I don’t like loud men –Paragon QTM, singer

i dont like loud men paragon qtm singer

By Christian Agadibe 

Despite facing enormous challenges, fast rising singer, Okonkwo Patience Chikodili a.k.a Paragon QTM can`t wait to be famously known. 

After winning Zoro Mbada competition and featuring alongside big names in the music industry, the Enugu-born singer has not looked back. 

In this interview, she talked about her journey into music as well as her staying power. Enjoy it.

Tell us about your new song?

I released a track, Gozie M recently. It’s a street gospel song. I am done shooting the video, which would drop soon.

When did you start music professionally? 

Professionally, my musical career kicked off in 2018 after I won Zoro Mbada competition and was featured on the song/video remix alongside other up and coming artistes.

What are your challenges as an up and coming artiste?

My challenges include finance, rejection, being disregarded, underrated and people trying to take advantage of me. A lot of people don’t believe in my craft. People always make it look like you aren’t doing enough and being a girl in the midst of guys some people will want to take advantage of you. Sometimes show promoters will collect your money, embezzle them and then ask you to come show your talent. Some will even refuse to give you the little transport fare believing they are helping you. 

What steps are you taking to reach your goal as an artiste?

My first step is putting God first, working all night to make good, unique songs. I also spend my last card to get my song to the target audience, and keeping my life cool in humility.

Which artiste would you say influenced your career?

The include Phyno, MI, Nicki Minaj and Dax. For Phyno, language is not a barrier. DAX’s messages in his songs are applauding. MI’s punch lines, word plays and rhymes are awakening. However, I tapped from Nickis versatility, charisma and prestige.

Can you define your kind of music?

I’m an indigenous rapper. I sing too. My music can be defined as a fusion of hip-hop and Afropop. I also do commercials based on market demands.

Are you sure you’ll make impact with your new song? 

Yes, I don’t fabricate songs. Most of my songs are life-related; they talk about daily happenings in the world. For instance, in my previous single, Pain, the issues of EndSARS, human rights abuse, and embezzlement of public funds were talked about. On the second track, Gozie M, I talked about God’s blessing and it had great impact on the people. I have a couple of songs yet to be released. The songs are not regular and I believe they will make great change. 

Was there a time you desired to be recognised?

I desired to be recognized everyday of my life. That’s my dream because I think the world needs to see and hear of this brand, Paragon QTM.

How do you cope with friends and families who never believed in you becoming a music star?

I have always been passion driven, not minding what anyone says or thinks. I grew up knowing what I want and how I want it. In my musical journey, I pay less attention to people who don’t believe in my hustle. I don’t even want to know what they think or feel. I channel all my energies to where the love and supports are coming from. 

What is your kind of man?

I love men with good qualities and moral principles. I don’t like loud men. My type of man is one who supports my dream with love, care and tolerance.

How do you handle your admirers especially female?

I get a lot of messages from my admirers and I appreciate them. And most times I keep it short, because most of them are not here for good. 

What is your career selling point?

It’s my language and versatility. Igbo language has really distinguished me from many female rappers. And being able to sing, rap and trap spice it up.

Who is your celebrity crush among female artistes and why?

Nicki Minaj! She does wonders on beats. Nicki changed my narrative about rap songs. She is a genius. Most rappers think if you aren’t rapping on a hip hop beat then you aren’t a rapper. Nicki’s versatility marvels me; her charisma, stage presence, lyrics, patterns are top notch.

What is the positive context or message in your music?

Number one message is God bless hustlers. In fact, anytime I’m making music, it ends around this statement. I also emphasize on money because it is vital. I do talk about true love in my songs. True love was the message of my previous track, Loving. 

Who are the top artistes you love to feature in your music and why? 

They are Nicki Minaj, Olamide, Phyno, Zoro, Flavour, Simi, and Cynthia Morgan. I love their song delivery, their hustle spirit; I also appreciate their consistency and I love their style.

What are your goals in the next five years? 

In the next five years, with series of hit songs, the brand Paragon QTM will become a household name by God’s grace.

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