FIMI A3 Drone Review

FIMI A3 Drone is an entry level drone for beginner pilots with 2-axis mechanical and 3-axis electrical Gimbal and a 1080P Camera supported by the Ambarella ISP processor, to give you perfect HD and video. This drone is equipped with the GPRS-GLONASS dual-mode module and comes with lots of flight mode which makes flying and capturing shots easy.

FIMI A3 Drone

FIMI A3 Drone

Where to Buy FIMI A3 Drone

The FIMI A3 quadcopter drone remote controller has a built-in LCD screen, DVR, and User Interface for easy operation. FIMI A3 Drone also has a handful of interesting flight modes and packs a 3-cell 2000mAh Li-Po battery which offers up to 25 hours of flight time.

FIMI A3 Drone Key Specs and Features

  • Foldable design
  • Full HD camera w/ 5.8G real-time image transmission;
  • Up to 1920×[email protected] 30 fps video recording (20/40/60Mbps);
  • 2-axis mechanical and 3-axis electronical gimbal
  • GPS+ GLONASS Positioning system
  • 2000mAh Li-Po Battery.
  • 25 Minutes Flight Time
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Automatic Return when Lost
  • One Key Takeoff / Landing
  • Smart flight modes (Follow-me, Orbit, Selfie and Headless)
  • Remote Controller with built-in LCD screen

FIMI A3 Drone


FIMI A3 Drone features a lightweight design, hence, the drones fly faster, than most of its size. Thus aircraft is built using plastic material. Unlike the FIMI X8 SE, this drone is not foldable hence, it have a large body build which measure 285 x 229 x 69mm and weights more than 500 grams.

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Furthermore, instead of self-tightening propellers, the FiMI A3 comes with an easy to install quick release propellers. The quick release propellers sports an excellent aerodynamic design, hence it its light and quite efficient.


This drone perfectly house a 1080P camera which is powered by Ambarella ISP processor and Sony CMOS sensor. With the 8 MP sensor, this drone is capable of shooting 1080p video at 30 fps. It has a 1/3.2″ sensor and an aperture of f/2.0 with 80-degrees field of view which enables the drone to capture stunning shots.

Thanks to the 2-axis mechanical and 3-axis electronical gimbal which provides stable and smooth footage in any situation, the FIMI A3 drone offers smooth and jello-free shots even when flying at high speeds or in strong wind conditions. 

FIMI A3 Drone also comes with 120° Wide-Angle which allows it to capture high definition video and clear aerial photos.

Furthermore, this drone comes with 5.8G First-person view (FPV), also known as remote-person view (RPV), or simply video piloting, which allows you to also allows you to view video feed through the remote controller.


This drone is equipped with the GPRS-GLONASS dual-mode module and powered by the latest 3rd gen flight control algorithm running on a more powerful cortex M7 platform which bring more precise flight altitude and more responsive control.

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The FIMI A3 drone flight distance is limited to 500 meters and flight altitude to 120 meters. It also sports a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

Above all, this drone comes with a 3-cell 2000mAh Li-Po battery with standard RC charge port.

Flight Modes

Xiaomi FIMI A3 drone features 6 different smart flight modes.: Return-to-home, Follow-me, Orbit, and Dronie flight modes, Headless mode and Fixed-wing mode.

Return-to-home Mode

Numerous drones offer a feature that will cause your drone to fly back to the place where it was armed in the event that control communication is lost.

The return to home (RTH) feature gives the drone the capability to automatically return to a designated landing point which can be triggered under specific conditions. The drone pilot may set the RTH location as either the takeoff spot or the location of the remote controller.

Follow-me Mode

In this mode, the aircraft will track you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aerial view. It has a built in sensors and recognition technology, along with software algorithms that give UAVs the ability to recognize and follow a person or object.

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This deep learning following drone technology allows the UAV to track a moving subject without a separate GPS tracker.

Orbit Mode

This mode allows you to capture smooth, circling video footage of a point of interest of your choosing. The drone rotates around a subject while steadily gaining elevation. As the drone revolves around the subject, you can gradually reveal the scene to your audience.

Dronie Flight Mode

This mode is kind of like the ultimate selfie. Once in the mode, you can use your hands to create a frame in front of your face which will start a three-second count-down then take a picture.

Fixed Wing Mode

This option is found in the settings for the remote controller and activated using the remote controller once in a forward motion. The mode replicates the actions of flying a fixed-wing aircraft, with flight limited to left and right banking and steady ascending and descending. The gimbal is set facing forward and the aircraft will constantly move forward during the mode.

Headless Mode

This mode align your quadcopter drone movements relative to its controller. The feature lets you move a drone depending on your direction rather than its flight path orientation. With Headless Mode activated, the drone moves in your direction whether you turn it 90 degrees to the left or right

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