Jodha akbar on zee world, Thursday 4th August 2021 update

We continue this episode from where we ended our previous update. Jodha says anybody can put poison in food too, Ruks says you are doubting hamida, salima says no, jodha has a point, hamida supports jodha and says she is right, there are many attacks on jalal so we should check food, Ruks says jalal you also agree with Jodha, jalal says don’t exaggerate it, jodha just care for me, hamida says I will call servant to taste food, jodha says no I will check it.

Jodha Akbar

Jodha Akbar

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Jodha eats the food, hamida says I will check Mughal dishes(non veg), she checks it and says jodha you made the right decision, infront of jalal’s security, my food is nothing, jalal you can eat.

Jalal eats and says food is amazing and sugary too while looking at jodha, jodha blushes.

Zakira is in jail, todar comes there and says tell me why you tried to kill jalal? there is nothing you will gain in killing then why did you tried kill him, zakira says why would I kill him, he freed me, gave me respect then why would I try to do that, I proved my loyalty to him. Todar says why you said jalal’s life is in danger? zakira says because I am prisoned and the one who tried to kill jalal is free, he says what about shehnaz, do think she can do that, zakira says she cant, todar says her hand was burnt, she says it is water but water can’t burn hands like that. I think that you are being framed falsely, I promise I will free you till then you have to be here, he leaves.

Jalal is sitting with jodha, there are diays in pool, jalal says this makes me recall amer, the ganghuer one year back, that time I wasn’t able to show you face, jodha says you blamed me too so I was angry and went to amer, jalal says don’t recall bitter memories. Jodha says I don’t like this thing about you, you show love and 2nd minute you make me angry, jalal says and in 3rd minute I get close to you, jodha says you will burn so stay away, jalal says if I get burnt coming close to you then I will.

Jodha pushes his hand and says why don’t you understand that you are precious, you have to take care of yourself, jalal says I want to tell you that you are important to me, you were affected by the poison incident earlier then why did you taste the food today.

Jodha says you didn’t hear hamida she said that your life is very precious, you are a king many people live with your life, jalal kisses her forehead and says when you are with me then nothing can happen to me.

Jalal lies his head on her lap, jodha says jalal here…..jalal says I don’t care about anything, when I am with you, jodha says okay you take rest, she massages his head.

It’s morning, adham comes to maham, he says shehnaz is jalal’s sister so if anything happens to jalal then she will be the heir so we should kill her, if she want her mother only then she would have gone after taking her but she want the throne so we should finish her, maham says stay away from this matter, after much difficulty I got the chance to play, you don’t try to harm shehnaaz, adham says okay if you don’t want me to say anything then I wont, he leaves, maham is frustrated.

In a different scene, Rahim is sitting on tree, salima ask him to come down, and throw mud away.

Rahim says it is part of earth, salima says its not good to play with mud, he says but carpenters play with it daily and you praise them too, salima says yes they makes wall but you cant. come down.

Jalal comes there, salima says what do i tell you, Rahim is very naughty, look he is sitting on the tree and has mud in his hand, he know that I cant go there and will not ask any bandhi to touch him, jalal tells Rahim to not give any problem to Salima, Rahim says kids have the right to give problems to mom, jalal says he is very clever.

Jodha comes there and asks salima what happened, salima says I know you are about to brust in laughter so laugh, jodha laughs, salima says when you become a mother then you will know how it is to handle kids, jodha is shy, jodha comes infront and tells Rahim that I saw one rat died on this tree where you are sitting, Rahim what, eewwww, he comes down fast and says salima you didn’t tell me, jodha says look your cloths are smelling too so there was a rat, salima says tells jalal that I am going to wash Rahim’s hands, she goes with Rahim.

Jalal tells jodha that you are very good with kids, jodha says nothing like that, jalal says after seeing today I think that you are ready to be a mother, I mean you can handle kids very well, so what do you say, jodha says jalal you are also naughty like Rahim, jalal smiles and goes from there, jodha blushes. (These 2 love birds needs a tree 😂)

Shehnaz comes to jodha and makes angry face, jodha ask where were you, come here, shehnaz says you have no time for me and you are making garland without me, jodha asks her to not get angry, where were you?

Shehnaz says I was with jalal’s friend, who is always in court, that one with beard and fair complexion, he called me to his room but he is not a good man so I ran from there, jodha thinks that it is todar but why he called shehnaz maybe he had some work.

