says soon he is going to meet his love, Jodha says you are right, all princess want to marry him.

In a different scene, Salim comes in market, people chant for him.

Jodha asks Shaguni what kind of princess will Salim get? Shaguni says you are thinking that he will love a princess? she laughs and says you will understand soon, she says your Salim will have unique love story which will start from hatred, like you used to hate Jalal, Salim has come and now she is going to come too.

A grown up Anarkalis entry is shown, Salim passes by her and she says that i don’t want to see Salim’s face, i just hate him, because of him my life changed, so much happened, her friend calls her Nadira, she says don’t call my Nadira as i hate it because Salim called me with this name, call me Anarkali, her face is shown.

She says lets go from here.

Shaguni tells Jodha that thousand of girls will wait for Salim’s glance but he will not see them, his eyes will stop at her only.

Jodha comes to Jalal, Jalal ask work?jodha says cant I meet you without work, Jalal in bath tub, he ask her to come closer, Jodha applies haldi on him, Jalal says you must be happy that your son has come but why you here leaving him? Jodha says you always bicker that I give attention to Salim but when I am with you, you are asking me to go, Jodha ask Jalal why didn’t you apply medicine on your hand, Jalal says I don’t want to fill this wound, this wound make me remember that my son has become warrior, he injured me and showed his skill and didn’t you see that he is not angry with you, he came to you first, to his mother, Jodha says not mother but marium Zamani. Jalal calls dasi and orders to call everyone in court, Jodha says what are you upto now, don’t scold Salim now, don’t punish him, he was just giving me respect, Jalal says don’t worry, I wont say anything, I will tell Salim only that for which I have called him.

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Salim recalls how Jalal punished him in childhood, he tells Qutub that I am suffocating here, this place just make my wounds pain again, Qutub ask him to move on, Salim say I cant forget how I stood under sun in this palace, how mariuma Zamani never stopped me when I was going, Qutub says its not like that, you were not here but I have seen Jalal and Jodha waiting for you for 7 years, they used to keep looking at doors to see you return, Farhan says Qutub is right heir, Salim says I am not heir, I tried to forget but I cant forget that my parents sent me away from them, I cant forget how Jalal sent me in war, I don’t want to live here, I want to go to war again, I found peace in war field than here, I came here on Hamida’s insistence but I will leave from here soon, I am just a common soldier. dasi calls Salim in court.

Salim comes in court, all greets him, then Jalal comes in court, all greet him. Jalal says that Humuyun (his father) started a tradition, he divided states for his sons so today I will divide states to my sons. Jalal calls Murad first and gives him states (state in Government means a country), then he gifts states to Daniyal then to daughters aram bano, shankun nissa, all kids have different mothers but have one father that Is Jalal.

Jalal calls Salim then, he comes, Jalal says its time that Salim take his responsibility, I want him to sit in special court and take position of bairam Khan, a turban and sword is brought there to officially make Salim part of court, Jalal is about to make him wear turban but Salim stops him, all are shocked. Salim tells Jalal that I am sorry but I am not ready for this responsibility, all are stunned, Jalal looks at Jodha.

Salim tells Jalal that I am not ready for this responsibility, all are stunned, Jalal says I want to talk to heir in person, you all leave, all leaves.

Salim tells Jalal that I didn’t mean to insult you but I am not ready, Jalal ask why? Salim says why? if you wanted me to be king then why did you send me away? if you love me then why did you send me in war field? why? Jalal calls soldiers and ask them to arrest Salim, Salim says don’t come near me, Jalal shouts on soldiers to arrest him, Salim take out his sword to fight with them, Soon Salim overpower them and start beating them, he beats all the soldiers, Jalal looks on, Salim wins over them, Jalal comes to Salim and says that my soldiers got defeated in front of you but not your strength, I think now you know why I sent you in war field, I wanted to make you a warrior and see now you are great soldier, you now alone can fight whole army, but along with soldier I want to make you great king too, that’s why I called you in court so that you learn things here, I have hopes for you my chlld, I hope that you understand that, Salim says in childhood you decided what I should learn but now I will decide what I will learn and if you think I am insulting you then you can punish me again and send me in field again but truth is that I am not ready to be heir, he leaves.

