Four years on, Isiaka Adeleke’s sweet memories linger

four years on isiaka adelekes sweet memories linger

Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke

As stated in the scripture, “tell the righteous, it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruits of their deeds”.

On April 23, 2017, the eagle flew home in a blaze of glory, and the world, literarily stood still. Four years after his glorious transition, Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke’s spirit continues to enjoy peace of the Almighty God, the unfailing and unalloyed loyalty of his well-wishers.

His dreams and aspiration of selfless service to humanity remain undying and blossoms as people of goodwill, who believe in his dignified personality and political acumen, are holding the front contented and the flag flying high. Asia Isiaka Adeleke, lele lo nfe.

There is no second of the dull moment for his sweet memory. Each passing day keeps him evergreen in the minds of his teaming admirers across the world. Why not, if not? He worked for such, while he was with us. Senator Isiaka Adeleke’s well-wishers are daily trying to outdo themselves to make his everlasting legacies endure and the sweet memory linger on. They are yet to come to terms with the reality of his transition. But, the first executive governor of Osun State is resting peacefully in the bosom of Allah, his creator.

In the last four years of his glorious transition, many people are still testifying his good-naturedness and how he brought hope unto their lives, even when everything seemed hopeless. Such people are still trusting, that his illuminating spirit lives with them at this end.

In a moving tribute to the memory of the late first executive governor of Osun State, Dr. Deji Adeleke, said the Adeleke Dynasty is very proud of the responsible leadership roles Senator Isiaka Adeleke played within the family while he was alive.

Dr. Deji Adeleke said, the late Asiwaju of Edeland proved himself to be a worthy head of Adeleke family and dependable figure for the entire family, affirming further that the family shall forever be proud of Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke’s great exploits in life, especially in political, social and business circles, where he successfully carved a niche for himself.

There is no denying the fact, that so many other highly and lowly placed people in the society are daily singing his praise. The late politician did not for once expose the weaknesses of people around him even when he knew they were up to a ‘game’. He tolerated every shortcoming of different human beings that came across him.
He always cherished friendship and comradeship, as people will always remember his comforting and soothing words. His legacy of love, care, and commitment to the people around him will always remain engraved in their hearts. Society at large will remember him as a virtuous man, whose greatness impacted positively on their lives.

Right now across Osun State, the Adeleke Dynasty is busy distributing thousands of bags of rice to the members of the public (Muslims and Non-Muslim) who are currently observing the Holy Month of Ramadan. This rare humanitarian gesture has been the unique practice by the Adeleke Dynasty since his transition four years ago, in keeping with his life of philanthropy.

His clear vision and ideology of others first, self last, should continue to be sustained by all and sundry. Not only in Nigeria, is the memory of the former Osun State governor being celebrated. Not long ago, his admirers in an Asian country conferred on him, the title of Supreme Commander of politics without bitterness, while another Nigeria Society in the Philippines, honoured him posthumously with the title of GENERALISMO of the downtrodden. That is the man of the people, fondly remembered in far-flung areas of the world, because he rose above petty political squabbles and gave his golden heart to his people.

Another unique virtue of the deceased is simplicity while upholding tenaciously, the principle of ‘live and let others live.’ He was an enigma, that transited at God’s own appointment time though his admirers would have loved to have him many more years with them. They felt the fragrance of his presence every day as he gave them cause to believe, that life without recourse to the upliftment of mankind, is a worthless life. He taught people to give to charity, even if it is only with a flash of a smile to the needy, the oppressed, and the voiceless in the society to uplift their spirit.

These are qualities the first Executive Governor of Osun State, amply demonstrated throughout his lifetime. Glory is given to God for all the immeasurable good deeds, that he put in place. They are simply indelible. We thank God, that he lived unblemished life and his good name was untainted. Senator Isiaka Adeleke was a man with the Midas touch. A legend in life and in death. A statesman par excellence, who was shoulder high above his peers. A true son of the late Balogun Raji Ayoola Adeleke and Mama Esther Adeleke, both of whom impacted positively on his life and their other amiable children.

Lawal served as Special Adviser (Media and Publicity) to the ate Senator Isiaka Adeleke

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