Jodha akbar on zee world, Saturday 31st July 2021 update

We start this episode with jodha combing ruks hair, shehnaz is there too, ruks ask what was the important conversation between you and jalal, jodha says he took me to humayun’s room, jodha says you know Ruks, jalal is very worried these day because of the letter about chand begum, ruks says he shouldnt be, someone after many years comes alive nobody even remember her name why is Jalal worried about her.

Jodha Akbar

Jodha Akbar

Jodha says jalal thinks it’s some conspiracy, jodha ask zakira to to bring oil, shehnaz thinks that noboday cares about my mother but i am happy that jalal is worried about the letter maybe jalal will find her so i have to spy on jalal to get to my mother..

In a different scene, Jalal tells atgah that if we find who put the letter in jodha’s palanquin then we can find chand begum, atgah says i will ask people in mandir, jalal ask about razi khan, atgah says they have reached the state, ram chand is surrounded by our forces, jalal says i need razi here alive, i want to punish him myself, so bring my enemy here and finish them.

Shehnaz thinks who is going to be finished, maybe my mother, after the letter maybe he is afraid and wants to finish my mother, i have to find her.

All ladies are in veil, Qazi prays for mugahl Saltanat and says i pray that happiness reamins here forever, Hamida asks for bakshi, she coes, qazi blesses her and gives sacred smoke to her body, the rituals are being done, all prays for her baby, Jija says soon ruks will have these rituals too, jodha says jalal is very excited for it, salima says bakshi is glowing, hamida says my daugther has seen many ups and downs in very little age, i just hope that this child brings happiness in her life.

Jodha tells salima that i am going to ruks, its time for ruks lunch, if lunch is given on time then its good for the child.

The special doctor(whom hamida had called for ruks’s checkup) says to one lady that i wonder how ruks can become mother, i was the one who told jalal that ruks can’t become a mother but i dont know why this is happening.

Maham comes to her secret place, she tells a soldier today doctor is going to come to check chand begum, you have to keep an eye on them, nobody should know about this, jalal is searching for chand begum and he has her picture too so be careful.

Jodha is in kitchen, jodha says to dasies that there should be no spice in ruks’s food, she is pragnant so she will eat non spicy food, jodha sees shehnaz playing with something, she ask what are you doing, she says i will make boat from this paper and will put it on water, jodha says no need i will give you real boat, shehnaz gets happy.

Jodha asks dasi where are you taking this plenty food, they tell jodha that hamida ordered to give food to the prisoners from shahi kitchen today for ruks baby, jodha says hamida has a very big heart, she has haumanity and care for everyone, she goes, shehnaz thinks that this food is going to jail, this is my chance maybe i can find my mother.

Doctor tells one wife of jalal that i told Jalal that ruks cannot become a mother because of the syrup she was given earlier but this happened i dont know, wife says maybe you were wrong, doctor says maybe you are right, i should not think about it, maybe she is going to be a mother. jalal hears her and gets shocked.

Jalal calls that doctor and asks what were saying about ruks pragnancy, she says i know she is pragnant but i cant believe it, jalal ask her to explain, she says when ruks had Miscarriage the first time, her womb was damaged and she cant carry a baby but now this happened so i am confused.

Jalal says mathura’s doctor also confirmed her pragnancy, doctor says it’s a miracle that she is going to be a mother but i still cant accept it, i am loyal to salatanat, jalal says you can go.

The other special doctor gives jalal a medicine and tells jalal that if ruks is not pregnant then she will vomit after taking this medicine, jalal says if you are proved wrong then i will not spare you, Doctor says i will be happy to get punished for my mistakes but if i get punsihed and salatant gets heir then i dont have any issue.

