Jodha akbar on zee world, Wednesday 28th July 2021 update

We begin the episode with Ruks coughing, jalal and jodha comes there, jalal asks what happened.? Ruks says I am feeling restless, I am feeling dizzy, jalal takes her in his arms and says nothing will happen to you.

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Jodha says I told you to not take hookah this happened because of it, ruks ask jalal do you love me? jalal says I love you, I love you.

jodha feels jealous.

jalal takes her to bed and says I am with you, jodha is with you don’t worry, ruks says I feel happy that jodha is with me, she takes care of me, she says I have headache will you prepare remedy for me, jodha agrees and start making remedy.

Ruks says jalal take me in your arms, she tightly holds jalal and hugs him while jalal makes her comfortable, jodha sees it and feels jealous, ruks thinks whenever jalal will come close to jodha I will come in between.

The snake under glass Shehnaz comes to Adham’s room to find some proofs, she is tensed and says I have to take risk, she is searching when adham comes and hugs her from behind, she says who are you, he says for whom you came here, she says I came for my doll, adham says I will bring many dolls for you.

Shehnaz pushes him and comes out of room. adham asks shehnaz to spend some time with him, he holds her dupatta and says I want it, she laughs and says you need dupatta then take it, she gives it to him and says I didn’t know you wear dupatta, adham gets angry and grabs her saying you are making fun of me, shehnaz slaps him hard for touching her, jodha sees it from the other side.

Shehnaz starts laughing and say did you enjoy, jodha comes there, shehnaz says he snatched my dupatta, jodha ask adham why he did that, he says she came to my room not me went to her, jodha says that doesn’t mean you will snatch her dupatta, she gives dupatta to shehnaz, adham says she is mad girl who roam in others rooms, her freedom should be Snatched.

Jodha says things are changing in this palace and if you want things to not go further, remember my warning to not do this again, she scolds shehnaz to not roam around, they leaves from there.

All prisoners who were freed comes in palace to get official freedom, Zakira sees Rahim playing in lawn, she snatches knife from soldier and runs towards Rahim, she attacks Rahim, Rahim becomes unconscious, Jodha and Salima comes there and finds blood on Rahim’s face, jalal comes there too. jalal is stunned, jalal shouts on zakira that I freed you and you did this, he orders to put her behind bars, I will decide your punishment later, zakira says my intention was not wrong, jalal takes out his sword, Rahim gains consciousness, jalal sees snake in prickly plant, zakira informs jalal that I was waiting for you when I saw Rahim moving towards this snake, I was with snakes my whole life so I knew that this snake is very dangerous and time was less to save Rahim so I took soldier’s sword and attacked the snake not Rahim, jalal says oh I didn’t see it earlier, he ask soldiers to leave her.

In court, jalal thanks zakira, he says you made the right decision and saved Rahim, zakira says you freed me, I did such a big mistake even then you forgave me, I took many lives when I was with Benezir but today I came to know its such a beautiful thing to save a life, I can even give my life for you.

Jalal asks what you need as a reward, zakira says I don’t need anything but if you want to give me then make me a servant in the palace.

Atgah says says she was with Benazir for long time tried to take your life, we cant trust her.

Jodha gets up and says I support atgah, she was with Benazir and maybe she did all this to get our trust then she can come close and will do what Benazir couldn’t do, if she can snatch knife from soldier to kill snake then she can kill anybody else, she tried to attack jalal, how can I trust you, zakira says you gave me another life, if you don’t trust me then you can even behead me, jodha says if that’s the case then kill yourself, bandhi ( Guard) brings knife, jodha ask her to kill herself, zakira says I will be happy to give my life for you, she is about to stab herself but jodha stops her and says I was just checking your loyalty you don’t need to kill yourself, she ask jalal to make her work in palace, salima says jodha is right, she saved Rahim’s life, so we should take her as bandhi, jalal agrees, jodha says I want to take her under my control.

