Jodha Akbar Friday 23rd April 2021 Update Zee world

Jodhaa Akbar
Jodhaa Akbar


Jodha Akbar Friday 23rd April 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Friday 23 April 2021, Masa ask Bharmal you didn’t tell the name. Bharmal says she stopped me she doesnt wanna listen and she believes that her father will do his best. Masa bursts that why you didn’t tell that they are not marrying her but making her bali. Bharmal says maybe this was in favor as I was not able to tell her so it was best at that moment that she stopped me.

shugni bai cracks the coconut and prays to maa that you made two entities you changed the time now everything will change. She chants maa

voiceover-everybody was tensed at the situation so now megwar’s would be king comes to meet Bharmal he is mahrana pratap. He accuses Bharmal that now you will give your daughter to mughal, you destroyed the prestige of rajputs I am not here to sit with you. Bharmal gets angry and says where were you all when I was alone with surya fighting with mughals, when they made my sons prisoners when sharif demanded worthy things where were you maharana says you should have sent me an invitation for war bharal says I didn’t gave you an invitation for this marriage.

He says he is here for pride, the honor of Amer. Bharmal says you also attacked Amer please dont talk about pride and honor. He says he gave away her daughter to mughals to save Amer’s pride only to save warrior and if you have guts so go fight with mughals then himself says you can’t. Maharana says you fear for your son and do not care about Amer. You forget that you are the king. You have the throne. You forget that they spit on down heads. Bharmal fumes but pratap don’t stop and says you have bowed your head so lower your volume also. Your name will be written with black letters in history. He leaves

Jodha Akbar Friday 23rd April 2021 Update Zee world: Jodha ask moti they came now but are going too fast. Jodha says they may be here for a marriage invitation moti is shocked that she knows. Jodha says father has decided this for me and i have full faith who ever the in-laws are they will be good. Moti understands that she doesn’t know the name and start crying Jodha thinks she is crying for her she consoles her that you will go with me to in-laws.

jalal listens to some folk song and asks who they are. Minister says they are very near to Amer’s border its Amer’s song jalal asks to bring them. They comes and says to forgive us if made mistake jalal says for mistake he punishes only and says he want to listen it they are stunned jalal says he understand their language lil. They start their song Jodha’s name come in song some lines for her beauty jalal remembers encounters with her in ganguhar and in jail he is lost in flashbacks and remembers every meet with Jodha .

jalal stops them and gives them gift he says it’s for Amer’s queen praising. But do not do that again otherwise will cut you tongues they leave. Jalal ask did Bharmal sons reach Amer minister says no jalal is angry and says bring sharif where ever he is.


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Amer’s ministers are trying to find solution and says marry moti bai with jalal. But brother comes and says jalal had seen her when he came here in disguise. Maan singh comes listens to their talk and thinks moti is marrying jalal.

voiceover-here Jodha is unaware of marriage. In agra rukiya is unaware that jalal is marrying again. She sees Jodha’s necklace which she had given to her and says now she will no more queen as Amer is unders mughals and order to make a duplicate necklace for her as a memory of Amer’s victory.

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Jodha opens the box and sees different things connected to surya she clutches onto her necklace which surya returned to her in ganguhar and says your sacrifice will not go waste. The one she is marrying saved them from mughals and now he will fullfil your promise to behead jalal( lol jalal will behead jalal). Maan singh comes and says moti is marrying Jodha says you misunderstood she is going with me. He says he is here for her sister’s safety . Sibling hug.

voiceover-Amer’s people were frustrated with mughals so one man reaches to jalal’s tent jalal sees him and ask to bring him. He says he is worker to jalal he tries to get his knife jalal shows him his knife and says its with me it is shown jalal silently taken it from him. Jalal ask why you are here he says can’t see Amer’s queen marrying jalal will kill you jalal says kill me now and throws him and says go give massage to Bharmal that he is coming soon. Ask to free him.


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