Jodha comes to ruks, jalal comes there too and ask how are you ruks, ruks says i am fine but i cant drink this bitter syrup and i cant eat boiled food, i want to eat kabab, jalal says i will make you eat but first drink this syrup, jodha says drink it or should i force you, ruks says i will not drink any other then this, jalal agrees and tells jodha that let me make her drink, he takes syrup from her and tells jodha that i want to spend time with ruks alone, jodha agrees and goes from there, jalal stealthily puts medicine in syrup given by doctor, ruks drinks it.

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he waits for sometime, ruks says i am happy that you are spending time with me, jalal thinks that time has passed but she didnt vomit so the doctor is wrong, thank God this is not a lie, he says i also think i should spend time with you more, i will share everything with you like earlier, ruks gets happy.

Suddenly Ruks starts to vomit, jalal is stunned and hurt too, ruks says sorry, i told you i cant drink this bitter syrup, you know this vommiting happens in this condition, jalal fumes and ask her to rest and goes from there.

In a different scene, jalal is with the first doctor who infromed that ruks is pragnant, she sits in jalal’s feet and says i was forced, jalal says tell me the truth then i will decide whether you are guilty or forced, she says i was told to inform you that ruks is pragnant, jalal ask her to explain, she says on your anniversary day, ruks called me.

FLASHBACK shows ruks asking her to go to jalal and tell him that i am pragnant, she says but this is a lie, ruks says i know i cant become pragnant but you will tell jalal that i am pragnant, if you tell him then i will fill your life with gold and if you dont follow my orders then you dont have right to live, FLASHBACK ends.

Jalal says such a big lie to me, she betrayed me and you also lied to me, doctor says i am sorry dont punish me, i was forced, ruks is a queen she would have killed me if i wouldnt have followed her orders, dont punish me, jalal says i will not punish you as you were forced, just go to ruks, i will meet you there, she goes.

The doctor comes to ruks, she ask why are you here without my permission, jalal comes there and says i told her to come here, ruks gets up and says i am fine jalal, i dont need any bitter syrup now, jalal sternly looks at her, ruks ask what happened, jalal ask doctor to repeat what she told him, doctor repeats everything. ruks gets shocked.

Ruks tells jalal that i am sorry its my mistake, i didn want to hurt you, i just wanted to come close to you like earlier, please forgive me, jalal sternly says that forgiveness is for mistake not for sins.

Hamida comes there and asks jalal why you called us here, is everything fine, jalal says nothing is fine, once again I am betrayed once again this day is bad for Mughal saltanat, I am again not going to be a father because ruks had miscarriage, ruks is stunned, all are shocked, hamida says what, doctor says I failed in giving her medicine so ruks lost her child, jalal says you can leave, she leaves, jalal hugs ruks and says don’t cry, he whispers in her ears that I know you lied to me, you betrayed me but I cant bring embarrassment to you, I will not let you stoop low in everyone’s eyes as you are my wife, you are my best friend.

Jalal tells hamida that infront of god we are no one, I used to brag that I write my fate with my sword but now I know that no sword runs infront of fate, he leaves, hamida consoles ruks.

Soldiers are taking food to jail, shehnaz is hiding in big pans, she thinks that soon I will meet my mother, soldiers stop somewhere and meets some other soldiers, soldiers says that nobody should know that we are doing this, they take some sacks from soldiers and goes. shehanz says where are they going, I have to go to jail.

Maham meets some doctor and says if you help in this case then it will solve my problems otherwise it will be problem for you.
maham says some things should be hidden for betterment of this Saltanat (empire or kingdom), make sure this secret remains secret.

Hamida tells ruks that my child you are again going throught this, jalal is in tears, salima says I understand what child means to mother.

jalal says I think ruks should take some rest, hamida nods, all ladies leaves, jalal sternly looks at ruks, ruks says please forgive me, trust me I just wanted to get you not to hurt you, I will not do this again, jalal comes to her and hugs her tightly, she cries and hugs him back, jalal says I will forget it, we didn’t play chess for many days, lets play it, ruks is confused, jalal sit to play.