Jalal says you are very intelligent, 1st you checked her loyalty and when she was proved loyal you are taking her, jodha is stunned to see his taunt even in court, jalal says you want to take all loyal people under you, he then realizes that he is in court and says okay she will work for jodha now, court meeting ends.
jalal is about to leave but turns and smiles at jodha and she also smiles broadly.

Ruks is in her room, she sees jalal coming to harem, she says now jalal will only come to her room.

she then sees jalal going to jodha’s room, she says WHAT, he should be with me instead.

In a different scene, Zakira thanks jodha for taking her under her support, jodha says sorry I had to test you just to be sure, jodha says now I will ask ruks to take back hoshiyar, hoshiyar has worked for her many years, he knows her likes and dislikes, she will be happy to have him back.

Jalal comes and asks whose happiness? zakira and moti leaves, jodha says you here, jalal says do I need any reason to come to you, cant I come with a reason that I want to come to you,i want to spend time with you, now should I be afraid of you as zakira is with you who was once with Benazir, now you can trap me, jodha says if that’s the case then you should be, they laughs.

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Jalal is holds his neck, jodha ask what happened?
jalal says I feel pain in my neck, jodha brings cream and massages his neck, he says this cream is amazing, jodha says I learnt this cream from my amer doctor, jalal says I don’t know if the magic is in your hands or in this cream.

Jodha says its not in the cream neither in my hands but magic is in your thoughts, it is said that when you enjoy someone’s company, your pain goes away. jalal says I want to ask you something serious, I am very busy with political matters as maham is not there and also ruks is not putting her inputs in politics so will you help me in political matters, jodha says how can I, I am taking care of ruks as she is going to givi birth to your child.

Jalal says you take care of everyone but doesn’t think about yourself, this is also your habit, jodha smiles. jalal and jodha comes close to kiss.

But a servant comes and say ruks is calling jodha, jalal says again, jodha says yes again.

Maham comes to her secret place, she ask soldier did she eat, soldier says no, maham sits and asks her secret person to eat, Maham says I got the map but cant understand it, only you can tell me about it, she ask her to see and says I know you love your kids, she beats her and says if you want your children to be safe then tell me about the map, I am attached with this map, my destination is hidden in this map and only you can solve this map, she says you have to answer my questions if you want your kids to be safe, eat this food I will come back soon to get my answers, maham leaves, secret women eats the food but her face is not seen.

Ruks comes to bath, jodha is with her, jodha checks beauty cream and ask dasi to apply these creams on ruks, ruks takes bath and says to jodha can you call jalal here, I know its weird but I want jalal to be here as he is the father of my child, jodha nods and ask dasi to call Jalal.

Jalal comes there, jalal asks jodha that you called, I was coming to you only.

ruks says I called you not jodha, she just sent my message, jalal ask are you fine, ruks says when jodha is serving me then I must be fine, ruks ask jodha about beauty cream, jodha says its getting ready, ruks ask jalal to sit near her, jodha looks on, ruks says my neck is aching, jalal says let me see, he checks her neck and says I know one remedy and and it’s jodha’s remedy, jodha makes faces.

Jalal looks at her, ruks ask jodha to make it, jodha says this remedy is cold in nature, she says her remedy, jalal says yes yes I also know this remedy, ruks ask jalal to rub her neck, jodha feels jealous, ruks says pain is Lessing, you have magic in your hands, jalal says magic is not in my hands but in your thoughts and you need my support only, jodha recalls how she said these words to jalal. she smiles.

In a different scene, Jodha and Moti are in the garden, jodha ask where is Rahim, moti says salima has restricted him to be in his room only, jodha says he is a kid only so he will do naughty things, moti says yes but she is his mother.

Jalal comes there, jodha says I came to collect flowers to make the remedy, you must know it because you said in front of ruks that you know about remedies, jalal says yes but I don’t know remedy of one aliment, jodha ask what, jalal says heart aliment, jodha says you now got heart and even got love aliment, jalal says you make me realize that I have heart and you only gave me heart aliment.

