How to drive traffic to your site


Wondering How to drive traffic to your site ,SEO and Benefit of doing so ?

This tutorial article will enlighten you on that,keep calm and read on!

Site also known as website is created for several purposes like for downloading videos and links, education or for giving information while some are for business purposes.

There are different types of site such as blogs, social media site, magazine website etc.

How to drive traffic to your site ,SEO and Benefit of doing so

Regardless of the numbers of sites you might have, do you know you can increase the traffic on them?

And increasing the traffic will really help you like monetary gain, popularity of your site etc.

You are wondering how can you boost your site, is it even possible ? Yes, it is.

5 Tips on how to drive traffic on your site

Here are 5 tips on how to drive traffic to your site.

1. Use of good SEO(search engine optimization) :

Making use of SEO will improve the quality and quantity of your site and boost traffic on your website.

Search Engine Optimization are the processes you’d pass through for search engines especially goggle to rank your site thereby giving you access to organic traffic.

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If you don’t know about SEO, try to find means to learn it either by watching tutorial videos or reading it online. It will really help your site.

2. Write great content :

Content is everything on site. The content on your site will attract visitors to your site if they are well written and detailed.

When the content on your is superb and very attractive, it keeps the visitors visiting your site Every time. Try to get good SEO contents ,contents that are insatiable for readers

3. Create tutorial videos on social media :

Make tutorial videos regarding everything about your site. You can make use of social media like YouTube, Instagram,  as well as Facebook  to paste your tutorial videos, so people watching it will have interest in checking your contents on your site.

IMG 20201227 WA0004

You can also share links of your site on social media. This will create reasonable traffic on your site.

4. Always update your site :

Check your site every time, if there is need to upgrade it, upgrade it. Any outdated contents should be removed or updated and add attractive graphics so that you own’t be bore visitors out.

Doing these will drive traffic to your site too.

5. Guest blogging :

Writing on another company  or individual website/sites can help to attract people to your site. You can also make use of that chance  to advertise your content on another person site via backlinking.


These should help you in boosting traffic on your site. You can organize webinars or trainings to make people aware of your site.

Hope you’ve learnt How to drive traffic to your site ,SEO and Benefit of doing so?  Thanks for reading…

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