Ruks says you really forgave me? I thought you will take my life, jalal says you are my life how can I take it, I don’t like to talk about things which I don’t like, I like to talk about past moments which gives peace, jalal says where those days, those innocent things are lost, those moments are gone. ruks says you are a human, husband and king, I shouldn’t have done that to you, jalal says I told you to forget what happened, we will not talk about it, I didn’t give you importance that’s why you took that decision, you are my first wife and will always remain, forget everything and I thinks its getting late we will play chess tomorrow, jalal is about to go but turns and says don’t betray me again I cant bear it. if you have problem, any complain with me just tell me but don’t betray me again. he leaves, ruks is shamelessly confused.

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At night, doctor is taken to jungle by maham. soldiers who had sacks comes there too, maham says first let doctor check chand then we will decide, shehnaz is hiding in basket and tries to watch.

Jodha is thinking, jalal comes there crying, jodha comes to him, jalal breakdown and hugs jodha, jodha consoles him, jalal says I lost my child today but on your insistences I didn’t lose my friend today, thank you.

FLASHBACK shows jalal going in anger to confront ruks, jodha stops him and ask him are you fine, jalal says leave me alone, this time and situations are not suitable to stop me, jodha says atleast tell me whats the problem, jalal says I told you to leave me. jodha says no I will not leave you because I didn’t come here to leave you and secondly I don’t fear your anger, tell me, jalal takes her to a room. jalal tells jodha that you want to know what happend so listen, my dream is crushed, i am being betrayed, my emotions were used, ruks is not becoming a mother she was just pretending, she is betraying not only me but my mother, my saltant, jodha is stunned, jalal says hamida will be broken, when Rahim gets to know that no brother or sister is coming to play with him then what will he feel, what about you, you served her day and night and what did she do, I will not spare her today, jodha stops him and says you will not do anything like this, jalal says she betrayed me and you are saying this, jodha says thinks first why she did that, she cant do anything to hurt you or to betray you then why did she do this, she is mature and know whats good then why this step, jalal says I don’t know why she betrayed her best friend.

Jodha says stop, she brings diya and tells jalal that I am making you to swear on kahna that you will not shout at ruks, she loves you that’s why she is doing all this, she thinks that you are going away from her.

she did this to attract you to her, she thinks that you are attracted to me only, think that you are same jalal for ruks as you were earlier with her, no you are not, there was a time when ruks was all for you but now I came so she wants to get your attention, if you didn’t bring space between you and ruks, then she wouldn’t have taken this decision, getting love and fighting for love is not a sin, so you have to do the duty of a husband and friend.

This conversation will remain between me you and ruks, nobody should know about it, think if hamida comes to know this ruks will stoop low in her eyes, she will break down, think if salima gets to know this she will not believe it, ruks failed in her relation but you have to fulfill your duty, you only have one friend that’s is ruks and you can forget many mistakes of your friend because they are your life time support so I request you to not let anything come in between you and ruks, to fulfill some relation we have to hide something so promise me that you will not tell anything about it to anyone, jalal agreesFLASHBACK ends.

Jalal says all wife complains that I go away from them, but the day you came in my life, you only wanted to get love and care from me, because of you I am able to save my friendship.

Because of you I am able to understand relations and their duties, I am thankful to you, jodha makes jalal sit and put her head on his shoulder.

she says there is no thanks in hubby wife relation, there is only love between them and my love will always be with you.

In a different scene, Jalal is sitting He looks at his painting with ruks. Jodha comes in. she says shahenshah you haven’t eaten anything. He says I don’t want to eat. Jodha says its not good to reject food like this. She looks at him and says you are right in a way. When you are upset food never slips down your throat. that’s why I haven’t eaten today.

Jalal says what is this ? If you don’t take the food you might fall sick. I am not eating because my dreams have been shattered. The dreams in which I was playing with my child. I haven’t lived my childhood ever. I wanted to be a kid with my child but I lost him to. I didn’t say a word to Euks because of you. What about the bereavement I have got.

