How To Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Ways To Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Ways To Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Sabotaging Behavior occurs when your logical, conscious mind (the side of you that says you need to eat healthily and save money) is at odds with your subconscious mind (the side of you that stress-eats chocolate and goes on online shopping binges). The latter is your anti-self — that critical inner voice that seems to hold you back and sabotage your efforts.

Self-sabotage involves behaviors or thoughts that keep you away from what you desire most in life. It’s that internal sentiment gnawing at us, saying “you can’t do this.”

This is really your subconscious trying to protect you, prevent pain and deal with deep-seated fear. But the result of self-sabotage is that we hesitate instead of seizing new challenges. We forgo our dreams and goals. In the end, we know we missed out, but we don’t understand why.

So what can we do to stop the self-limiting behaviors? Here are eight steps you can start taking immediately to stop self-sabotaging your success.

4 Ways To Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior

People often say that you can be your own enemy, and to some extent, this is true. There are some actions you will take or you constantly take that hinder you from developing.

It is time to turn your self-critical mindset into a more positive one. You are the master of your own perspective and self-sabotaging behavior is your biggest barrier to success.

To stop sabotaging yourself, you need to figure out your patterns of behaviour and then find creative ways to counteract them and form new habits.

Before you can undo an unhealthy behaviour, you must understand the function it serves. Below are some ways to stop self-sabotaging yourself:

Implement affirmations
When you notice you’re engaging in a self-sabotaging thought or behavior, choose the opposite option. You can decide to use words of affirmation till the thoughts are gone. Words like “I can do it, I deserve love, I am capable to do all things” will go a long way to ensure you live better and happier. These affirmations create new neural pathways in the brain and, with time and diligence, absolutely have the power to eliminate self-sabotage.

Shift your inner narrative
When you see your thought pattern digressing to a negative path, take control and shift your self-talk. According to Mike Ensley, a professional counselor:

Start noticing when your mental monologue becomes angry, shaming, or hopeless and talk back to that voice the way you would an employee or even a child. These responses could include “Stop” or “That attitude isn’t helpful” or “You aren’t allowed to speak to me that way. It may feel silly at first, but if you stick to it you’ll see the power of mastering your inner narrative.

Realize you are entitled to be happy
You may be hindering your success by not feeling you are entitled to it. At the heart of self-sabotage is the belief that you are undeserving. This feeling of undeserving usually has deep ties to one’s family of origin or early life experiences. Start believing you deserve to be happy and your path to awareness will become more attainable. There is nothing stopping you, but yourself!

Be your own cheerleader
Grab a pen and paper and write down your accomplishments, even the really small ones. Fight the negative voice in your head to prove to yourself that you are capable of doing great work. You are worthy of success. It takes time to break negative thought patterns, but with persistence, you can break out of them! Ask yourself, what can I say to myself that is positive or encouraging?

You deserve every good thing in life, you deserve riches, love, and happiness. Stop limiting yourself, go hard for your dreams, and conquer your fears!

External Resource:: Self-Sabotage: 17 Things to Know – Healthline

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