Indian Bride Dies At Her Wedding & The Groom Marries Her Sister At Same Ceremony

indias glacier disaster highlights himalayan dangersA bride in India died at her wedding but the groom married her younger sister instead, reports claim. 

The bride who has been identified as Surabhi, died of a heart attack during her wedding ceremony so the families laid her body in the room next door as her husband-to-be worked on his backup plan.

Groom, Manjesh Kumar was in the middle of exchanging vows with his fiance when she died in front of him.

Doctors rushed to her side but despite their best efforts, she was pronounced dead by way of cardiac arrest moments later, local media reports.

However, Surabhi’s uncle Ajab Singh told news agency IANS that the families made the decision to have Kumar wed her younger sister instead, which he claims was a “tough call” for them.

He said: “One daughter lay dead in one room and the wedding of another daughter was being solemnised in the other room. We have never witnessed such mixed emotions.

“The grief over her death and the happiness of the wedding have yet to sink in.”

Surabhi’s brother Saurabh added that they ‘did not know what to do in the situation at first.

He said: “Both the families sat together and someone suggested that my younger sister Nisha should be married to the groom. The families discussed the matter and both agreed.”

The story has since gone viral on social media, with an image of Surabhi and Nisha on the day of the wedding emerging.

News of the wedding has been viewed more than 260 million times on Weibo
1st PHOTO: The dead bride on her wedding day with her sisters, Nisha (the new bride to be) is circled

2nd PHOTO: The groom Manjesh Kumar with the new bride Nisha


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