Igbo’s Will End IPOB

nnamdi kanu warns against senator tinubus presidential ambitionIts all fun for kanu now. Threatening to kill people anyhow with the few guns they managed to get from the police.

Igbo’s who have bought his lies and promise to deliver biafra are still hopeful. Those who are brainwashed celebrate ESN/UGM now. 

But before the end of this year, the same people clapping for UGM now, will be showing the police their hideout. 

The level of destruction coming to igboland will shock igbos. Many will regret knowing kanu because they will be reset to square 1. Igbo businesses will suffer a huge setback.

The blood bath that will take place in igbosland soon will not be funny.

Igbos will count their loss. Work with the police and army against IPOB to end the madness.

Ill leave this thread here and update as events unfold. This kanu’s biafran scam will expire shortly.

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