Salim comes out, Jodha tries to talk to him but he leaves, Jodha tells moti that I am feeling tensed, maybe Jalal and Salim fought, Moti says they think differently. Jalal think like king and Salim think from heart, Jodha says I wont let my family break, I wont let them fight.

Salim is going, a princess start following him, Salim comes in room and looks at his sword, he takes of his dress and he is shirtless, he takes sword and starts practicing it, all princesses are watching him stealthily, one princess says that don’t know who is going to be his princess.

Anrakli’s friend tells her that because of you we couldn’t see Salim, Abnarkali ask what so special in him? she says that he is handsome, eligible bachelor and next king, Anarkali says he doesn’t have heart, I just hate him, friend says that there is fine line between hate and love, and you don’t cross it, she says we are near Amer and I have heard that princesses here are waiting for him but you just hate him who is dream of every girl. Anrakali says he is dream for me too,”read daily updates at” a name because of whom I had to change my name too, today all hate me in Agra because they think that because of me Salim had to leave Agra, I couldn’t even complete my education because of him that’s why I hate him, she recalls his antics in childhood , how he had pushed her in pool, then how she left Agra because of him, flashback ends, she says to her friend that girls maybe dying to marry him but I am sure that who will marry him will live a sad life forever, she will get everything except two words of love, Salim is going to be cruel, heartless king, I cant only say one word for him that is hatred not love. other side Salim is practicing with full energy.

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Jodha comes to jalal and ask what did you say to Salim now? Jalal says ask him why did he deny me? Jodha says his thoughts cant be like you and why you want to make him your robot, who should follow your orders blindly, you want him to follow his path, Jalal says I don’t want him to be weak, Jodha says thinking from heart is not weakness, give him time, Jalal says I have given him 7 years how much time he need now? time doesn’t stop for anyone, time will move and Salim will be left behind, I don’t want Salim to be left behind, you know I took responsibility at very young age, I got to learn many things, I want Salim to learn same, I want Salim to control time, I am only worried about my child now, king is like father to nation, I am worried about kids too, I want to give them a great king so that they respect Salim, for that Salim have to listen to me, I have only that wish, I don’t want anyone to come in between that wish, I wont tolerate that. Jodha is stunned.

Haidar looks at pigeon, he takes it out from cage and separate the pigeon couple, his paternal uncle ask what you are doing? Haidar says that Salim insulted Jalal in front of all, this means some fire is between them and will ignite this fire as enemies of Jalal are my friend so I will support Salim to make him away from Jalal, very far from Jalal.

Todar reads letter from Bharmal to Jalal that Maan singh will be announced as son of Amer, Jalal and Jodha smile, he invites Jalal with his family and Maan to come in amer, Jalal says to Maan that I have already given you title and you deserve this title too so I am ready to go but I don’t know if Salim will be ready to go to amer or not? Jodha says I will make him agree to accompany us.

Jodha is going, Salima ask where are you going, she says Maan is going to be announced as king of Amer so I am going to Salim to ask him to come to Amer. Salim says goo.

Salim is about to take opium, Jodha comes there, she says what happened in court was wrong, if you find something wrong then share with me, I am your mother, Salim says I don’t like Jalal’s order, he is stubborn and want all to follow his orders, he want to make me his robot, Jodha says so Jalal accepted what you want, he didn’t force you, I have to tell you that Maan is announced as king of Amer, we all are going there, Salim is getting glittery because of not taking opium, he says to Jodha that I have no mood to go there, you all go, Jodha says Maan is your brother, he is your guider, if you don’t come then he will feel bad, please understand, don’t be angry, maan have always cared for you, he is minister of Mughals, if you will not be there then he will feel bad.

Salim says I told you that I am not going there, cant you hear Marium Zamani, leave me alone like you did 7 years back. Episode Ends. keep visiting for fastest updates.

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