Glacier Hopes For Another Match In AEW, Talks Chris Kanyon’s Dark Side of the Ring Episode

Glacier Hopes For Another Match In AEW, Talks Chris Kanyon’s Dark Side of the Ring Episode

Pro-wrestling star Glacier was a recent guest on the Perched On The Top Rope program where the former WCW competitor expressed his desire to step back into the ring one more time for AEW following his one-off appearance at the 2019 Double or Nothing pay per view. Glacier also reveals that he was supposed to be interviewed for the Chris Kanyon episode of Dark Side of the Ring, something he admits he would have turned down anyway if they brought him on. Highlights are below.

Says he hopes to work another AEW match since his hip is finally in good shape:

Well I’ll just say this right now, the hip is feeling really, really good and so, my hip was bothering me for the last several years and even when I did the appearance at the pay-per-view a couple years ago out in Vegas. It was Double Or Nothing. I was really trying to hide the fact that I was in a lot of pain in my right hip but that’s been fixed, I’m getting around really good. I still have maybe a little bit of time to get back to absolutely 100 percent but, I certainly hope so. I really do because a lot of my friends are obviously in AEW and I’m still very close and connected with the company obviously because of my relationship with QT [Marshall] and Cody [Rhodes], even though they’re kind of butting heads these days still, you know? But, as I always say, there’s those times where throughout my whole life, throughout all of our lives, I’ve had friends that were butting heads before. It doesn’t mean I can’t be friends with both of ‘em. I certainly hope to make an appearance in AEW at some point. I really do.

On Chris Kanyon’s Dark Side of the Ring episode:

A lot of my good friends were interviewed for that episode [Chris Kanyon’s Dark Side of the Ring] and I was told that they were gonna contact me. They never really did but I can say without reservation, I would not have gone on camera and talked about it because I just learned over the years that sometimes — and not saying this is what Dark Side of the Ring would do but, I just learned sometimes when people chop things up and take things out of context and I love and respected Chris so much and his legacy that I wouldn’t just — I didn’t wanna take a chance on that happening. So I hope they do his legacy justice, I really do.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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