How To Track Your Parcel From China To Nigeria

Want to more about EMS tracking and how to track your parcel from China to Nigeria?

EMS Tracking
EMS Tracking

That’s an easy thing to do.

In this article, we will go through a detailed explanation of how to track your order with EMS Nigeria.

If you’ve made an order from China with the EMS Nigeria service and would like to know its current destination, then read on.

This article is for you and many others who would love to know this information.

So, what is EMS Nigeria?

EMS Nigeria is one of the seven business units through which the Nigerian Postal Service operates.

EMS Nigeria was created back in 1986.

This was following the decision of the UPU (Universal Postal Union) during its 1984 Congress in Germany.

It requested for member-nations to set up courier services as a direct retaliation to the penetration of private courier companies in the local domain of the postal services.

How long does it take to receive a package from China EMS?

The EMS service is actually way faster than the normal China Post Mail.

However, they incur more expenses.

An EMS Nigeria parcel from China is often expected to take about 7 working days to arrive at its country of destination.

EMS Tracking numbers often begin with the letter ‘E’, and they end with the letters ‘CN’.

They can easily be tracked through the EMS tracking service, or through any other trusted package tracking website out there.

How to track your parcel From China To Nigeria Through EMS

With EMS Nigeria, you can easily track your parcels from China to Nigeria.

To do this, here is what you need to do.

  • To track your order on EMS Nigeria, you have to, first of all, visit their official website.
  • On this website, you will find a bar asking you to type in your tracking number.
  • All you need to do is to click on this bar and fill in your tracking number (i.e. the number of your package that starts with E and ends with CN).
  • Once you fill this, click on the track button to start the tracking process.
  • If your tracking number is correctly typed, it should show you the location of your package, and other crucial details about the package.

This is a simple thing to do and it can be carried out by anyone.

Delivery Standard of EMS Nigeria

EMS Nigeria speed post carries out speedy delivery of parcels.

Their service offers delivery with one day to two days for domestic parcels.

For international parcels, delivery takes two to three days.

Currently, they have the widest and one of the fastest domestic delivery networks in Nigeria.

They are available in all LGAs in the country and they have over 400 offices across the nation.

Being a member of the Universal Postal Union, EMS is well represented in over 100 countries worldwide.

What are the services of EMS Nigeria?

Here are the EMS Nigeria service anyone can obtained.

1. Speed Post!

The speed post-delivery service on EMS Nigeria is the express delivery service for domestic parcels in Nigeria.

This service offers speedy delivery of merchandise and documents nationwide.

These speed post deliveries are often faster than other delivery methods, as they mostly deal with domestic parcels.

2. Prepaid

This is a service that is only available for Speed post delivery transactions.

The prepaid service is a paid return feature.

It allows a sender to conduct paid return services at the posting point.

3. Expedited Mail Service

This is a mail service by EMS Nigeria that makes provision for express custom clearance.

These are for dutiable goods and they are available in many global destinations.

This express delivery service works for merchandise and documents.

It is a very good service offered by EMS Nigeria and it makes the delivery of certain parcels easier.

4. Speed Post Economy

Just as the name implies, this is a speed post service, but for customers sending lower level and non-critical parcels.

It is a 2-day domestic service.

Orders arrive between 1-2days.

This is for users who would like to use the speed post feature for their lower-level orders and parcels.

5. EMS Pack

Another service that EMS Nigeria offers is the option to receive their own branded parcel containers and cartons.

This can also be purchased from EMS Nigeria offices.

It can be used by customers who want to send parcel deliveries.

6. Intra-City Service

The Intra-City service is an EMS service that sees the fast collection and delivery of merchandise and documents within major cities in the country.

This is often done at a very fast rate.

Here are some things you need to know about this service:

  • The maximum weight allowed for international parcels is 30kg.
  • The maximum size allowed is 1.5m for one dimension, or 3m for the length of the parcel and the largest circumference measured in a direction that is other than the length of the parcel.

7. Airport Express Service

This EMS service is only available in states with major airports.

With this service, parcels are delivered within just 6 hours after airport arrival.

This service is available for people in the following cities.

  • Port Harcourt
  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Benin
  • Calabar
  • Enugu

So far, these are the major services offered by EMS Nigeria.

You can explore them to pick any one that suits your delivery preferences.

Sites To Track EMS Packages From China To Nigeria

Aside from the normal EMS tracking feature, there are other websites that allow people to track their orders online.

So many of these sites work just like the EMS tracking feature does.

Find some of these websites below.

1. Ship24

Ship24 is a very good tool that allows you to track packages from China, no matter where their final destination may be.

Once you visit the website of Ship24, you will be asked to enter a tracking number.

This is the number that is given to you after checking out.

It is included in the checkout confirmation email often sent to you by a seller.

Once you insert this number in the field given, a page showing the present location of  your package will pop up.

It is as easy as that.

This online tool allows anyone to track their packages with ease.

2. Parcel Monitor

Parcel Monitor is another good online tool that can be used to track your parcel or package from China to Nigeria.

They offer convenient China EMS tracking.

If you find it hard to track your EMS packages, just visit this website, and enter your tracking number in the space given.

It will bring up the most effective and important tracking details about your package.

3. WhereMy

Wheremy is another good tool for tracking your orders on EMS.

With this tool, you can easily track even with your EMS tracking number.

To do this, just go to the EMS country destination website, and select Nigeria.

You can then use the link that will be given to track your EMS shipments with ease.

This website is used by many people and businesses.

They offer real-time tracking visuals, and this makes everything significantly easier for new users.

You can also just type in your tracking number on the website to get the location of your package.

4. TrackingStatus

Tracking Status also allows you to track your package from China to Nigeria.

Once you visit their website, just input your EMS Nigeria tracking number to start the process.

Once you click on the track button, Track status will trace your International parcel, Speed Post, and other packages.

It will give you relevant information like the parcel position and other details.

Tracking status is easy to use, and just like most package tracking online tools, it does not require any form of expertise to carry out a tracking activity.

You just need to visit the website, insert your EMS Nigeria tracking number in the field given, and you are good to go.

As easy as that!

Aside from these online tracking tools, there are many more which can be found online.

They are all good, and they offer easy tracking features.

One good thing about these online tools/websites is that they offer all these tracking services for free.

You do not have to pay even a dime to start using them.

You can check them out to start using them.

They all allow users to track their parcels/packages from China to Nigeria.

Bottom Line of EMS Tracking

To many, tracking an international order is something that can only be carried out by experts.

A lot of people think that it is actually hard to track an international order.

However, with the help of this article, I believe you can all see how easy it is.

One can just pick up his/her phone and visit any of these EMS tracking websites to start the whole process.

It is as easy as that.

Even a kid can do it.

All that is needed is just the tracking number of your parcel.

This is often attached to the checkout confirmation message emailed to you after a purchase online.

So far so good, that will be all for this post.

Drop your comments if this article actually helped you.

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