Jodha akbar on zee world, Tuesday 21st September 2021 update

In the previous episode, Ruks continues to poison Salim’s mind against Jodha, Shaguni Bai predicts Salim’s future and Jodha ended up getting angry at her. Salim finally returns to the palace after Qadir’s recovery. In this episode, Salim turns against Jodha and embraces Ruks. Let’s find out more..

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Jodha Akbar

Jodha Akbar

Jodha comes out of her room, she ask why all this decorations in palace, Hamida comes and says that today is very special day, for you too, Qadir has recovered, Jalal has ordered to call Salim back and send Qadir to Fatima bi, Jodha says really my son is coming back? she starts crying and says Maa listened to me, Qadir got fine and my son is coming back, I will go to bring him, Jalal comes and says if you go to bring him then who will make choorma bhaati for him?
don’t worry Todar and Ruks have gone to bring him, they must be coming.

Jodha says it’s good Ruks went, I have to do many things, I have to make halwa for him, she runs to do the preparations for Salim’s welcome, all smiling, Jalal tells Hamida that I have seen smile on her face after so many days, Hamida says she is a mother, palace happiness is coming back, I will not let him go away again, Jalal says I will not get time to meet Salim as he has many mothers, you, Salima, Jodha, Ruks etc that I will not be bale to meet him, Hamida says we all loves him.

Everyone comes at the palace gate, Salim comes in palace on horse, all soldiers cheer for him, Salim looks at Jodha and thinks that Jodha was in palace but couldn’t come to bring me this means she doesn’t love me, Jodha does aarti of Salim, Salim recalls how Jodha went against him every time, how she asked Jalal to give him punishment, How Ruks kept telling him that his mother doesn’t love him so she didn’t even come to bring him to palace.

After Aarti, Jodha tells Salim that I cant tell how much I love you, she opens her arms to hug Salim, Salim runs to Hamida and hugs her, Salim meets Salima, Jodha feels it but smile nonetheless, all kids hug Salim and congrats him, Jodha says Salim lets go inside, Salim ignores her, Jalal opens his arms to hug Salim but Salim ignores him too Jalal notices his behavior.

Salim comes in room and finds Rangoli there, he recalls how he once said to Jodha that I like rangoli you make, I will keep sitting here to protect it that nobody destroy it, Jodha says if you like this then I will make this rangoli on every special occasion, flashback ends, Salim now recalls bitter words of ruks that mother can die for her child but your mother has taken side of Rashid who was conspiring to kill you, Salim angrily looks at Rangoli and smears it with his feet, Jodha comes there and ask who smeared the rangoli, she says it maybe because of heavy winds, she says look what I have brought for you, I will make you eat food today, I have made everything which is your favourite, Jalal comes there, Salim tells Jodha that I am not hungry.

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At night, Jodha recalls how Salim ignored her and Jalal, Jalal comes there and says I know you are worried about Salim, Jodha says I don’t understand anything, Jalal says maybe he is tired, Jodha says no its something else, Jalal says give him sometime, he will be fine, you also get angry with him but pacify you so you pacify him too, don’t worry, everything will be fine tomorrow, Jodha says I hope so.

Rahim comes to Salim and ask him to come for sword fighting, Salim is tensed, Rahim ask the matter, Salim says don’t you think that Jalal was unfair with me in giving me punishment? Rahim says if punishment is less than crime then its for teaching, if it is equal then justice and if more than crime then cruelty, Jalal has made you learn things, Salim says I did mistake unintentionally, Rashid was forgiven but not me? Rahim says you will understand when you will become king, don’t think about it, lets go, they go to practice.

All kids are practicing sword fighting, Jalal comes there and says I will practice with Salim, while Rahim you practice with other kids, Jalal and Salim starts sword fighting, Salim is attacking Jalal, Jalal is defending, Jalal says enough, he ask Salim to come with him, Salim and Jalal sit, Jalal ask are you angry with me? this much rudeness, Salim says you punished me, you should not have done that, Jalal says what I did was for your own good, I wanted to make you learn something and you did, when you grow up, you will understand, Salim says you didn’t do justice, I would not have given such punishment if I was a king, Jalal says then what punishment you would have given? Salim says I will tell you when I become king, now I want to practice. he leaves.

Jalal is in his room, Jodha comes there and says that this is wrong, Salim has returned just now and you sent him for practice, Jalal says he is next king, Jodha says then I have to wait for him to shower my love, Jalal says you don’t have to wait, you can love till Salim come, Jodha says no whose love it is will be given to him only, Jalal says you are right, Jodha ask why you seem tensed, Jalal says Salim is angry with me, that I gave punishment to him, Jodha says he has taken that decision with his heart.

Hamida comes there and says I want to do royal fiest on salim’s return, Jalal and jodha are happy that salim might pacify this way.