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What about the dream of becoming a dad. Jodha says I am upset of not becoming a younger mom. Everyone in this house in gloomy because of this. The rule of life is to move. You have to trust God. He will give you happiness one day. This food is also a blessing from God and you are disappointing him by denying this.

Jalal says but I can’t. She says I won’t eat if you don’t. Jalal says you are so stubborn. Jodha says and you know that I won’t agree until you don’t consent to what I said. Jalal says come on. Jodha comes near him. She and jalal start taking the food. Jodha feeds him and says you first.

Jalal recalls when he was playing with the empty cot and jodha stopped him saying its not good. He says now I think I should have known that quote of not playing with empty cot.

Jodha says its not time to regret. Its time to pray. They both feeds each other.

Shehnaz in hiding. She says where am I and how long do I have to live like this. Hope I don’t get caught.

Maham tells doctor do something and make her all right. He says I am trying. He says I have given her the medicine. hope God will be merciful. Shehnaz wonders whats going on.

Two people bring some drums and wonders what can be in the drums ? lets open it. The other one says no lets go and complete the work first. Shehnaz comes out of the drum as soon as they leave. she says I think I am at the wrong place. I should leave. She hears some noise. She follows it and sees its her mom with a doll. She is not in a good condition. she says ammi jaan I looked for you everywhere. Where were you ? This is where I found you. Everyone used to say that you are not alive. I never believe them and look I am here with you now. She is scared of her.

She says are you my daughter ? Shehnaz says yes I am your daughter. She says no this is my daughter. I will not give my daughter to anyone. Shehnaz says jalal is responsible for this condition of yours. He has done this to you. I will place his head in your feet. I will take his rule. I will make you see me rule this nation. I promise you.

In a different scene, Ruk says I couldn’t get the behavior of jalal. Why wasn’t he mad at me. the servant comes and says jodha begum has come. Ruks says she must be coming to say stay strong I am so sorry for you. Jodha comes in and says I am so sorry. Ruk says I don’t need all this sympathies of yours. I don’t want to remember all that now/ The kid who was about to play on my lap would not even come in this world now. jalal comes in and says ruks is right.

We better forget the painful past. You should take this cot from here. I don’t want to see ruks getting hurt by seeing this. he calls servants and says place this cot in jodha begum’s room. Jodha leaves.

Ruks says jalal talk to me. I can’t bear that you didn’t say a word and didn’t punish me for my sins . Please punish me jalal this is killing me. I can’t see myself in the mirror. Jalal says who am I to punish you ? Allah has given you the punishment. I am sad because I could not become a dad and you will never be a mom. Ruks is in tears. he says I have to leave and leaves.

Javeda comes to maham and says are you asleep ammi jaan, She says no I am horse riding. (😂 😂) She says I am going to tell you something that’s gonna take your sleep away. Where were you last night ? She says I was in hell. (Maham won’t kill me 😂)

Javeda says ruks had a miscarriage. Maham wakes up and says why didn’t someone tell me this news. Javeda says this must have led you heartbroken. You can cry on my shoulder I am your daughter in law. Maahm says I don’t need it. Maham says resham leave as well. I want some rest. She says oh what a turn is that. The kids that was never there, how can he die ? What is this new trick ruks is playing.

Shehnaz sees jalal and says I won’t leave you jalal. your detention has caused her mental illness. You are responsible for the condition of me and my mom.

He comes to her and says what are you roaming here and there? She says its all because of you . I was a princess but has to live like a beggar. For people I maybe your sister but I never consider you a brother.
My mom was a queen and she had to live like a mentally sick person because of you. you will pay for what you have done.

Only after your death I will be peaceful. I won’t spare you jalal you don’t deserve to live. She stabs Jalal in the stomach.

Episode ends

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