Jodha says I thought you got this aliment in battle field, jalal says you made me realize that everything is not achieved in field, you made me human from warrior, you made me realize that I have heart, when you have given me heart then you have to treat me.
Jalal puts his hand around her waist.

jodha says what are you doing, there are soldiers here, jalal says you are right, we should not talk about this in open, lets go inside, jodha says I have to collect flowers for ruks medicine, jalal says you also have to treat my aliment so come, he takes her inside.

Jalal says after that night you are not even looking at me, you don’t get time for me, I know you are busy with ruks but try to get time for me.

Jodha says I tried, jalal says if you try then everything is possible, he says I just want to spend some quality time with you, he looks at jodha and comes closer to kiss her, jodha gets shy and closes her eyes.

Jalal smiles and stops, he says I want to gift you something that will give you happiness, he brings gift and its gold coin with kahna graved on it, Jodha gets happy and says its beautiful, jalal loves her smile and hugs her.

jodha tells jalal that I wanna give you one gift, jalal ask what, jodha says for that you need to close your eyes, jalal closes his eyes and ask should I open it?

Jodha is shy and says no, jodha comes closer to him to kiss him. jodha kisses him on his cheek, jalal gets stunned.

Jodha runs from there, she turns and says I gave you your gift now I am going to ruks, jalal is happy and ask jodha to stop but she doesn’t. (guys at this point in time i think i have to find my own love ooo 😂) 
Bakshi comes to meet ruks, ruks is happy to see her, she ask her to sit, she says bakshi you are looking beautiful, bakshi says becoming mother is not easy, ruks agrees, bakshi gifts her painting of a healthy child, she says your kid will be healthy if you look at this painting, bakshi says its beautiful to be a mother, it gives goose bumps when your child kicks you.

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Ruks says you look good when smiling, ruks ask can she touch her bump of belly, she says why not, ruks touches and says he kicked me naughty kid, jodha comes there, she says bakshi how are you, bakshi doesn’t answer her, ruks says jodha is taking care of me these days, bakshi says I will leave now, jodha says sit for some time and talk with us, I made remedy for ruks so you also take it, bakshi says no need and goes out.

Jodha goes behind her and asks why didn’t answer me, did I do something wrong, bakshi recalls sharif seeing jodha in lake and saying to bakshi I am seeing jodha she is looking beautiful, flashback ends.
bakshi tells jodha that I don’t want to talk to you, jodha ask why, we are good buddies then why are you saying this, bakshi recalls how sharif was praising jodha’s painting, she tells jodha that I told you that I don’t want to talk to you, cant you understand, she leaves, jodha is confused.

Maham is in her room with a map and tries to understand it but doesn’t, she says this map is useless.

She throws it and says I had hopes from this map but….she sees map burning because of the candle and takes it, she again checks the map and realize that with the heat everything is visible in it, she is beyond happy and says now I am very close to my destination, I have to find these places.

In a different scene, Javeda stops Rahim and ask him to not run as salima will be angry, Rahim says there is no one with whom I can play, javeda says soon there will be someone to play with you, he says who? she says maybe a girl or a boy, he ask why hasn’t he come now, javeda says child is in ruks womb now, he will be your toy, Rahim runs to jalal and says javeda is saying my toy is in ruks womb, how can this be possible, jalal says she is right, Rahim says I will ask Jodha.

Javeda tells jalal that I am also a relative of your child, nobody congrats me, Jalal congratulate her, he says Adham is lucky to have good hearted girl like you, javeda congratulates him and runs behind Rahim.