Moti ask Salim to get ready for the feast but Salim says that I don’t want to go, Moti says Jodha have made a special dress for you, Salim says I will not wear it, Jodha comes and ask why is he not not coming in feast? your grandmother has prepared for this feast for only you, Salim says I don’t want to come,”read daily updates at” Jodha says Jalal will be angry, Salim says Jalal only knows how to become angry, I wont come, Ruks comes there and says I will see how Salim will not come in feast, Salim says I don’t want to go, Ruks says ok I will also not go, I will sit with you here and will not eat food too but you know there will be many kids in feast and also very delicious food, but its ok will eat pulse, Salim says no I don’t want to eat pulse, we will go in feast but I will wear dress which you have brought for me, ruks says I didn’t know that Jodha has brought dress for you too, I wouldn’t have brought it then, you wear dress which Jodha has brought for you.

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Salim says no I will wear only dress brought by you, Jodha says its ok, at least he got ready to come in feast, you make him dress, Jodha leaves from there, Ruks thinks that Salim is going away from jodha and coming near me.

In Jashn(celebration), Jalal says to all that there will be another jashn day after tomorrow, on that day, there will be official announcement of Salim being the heir of the throne, Stamp paper will be made, Jalal makes Salim sit beside him, he ask Salim what he want to eat, Salim sees many dishes and says I am not hungry, Murad ask Jalal can I take Salim with me, we have many things to talk about, jalal allows him.

Murad brings Salim to all kids, Salim ask Daniyal why he is not eating anything? Daniyal says that there are so many dishes I am confused what to eat, Murad says you close your eyes and I will make you eat your favorite dish, Daniyal closes his eyes and Murad makes him eat green chilly, Daniyal drinks water.

Rahim is looking at some girl, Salima comes there and catches him red handed, she ask what are you doing? Salima says this is sin to look in harem, Rahim says I was just looking who these new girls are, Salima says they have come from mewaat, they have come to attend this jashn, Rahim leaves from there.

Jalal ask Tansen to start the jashn, Ruks says I want to listen raag malhari (some tune), Jodha says please play raag kafi (other tune), and sing some lines for Krishna bhagwan, Maan ask Tansen to follow orders f Marium zamani, ruks gets angry, Ruks who is sitting at one side of jalal, gets up and leaves from there, Tansen starts singing song in praise of Krishna.

Jalal tells Salima that I am happy that Salim has comeback in palace, Salima says its joyous days and this jashn has made it more joyful, Jalal ask Maan to come to him, he comes, Jalal ask Maan to sit beside him, Maan says ruks sit here, how can I sit here, Jalal says don’t forget that you are nephew of my other royal queen, you are like my son, Maan sit beside Jalal, Jalal makes him eat with his own hands, Ruks comes there and see this, she thinks that now the nephew of Jodha is even more close to Jalal than me, but soon I will use Salim and will get back my position.

In a different scene, Jalal tells Jodha that why not play chess after Jashn, Jodha says why not, Jalal calls Salim, Salim sits between Jodha and Jalal, Jodha ask him to eat something, Salim says I don’t want eat anything, I am tired, I am going to Sleep, Jodha says ok I will tell you a story, Salim says I don’t want it, I just want to sleep, he leaves, Jodha says he is still angry with us, Salima says he must be tired, he will be set in some days, I will go and make him sleep, Jodha says make him drink milk too.

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Resham tells Ruks that you should be feeling bad that Maan and jodha are very much close to Jalal than you, he called Maan son, one wife (Salima) have Rahim and jodha have Salim, jodha is given priority in everything, your position has been overtaken by Jodha, Ruks says Salim was of Jodha but now he is not of her now.

Salima tells Murad that I will go and make Salim sleep, Murad says all care for Salim not about me, Jodha says its not like that, I love you a lot, Murad says true? jodha says yes, Jalal says Salim is very lucky to have mothers like Salima, Jodha, Ruks, Jodha ask are you jealous of Salim, Jalal says I cant win an argument with you.

Salim is sleeping in room, ruks comes there and ask him to wake up, she says its me, salim wakes up, ruks says what happened you didn’t eat food today, she looks at milk glass and ask salim to drink, Salima is going, hamida ask where are you going? Salima says i am going to see salim, you take rest. Salima leaves to check Salim. Ruks mixes opium in milk and smirks. She thinks its time to make opium double for salim. She brings milk to salim and makes him drink it, salima comes there and ask what are you doing ruks, she sees salim dizzy and ask him to talk but he doses off, salima ask ruks what did you mix in milk?

Ruks says i just came to see salim, this milk glass was already there when i came here, i just asked salim to drink it, salima says it was me who placed milk here, but it had kesar only, ruks says so it was you? Salima says you mixed something in it and alleging me, ruks says i think you have mixed in it, salima says i will check milk and will know what you mixed in it, ruks says you mixed something not me, salima says give milk glass to me, ruks says you are crossing limit, salima says if you didn’t mix something then give glass to me, salima tries to snatch glass from her and milk falls on floor, she finds color of milk brown and ask ruks what did she mix in it, salima says this matter will not end here ruks, i will go to jalal and now he will decide about this matter. She leaves. Ruks is tensed. Episode endsRuks is going too far with this, no matter how hard she try she can never get Jodha’s position, I’m fed up with Ruks behavior guys.

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