Maham brings adham to her secret place, he says this place is very strange, maham shows him chand begum and says look here is our throne, adham is shocked to see chand, maham says I did all this for you, so that you can get the throne, adham says what for me? being a women you did this to a women, if Jalal gets to know this, then you will be in danger.

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Maham says I know jalal has distanced me but I am chief minister, people fear me not because I kill them, beat them but I control their minds, I have that power still now, chand begum knows the way to the hidden treasure, she will tell us in sometime then we will show chand’s condition to shehnaz, she will think that jalal did that and will kill him then throne will be yours. (guys i like this Maham plan, NO wait i have support Jalal right 😂 i want to be a Villain small)

In a different scene, Shehnaz sees todar and starts acting weird, she starts going somewhere, todar follows her, shehnaz smirks, she comes to a room, todar also goes, jodha sees him going before shehnaz, she goes there too todar comes in same room, shehnaz turns and tells him that you want to play hide and seek with me, lets play, todar says no I don’t, I am going, she stops him and says no play with me, he says I don’t want to, she holds his hands and tries to blindfold him with her saree, todar hold her saree and says I don’t want to play, I want to talk about something else.

Jodha comes there and sees todar holding Shehnaz saree, she aks todar if you have any work with shehnaz, he says no and goes from there, jodha looks on.

This part guys is not part of the series is just a dialog, i don’t know if zee world will show it or skip it.
“Jodha is reciting some beautiful lines for women and on women power. jodha says today is a special day as women have colors and fights both, our battle field is our house and our society, even small fights teaches you lesson, we are with you in fight, she hits an arrow on target and says why women are at target always, we will not accept the disrespect of women ever again.”

Episode continues with Jalal, Atgah, Todar conversation. jalal says send letter to maan and mirza that I am happy with their dedication and work, atgah says someone attacked you and investigation is on. jalal says I know but I will sit in cabin to save myself, I have to take decision about governments, jalal asks todar something but todar is lost, jalal ask is everything fine, todar sees jodha and shehnaz coming.

Jalal looks at Jodha and smiles, all greets jodha, todar and atgah leaves, shehnaz leaves too, jalal ask jodha to sit with him in garden.

On the other side todar follows shehnaz.

Jalal says whenever I go with you somewhere, something good happens, jodha ask what do you mean? jalal says look todar, I didn’t find such loyal and nice person before but when I went with you I get to know him, when he came here the government is going on well, he takes care of my security too, he is a diamond.

Jodha says you are right, can I say something, jalal says yes, she says my father thought me about politics and war but the best thing is that fruit will be good if seed is good, water will be good if ground is good and if a king is good then nation will also be good with him.

Jalal says you praise very well, thanks for praising me, thank God you are not a poet else all poets would have gone home. (😂 Jalal won’t kill me.)

In a different scene, shehnaz thinks that I have to go in jalal’s room to find the way to my mother and also I can get treasure map, shehnaz goes towards jalal’s room, todar follows her.

She comes to Jalal’s room but soldiers stops her, she thinks how to go in. she sneakingly goes in, todar sees it, shehnaz goes in jalal’s room from window, todar follows her in, one dasi sees him going and thinks why he is going like this in jalal’s room.

Jalal and jodha are playing chess, jalal says you play well but why don’t you play with real people as knights, jodha says I never played it so I get confused. jodha says I am feeling sleepy, I am going, jalal starts coughing, jodha says look I told you that you will feel cold.

Jalal says what do i don’t have bandhi/servant too at this time, if you say yes then I will stay here, jodha says what if I say no, jalal then I will forcefully stay here, he keeps coming closer to her, jodha says I will go in court and will complain to the king about you, jalal says you will complain about me to me, what will you say, jodha says I will say that jalal came in my room and…..jalal says what? jodha blushes, jodha says this is stubbornness, jalal says then tell me how to love, I obey you in
every thing, if you say then I will stay here else will go, jalal says I want to show love but not to force it on you, if you want then I will leave.

Jodha stops him holding his hand,….. Music plays…… as they share an eyelock. jalal comes close to her to kiss but Rahim comes and says I will sleep with you today, I want to listen to a story from you. ( 😂 😂 😂 Rahim is such a show stopper 😂 😂)

Salima comes there and says sorry jalal, Rahim lets go I will tell you a story, jodha is talking to jalal. jodha says no I will tell him a story, jalal makes faces like “WHAT THE HELL,”
Jodha tells Rahim stories, jalal points her to ask him to go, jodha says no with her eyes wide open, Rahim says why are making me afraid with your wide eyes. jodha says the devil of story, he shows his big eyes to make queen afraid, I was telling about it, jalal says now I am sleepy, Rahim go and sleep, Rahim says I have to listen to two more stories, you go and sleep, jalal makes sad face to Jodha. (poor Jalal go and sleep like that 😂)

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Shehnaz is searching jalal’s room to find the map of treasure, Todar is hiding and sees her, she comes out, Resham comes in front of her but Shehnaz goes. she then sees Todar coming and asks do you need anything, he says no Resham I was just checking, he leaves too.