In a different scene, Hamida asks dasies to give dry fruits to ruks, salima says there is happiness everywhere, hamida says its all because of jodha’s goodness, salima says its also good that jodha and ruks are coming close but I don’t understand one thing, why ruks chose jodha for services as there are many dasies, jalal and jodha started liking each other but ruks makes jodha busy all the time, she is also a woman, hamida says jodha is a great woman, if jodha is with ruks then everything will be fine.

Salima thinks that ruks calling jodha for service, something is wrong with it, there is something wrong.

Doctor comes to meet ruks, ruks is happy that soon her tummy will be visible, then her baby will kick her, doctor says for that you have to take this syrup, it will show all the symptoms of being pregnant, ruks throws it and says I lied to jalal and he accepted it, I can lie about everything, I don’t need your syrup and never ever dare to talk loudly that I am not going to be mother otherwise I will not leave you, she ask her to leave. one dasi hears all this and is stunned.

Jalal and Jodha are sitting in garden.

Jodha asks why are you not saying anything, jalal says your eyes is not allowing me to say anything, they are asking me to keep looking at them, jodha feels shy, jalal says look at the ant, jodha gets afraid and hugs jalal and ask where is it?

Jalal tells jodha that I also want to take care of you like you take care of of ruks when you become pregnant with my child.

Jodha says whole Mughal empire will be proud, jalal says you are with me, you are golden hearted, you and salima are very intelligent, I am very lucky to have you both, salima’s intelligence and your love will be blessing on my future kids. jodha rests her head on jalal’s chest, jalal smiles.

In a different scene, The dasi/servant who heard that ruks is not pregnant tell maham and ask for a gift, maham is stunned and thinks that wow ruks, by seeing your tricks I feel like there are many devils than me, maham ask did you tell anyone else? she says no, maham says come I will give you a gift.

Maham comes to meet ruks, ruks says I am resting, maham says when you hear what I’m about to say you will forget about resting. ruks ask maham to say it quickly, maham shows some syrup, ruks ask what, maham says just see and then you will know. Maham calls a bandhi, maham says you gave me very good news bandhi so I am giving you a gift, she gives her syrup, maham asks her to drink it, she reluctantly drinks it, soon she start feeling dizzy and falls unconscious, it was poison, bandhi dies, ruks says what was this, I will call jalal here, maham says when you get to know why I did this you will not call jalal, don’t shout it will effect your child, well nobody knows that there is no child in your womb that will get effected, you told jalal a story and I am telling you the truth, trust me this truth will be between us, as you are doing great thing by making jodha away from jalal, I have same desires and enemies of one person are friends so I am extending my friendship with you.
you will not be able to fool jalal for long, I also want jodha to go away from here, jalal takes my power from politics but I am still very close to it, I will send jodha away.

Ruks says I don’t want to throw jodha out, I just want jalal back, maham says that will happen, trust me even I couldn’t think the trick you played, you played a very good trick to separate jodha from jalal. ruks says what about body of this dasi, we will be inquired, maham says don’t worry I will play such a game that nobody will ask about this dasi and jalal will be close to you.

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Back to our love birds, Jalal tells jodha that my son will call you choti ammi.

jodha says I will tell ruks that I will bath your child once he is born, jalal says this means you will not have time for me even after his birth. ( wait oo guys, who told them that Ruks fake pregnancy is a boy 🙄)

jodha says jalal… dasi comes and says shehenshah (king) somebody tried to give poison to ruks, jalal gets shocked and runs to her room.

Jalal comes to ruks and sees dasi dead on the floor, ruks hugs him and cries, she says thank god I am fine, he ask what happened, ruks says this dasi came with sweet dish which jodha prepared, this dasi was shivering and I got doubt, I asked her to eat it, she ate reluctantly and died, I was afraid that if something happened to my child then.Jalal says don’t worry I will not let it happen, hamida comes there and hugs ruks, jalal shouts that my enemies played again, he shouts on dasies that what they were doing, he says you all will be given punishment, ruks says no these bandhies are my loyal.
jalal soldiers to take her body, jalal tells ruks that you will not eat before, jodha will check everything, jodha you will be in charge of everything, you have every right to decide for Ruks 😂, ruks gets angry, jalal ask atgah to make security more tight, hamida says its good that you gave Jodha this responsibility, she is our own.

