Herbs and oils mix enlarges hips and butt? ‘Rubbish,’ says expert

“Natural Treatment for Hips and Butt Enlargement,” read a message posted on Facebook. It claims a mixture of powdered fenugreek, fennel, cumin and maca, mixed with almond oil, olive oil and honey, will increase the size of hips and buttocks.

The message says women should drink a boiled version of the mixture and apply a paste of it to their breasts and buttocks.

But does science back up this remedy?

herbs and oils mix enlarges hips and butt rubbish says

herbs and oils mix enlarges hips and butt rubbish says

‘If you must, visit cosmetic surgeon’

Experts told Africa Check that while the ingredients have nutritional benefits, there is no evidence that the remedy works.

For example, the seeds, leaves and roots of the fenugreek plant – a herb in the same family as soya often used as a flavouring agent – are regarded as medicinal herbs with potential health benefits. Also extracts from fennel plant, a perennial herb of the carrot family, are used to treat respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders.

But Peter Olaitan, a professor of burns and plastic surgery at Nigeria’s Ladoke Akintola University, said there was no scientific basis for the claim.

“That is rubbish. Such a combination doesn’t increase hips and butt,” he said.

Olaitan, who is also a reconstructive surgeon, said the claim should be disregarded and advised women who wanted to change their body structure to visit qualified cosmetic surgeons.

“People post all sorts [of remedies] on social media nowadays. We all need to be very careful,” he said.

Africa Check had debunked a similar claim that a mixture of eggs and shea butter will firm up women’s breasts

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