Shehnaz checks one map she took from jalal’s room, she says it doesn’t look like treasure map, someone knocks on the door, she burns the map and opens the door, todar comes there, she greets him and says you came to play with me? he says what is burning here, your game is finished.

Shehnaz says I will make eye liner from it so burned this paper, he says don’t lie, I had seen you going in jalal’s room, she says no I was searching for jalal only, he says no you stole some documents tell me, shehnaz says I will not go there but don’t scold me.

Jodha tells jalal that Rahim looks cute while sleeping, she calls Moti and ask her to take Rahim to salima, she takes him and leaves, jalal says now give me sometime too, I thought that Rahim will not sleep today and we will not get time, jalal lies on her lap and says you will call me poet but your hairs are thick jungle and I get lost in it, jodha says you recite good poet I thought you are only a warrior, a warrior who doesn’t have heart and now he is reciting poetries.

Jalal says I am praising you and you are saying this, they hears someone crying and comes out to see. jodha and jalal comes to shehnaz who is crying incoherently, jalal is shocked to see her clothes being torn, jalal ask what happened shehnaz, jodha drapes shawl around her, shehnaz says he beat me, he molested me, he was assaulting me, jalal ask who was he, she says the one who is always with you, the fair color, she cries. jalal orders to bring all men in court.

All are in court, adham tells sharif what the hell why we are called at this hour, jalal comes there with shehnaz, hamida ask what happened why did you call us this late, jalal says because this never happened, someone tried to assault an innocent girl, the one who is a child by mind, someone tried to rape her that too in my palace, all are stunned.

Jalal says he is one of the the minister that’s why I called you all here, he says shehnaz tell me, don’t be afraid I am with you, I will punish him, Ruks says yes, tell us, don’t be afraid, we are with you, we will not tolerate this women assault.
jodha says yes if the culprit gets save today then he can do this again, jalal says I will give him such a punishment that he will never think of it again ever, he asks her to point the man, he ask is it adham, maham is tensed, shehnaz says no.
jalal ask then is it sharif. jalal comes to Todar but doesn’t ask about him but shehnaz stops and says he is the one, all are shocked, jalal says no shehnaz you are mistaken, Todar cant be the one. Todar say this girl is lying, maham says why will she lie, she doesn’t have any animosity against you, jalal says are you sure he is the one, she says yes, he is the one, he is very bad, he torn my clothes, he had beaten me and….she runs to jodha and says he is very bad jalal, give him punishment, jalal says atgah bring todar to my room, I want to talk to him, jalal says don’t worry , you will get justice shehnaz, he leaves. shehnaz cries while all are tensed with the turns of events.

Jodha takes shehnaz to her room and gives her water while shehnaz cries.

Jalal tells Todar that I don’t doubt you but why you didn’t tell me, todar says I didn’t have any proof, her hand was burnt so I doubted her, then I came to know that she isn’t mad, she just pretend to be, when I followed her today, she came to your room and was looking for something, she is planning something.

In Jodha’s room, she says don’t worry shehnaz what if he is todar, I will make sure you get justice, I cant believe that todar can do this.

Back to Jalal and Todar, Jalal says don’t know what will happen now, how will you prove that she is lying, todar says all is in your hand now, you have to know what she wants, why she is doing this, jalal says I am sorry and says you have to be in prison, I have to take this decision in court.

In a different scene, mahaC comes and Beg praises her that you are beautiful as a witch, (😂 😂) she ask beautiful or witch? she says praise me. he says you are beautiful and powerful too. mahaC says now I am happy. you can see without eyes, he says bride looks good in marriage, she says if all use brain like you then eyes wont be needed. she sits and nikaah/wedding starts, priest asks that Haider, mahaC will be the owner of everything, you accept this marriage, he says qubool hai(I accept), he then ask mahaC, she says I accept this marriage, nikaah is done, priests says now haider is husband of mahaC. all congrats haider but he is not happy. mahaC says this marriage is political alliance so I want it to be secret, so I want that priests to be in my prison till I decide to let him go, they say what, this is not right, beg says they mean that they are accepting it, mahaC says good take them inside and they are our guests, beg ask soldiers to take them, they goes. haider goes with mahaC. mahaC’s daughter says she is looking like witch.

