How To Get Glowing Skin

It is very important to take very good care of our body especially sensitive parts like Eyes, Ears, Nose and the skin.

The skin is a very sensitive part that shows how well the body is being taken care of.

when the skin looks rough, it is said that the skin is not being well taken care but if the skin looks smooth and good, it’s said that it is properly taken care. Hence,  ageing causes  skin to wrinkle.

  The skin is an organ made up of tissues(epidermis, dermis etc). Which means the skin can really be affected when the body is not taken care very well.

What we are saying in essence is that the skin glow when the body is well taken care of and it is these tissues that makes the skin glow.

Factors that hinders Glowing skin

There are some factors that can cause the skin not to glow like sickness, bad hygiene, environment factors, lack of blood circulation, dry skin, Ageing etc.

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We all  like glow skin, and people with glow skin. People believe that after the youthful age, the skin might refuse to glow but that is not the case. Having glowing skin is related to the way you take care of the body.

Tips on how to get glowing skin even after the age of 50years.

Some of it are ;

1. Eating nutritional food and stay hydrated: Good nutritional food like vegetables and eating of fruits can also help in building up dead tissues that can cause the skin not to glow.

The habit of staying hydrated by drinking a lot of water is good for the skin  as well.

2. Exercise regularly:This will help in blood circulation and excretion of waste products from the body.

Body massaging is also good for the skin.

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3. Staying in the sun can affect the skin especially between 11am to 2pm.

When going into the sun, Use sun-screen and protective wear should be worn

4. Try anti-ageing products: If you’re over age 50, over-the-counter creams and lotions can help enhance your natural beauty by rejuvenating your skin.

Pentapeptides (a chemical compound in many new products) may help prompt skin cells to produce more collagen, which is the support structure that gives skin a firmer look.

Prescription treatments and retinoid creams are also options.

5. Maintaining personal hygiene

6. Avoid self medications and visit dermatologist often

7. Quit Smoking as It is very injurious to the skin  and health in general.

Try to stick to these routine and see how your skin will continue glowing even after ageing…Thanks for reading.

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