Ruks thinks I wanted attention but this jodha got credit here too.

Jalal is standing outside sadly, Jodha comes there and says this happened because of me, I should have been with her that time so this couldn’t have happened, jalal says don’t say that, when ruks asked for your services I felt bad but now I think she was right, she chose you, jodha says not to worry nothing will happen, jalal says I am becoming a father, I have duty for my children safety, I don’t care about my throne, if it gets snatched then I can get it back but my child I have to protect him.

Jodha says you are different from what you seem, you are like a child, your tears are saying that you have soft heart, jalal says you also will be the best mother, I have seen how you care for Rahim and ruks child, but my child, he cries.

Jodha hugs him and says don’t worry, I will take care of everything, nothing can happen to you child.
In court, jalal asks atgah to place rajvanshi soldiers out of agra palace, atgah says priest can argue on this, jalal shouts that this is not religious matter, its about my child, Atgah informs him that some raja who use to work for me , went and joined with your enemies, jalal says then he will have to face consequences.

Jodha comes to ruks and ask her to drink syrup, ruks thinks that I have to drink these bitter syrups for this acting, she says I cant drink it, jodha says you have to drink it for your child, ruks says okay and takes glass, ruks sees that jodha is not looking at her and throws syrup into the plant pot, jodha says after what happened yesterday night I thought that there should be trust worthy people for your service, so take hoshiyar khan back under your support.

Hoshiyar comes and sits on ruks feet, ruks shouts that I will not forgive him jodha insists, ruks says only because of you I am forgiving him, jodha says I have to leave for madir to pray for your child so can I go, ruks says why not, jodha goes.

Ruks and hoshiyar laughs, ruks says I am happy to have you back.

Jodha comes to mandir with zakira, zakira stops outside mandir and says I cant go in, jodha says whether its mandir, mosque or any religious place, one is not restricted to come in so lets go. they goes. jodha prays to lord to save jalal’s child, protect his child as jalal gets tensed for him and I cant see him tensed.

some lady leaves letter in jodha’s palanquin, jodha sees it and says its in Urdu I cant read it, she ask zakira to read to it. zakira reads the letter for jodha, letter says

“Jalal my life is in danger save me from chand begum.”

Jodha asks why this letter was in my palanquin, who is this chand begum.

Bandhi informs jalal that jodha came to meet him, jalal says call her inside as next time call her inside without my permission, jodha comes in, jalal says you here, I know you came to.. he gets closer, jodha shows him the letter and asks him to read it as its in urdru, jalal says don’t joke you know it all, jodha says what, jalal says don’t tell me that you don’t know that I cant read and write.

Jodha says you must be joking, jalal says no when I was a child situation wasn’t good so I couldn’t read, jodha tells him about cahnd begum letter, jalal says I don’t know her, jodha says I cant believe you are literate as you know everything, jalals says I never forget anything which I heard but fight with you I forget in minutes, they laughs jalal hugs her.

Phuphi in court and tells jalal that he wrote about chand begum autobiography of humayun, she was the wife of humayun. todar had sent humayun’s three begums to humayun after war, one was Chand.

Jodha says the question is where is she all these years, jala says if it was the real chand begum and sent letter to jodha then she must be in danger. ( guys let me tell you a gossip, please don’t tell Maham 😂, Chand is the woman Maham is hiding in her secret place.)

Todar tells Jalal that I brought all three begums to humayun, jalal says that means there is no clue about chand begum, either she is kidnapped or she is afraid to come infront of me, in both cases I have to find her.

Jalal says she is my mother in relation and I will find her if she is in any problem. jodha says how can we locate her, jalal says i don’t know but we have to locate her. Episode ends

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