How To Track Your Parcel After Shipped To Nigeria

Want to track your order after it is shipped to Nigeria through the NIPOST tracking service?

SME logistics companies struggles for survival as NIPOST fee, multiple levies pile on
SME logistics companies struggles for survival as NIPOST fee, multiple levies pile on

Worry no more!

This informative post will teach you how to track your parcel using NIPOST tracking after it is shipped to Nigeria.

So, before going further, let us know more about Nipost.

What is NIPOST?

The Nigerian Postal Service often shortened as “NIPOST” is an organization that controls the posting of items from place to place both within Nigeria.

This is a very good postal service.

However, a lot of people say they don’t patronize this service because items get lost easily.

We do not know how true this is, but there may be some truth in the complaints.

NIPOST is completely owned by the Nigerian government.

It is supervised by the Ministry of communications and was established back in January 1985.

This was after the declaration of the No. 18 decree of 1987.

As a result of this, the Nigerian postal service became an Extra-Ministerial Department in Nigeria.

The Nigerian postal service currently uses a technology-oriented method to provide citizens with good item delivery to earn trust.

They have a feature called the NIPOST tracking feature, which allows you to know the location of your parcel even before it gets to you.

Currently, NIPOST has over 20,000 workers and they have thousands of post offices across every state in the nation.

So, how then can one actually track his/her order using NIPOST?

That’s what we are going to find out next.

NIPOST Tracking Parcel After Shipped

Tracking a parcel after it is shipped to Nigeria is very easy.

To track your parcel, you have to go through the following steps.

1. Visit NIPOST Website

To track your parcel with NIPOST, you have to pick up your phone or turn on your computer and visit the official website of the Nigerian postal service.

2. Locate International/Domestic Items Track Page

While on the official website of the Nigerian postal service, the next thing to do is to visit the Track and Confirm page.

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On this page, you will find the International items tracker and the domestic items tracker.

You just have to make your choice in accordance with your parcel type (whether foreign or domestic).

3. Type In Tracking Number

After selecting either the international or domestic items tracker, you will then be directed to a page.

On this page, you will be asked for your item tracking number.

4. Full In The Number

Once you fill in the tracking number in the space provided for it, just tap the ‘Submit’ button.

After doing this, you will be taken to a page where you will clearly see the location of your parcel.

How long does the NIPOST take to deliver items/parcels?

As an intending user or user who is waiting for his/her order on the NIPOST service, it is only natural to ask how long they take to deliver parcels.

Well, according to NIPOST, here are their delivery durations.

  • One day (24 hours) for Intra-City deliveries.
  • Two days (48 hours) for Inter-City deliveries.
  • Three days (72 hours) for Nationwide deliveries.

This is in accordance with the information given by the Nigerian postal service.

There could be some delay in a few cases, but this is the overall average delivery durations.

NIPOST Business Units

NIPOST currently operates through seven different commercial business units.

These are;

  • E-Commerce & Logistics
  • Financial services
  • EMS/Parcel
  • Counters
  • Mail
  • Workshop & Properties

These units handle the following services.

  • Postage stamps
  • Bulk post and mails
  • Direct mail and advertising mails
  • Pick-up services
  • Post office box and private mail bags
  • International reply coupon
  • International mail
  • Speed Post
  • EMS Merchandise
  • Online trading
  • Property development
  • Education
  • Agency banking

NIPOST Charges

To get the accurate charges of the Nigerian postal service, you can make use of the NIPOST calculator.

This can be found on the official website of Nipost.

It will allow you to know the amount you have to pay to send a document or parcel.

It allows you to make an estimate of the cost involved in making an order.

Alternatively, you can also find a comprehensive price list on the official website of NIPOST.

Just like the NIPOST calculator, this will allow you to make an estimate of the costs involved in the order.

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You can find this huge list through the link

Post Office Tracking Sites

Today, there are several post office tracking websites.

These websites allow you to track your parcels, to know their destination even before their actual arrival.

Here are some of these post office tracking websites.

1. Track24

Track24 is one of the best post office tracking websites.

With this website, you can easily track your orders and discover their location before they arrive at their final destination.

Doing this is easy.

Just visit the official website of ‘Track24’, and insert your tracking number in the space given on the website.

This will reveal the current destination of your parcel.

Today, Track24 is used by thousands of parcel and delivery companies.

2. Tracking More

Tracking More is another good post office tracking website.

The process of tracking your parcel on this website is similar to that of Track24.

You just have to put in your tracking number on the Tracking More website to know the destination of your order.

3. Parcel Monitor

Parcel monitor is another good post office tracking website with a good reputation over the years.

Just like the other post office tracking websites

You just have to insert your tracking number in their website to get visual information on the location of your parcel.

This is also used by so many companies, and they have a smart interface.

4. 17Track

17track is yet another post office tracking website with a fast and worthy delivery system.

Once you insert your parcel number on this website, you instantly see the location of the parcel.

This website is loved by so many people.

With a trustworthy reputation, they are currently one of the best post office tracking websites today.

5. All Track

Just as their name implies, Alltrack tracks all orders and parcels thrown at them.

Once you visit the website, you will be welcomed with a page asking for your tracking number.

Once this is filled, you will be taken to a page showing the location of your parcel.

They have other great features too.

Just like Track24, this website is used by thousands of delivery and parcel companies.

6. Tractry

This is another good post office tracking website that allows users to track the current destination of their orders.

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To do this is very simple.

Once you visit the official website of this company, you will see a bar requesting you to enter a tracking number.

Once you fill in a tracking number, it comes up with all relevant information about your parcel for you.

7. Aftership Package Tracking

Aftership claims to be the number one package tracking service.

They have a simple and modern interface which makes everything easy for new users.

Once you visit the homepage, you will see a bar where you can place your tracking number.

Once you do this, all you need to do is to tap on the ‘Track’ button to reveal relevant information about your package.

This site is just as good as every other website in this list.

These are some of the best post tracking websites we have today.

There are many more good ones available on the Internet, and you can explore them all by hitting the search query ‘Post Office tracking sites’ on Google.

These websites will allow you to easily check crucial details about your parcel.

With the help of these websites, one can easily see the location of his/her package right from the comfort of their home.

Try these post office tracking websites today, to ease the tension as you wait for your package to arrive.

They are used by hundreds of individuals and delivery companies.

Conclusion of NIPOST Tracking of Parcel After Shipped To Nigeria

So far, you now know how to track your parcel after it is shipped to Nigeria.

You can do that with the NIPOST tracking, or you can even use any of the post office tracking websites listed in this article.

Today, almost everyone makes orders online.

That should tell you that more people need this information today.

After ordering a package from abroad, a lot of people do not actually know the steps involved.

This has led to the loss of so many products.

So many parcels never get to their rightful owners, and this is all because of a lack of proper shipping knowledge.

Once your order lands here in Nigeria, you can follow the steps in this piece to track your order, to make sure it is coming towards you.

In all, I hope you enjoyed this wonderful article.

Feel free to drop your comments below.

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