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Jalal comes to jodha, jalal says I want to talk about shehnaz, jalal says todar is investigating who had put poison in my turban, he doubts that shehnaz did that, he thinks that she just pretend to be mad, jodha says I respect him but that doesn’t mean he will say ill about anyone, he committed a crime and now saying this, jalal says he also said that he caught shehnaz that’s why she cooked up a story, jodha says you think that innocent shehnaz will lie about her rape, jalal says I am just telling you, jodha says today todar is saying that shehnaz put poison yesterday he was doubting zakira and then he will say I did that.

Jodha says I saw todar going behind shehnaz and also he was pulling shehnaz’s Saree, jalal says he was investigating so he couldn’t answer you, jodha say what investigation? why he didn’t inform you about it earlier, he is saying this to save himself, jalal says shehnaz is not mad.
Jodha says I know her from Mathura then in amer I was with her then In agra, I cant believe this, jalal says I believe Todar, jodha says I believe my eyes, cant you see her state, don’t you pity her, jalal says I cant ignore todar too, she says you cant ignore his act too, jalal says I am finding out the truth, jodha say what about her pain, she will have to bear questions but I want truth to come out.

Jalal says you stay out of this, jodha says no this is a matter of respect to women, I know Todar did a lot for this saltant (empire) but think if it was me, salima or ruks in place of shehnaz then would you be silent like this, I am worried for shehnaz..she is telling the truth and I will not leave her and for that if I have to go against you then I will go, Jalal is hurt and curtly looks at her, he leaves from there.

It’s morning.
in court, all are present, jalal comes there, atgah says we got complaint that Todar tried to rape shehnaz, todar comes there, jalal ask shehnaz to come in front and say what she has to, shehnaz looks at jodha and is afraid, jodha gets up and takes shehnaz to jalal, jodha says shehnaz is weak so I will talk in place of her, jalal says go ahead, she says I am thankful to todar that he gave us home in Mathura but that doesn’t mean he can disrespect women, atgah ask shehnaz did he assaulted you, she says I will never talk to him, he is bad, he torn my clothes, jalal ask todar to say something, todar says she is lying, I never looked at her that way, I cant even think of it, jalal ask shehnaz do you have any proof that he misbehaved with you, jodha says I have seen him around shehnaz many times and one day I saw shehnaz’s Saree in todar’s hand, and not even me but moti was also present there, todar says I was just giving back her Saree, dasi says I had seen todar going in your room from the window, he says I was following her, jodha says he came in harem too and resham have seen it, todar says I am sorry for going in harem, jodha says 1st zakira was doubted by him and now he thinks that shehnaz did that, who cant even think beyond a kid and if that’s true then why didn’t he inform you( Jalal),
Todar was I was collecting proofs, jodha says what was the need to go in her room in night, todar says I didn’t want this investigation to come out in open, jodha says a mad girl cant lie, todar says but she is not mad, jodha says I know shehnaz well so don’t blame her, jalal says enough, todar you have any proof that shehnaz went in my room, do you have any proof that she is not mad that she put poison, do you accept your crime? he says no I was just investigating, jalal says all proofs are against you, todar says the blame on me is wrong, jalal says you are saying you didn’t rape her? todar says no, I did mistake to put zakira in jail, jodha says when he had doubt on moti and zakirs he took your permission to investigate but why not in case of shehnaz, jalal says I am asking him, he ask do you have any point to doubt shehnza, he says her hands are burnt like me, jodha says it was with hot water, todar says it doesn’t look like it is burnt with hot water but with poison.

Jalal calls Doctor and he checks her hand, doctor says shehnaz’s hand are burnt with hot water, jodha says now truth is in open, I want justice. Jodha says no one has the right to insult anyone.

Jalal says i would like all the judges to make any decision tomorrow but till then Todarmal will be in detention.

In a different scene, Jodha is in her room. She says we women keep quite but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a tongue. We like to fly in open skies with open minds. But we’re captivated by rituals. Why the systems wants us to be detained. Its our right to live with respect. Never think that you’re alone. Your voice has the power to change the world. If we can do makeovers in front of this mirror. we can also teach the systems. Episode ends

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