Eternal Love update Thursday 4th February 2021 Star Life

eternal love update thursday 4th february 2021 star life

Eternal Love 4 february 2021 update: starts with Suman saying we don’t know how time changes, Sulochana was right, I have to think about Sona’s future. Some time back, Sulochana says love ends when there is no money, you have to think about Sonakshi’s security, shall I send the fruits basket to the car.

Suman says I will send someone. She goes. Sonakshi asks Rohit about it. Rohit says I was angry that Mahesh told Sonakshi about the culprit, but its good, we would have not had any romantic patch up if we didn’t had a fight. She asks him to come home for mehendi. Rohit and everyone say no. Rohit says I have to take a good sleep. She says you have to come. Rohit makes excuses.

Ajit says we have arranged a bachelors party for him. She asks him to cancel it. Ajit says there will be music and dancers. She asks what, did you call the girls. Rohit and everyone leave. She says how can they do bachelors party by calling dancers, no…. Rohit and Sippy boys drink. Rohit says whatever happens will be our secret. Akash gets a call. He says dancers have come. Sonakshi says what’s all this, bachelors party and all, I could have celebrated with friends too, fine I understand him, but this freedom ending myth, I don’t understand this, I will go to sleep now. She goes to sleep.

Rohit says our dancers have come. He kicks the football to his friends. He hugs them. The guy asks why are you calling us dancers, when your team loses, we will make you dance. Rohan says you get ready to dance, we will win. Rohit plays a football match. Sonakshi says dancers should be guys, why did the invite girls, Rohit is decent, he wouldn’t do anything such, but what about dancers, what if they force. She imagines Rohit and girls dancing close. She says boys are boys, don’t know what’s happening there. She calls Rohit. Rohit asks his friends to dance on Chikni chameli. The guys dance. Everyone laughs. Rohan answers the call. Sonakshi hears them saying Nach meri jaan…. Rohan says we can’t talk right now, we are in heaven. She says so cheap, I will see them, Raima would be knowing everything, I will call her and say sorry also, maybe she is sleeping.

Raima thinks of Sonakshi. She disconnects her call. Sonakshi calls someone else and asks for help. Rohit and everyone dance, wearing the dupattas. They all get drunk. Pooja looks on. She laughs and tells everything to Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks what, football match, I knew Rohit is simple. She tells her plan. Suman recalls Sulochana’s words. She goes to Sonakshi and asks are you awake. Sonakshi asks what happened. Suman asks do you know Rohit’s bank balance and properties. Sonakshi says we both are independent, why would we talk about this. Suman says you have to think, he has a big joint family. Sonakshi says Rohit is my big security, you don’t think this, we shall go and sleep, mehendi is in some hours now, go and sleep. Suman says we don’t know how time changes, Sulochana was right, I have to think about Sona’s future and financial security.

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Its morning, Suman welcomes guests in mehendi. Pari talks to Akhil on call. He says my dream is to make my company the Asia’s best company, we are still good friends right. She says sure, we have to meet for dinner. Sippys come. Suman welcomes them. Sonakshi comes for her mehendi. Veena asks them to apply mehendi well to her bahu. Sonakshi asks for Raima. Veena says she was tired, she didn’t come. Veena applies shagun mehendi to Sonakshi. The reporter gives an idea that Sonakshi’s real and tv serial/reel Saas applying mehendi to her. Veena looks on. Suman says its a good idea and calls the lady.netra asks where is Rohit. Sonakshi gets the mehendi applied. She winks to Pooja. Rohit wakes up. He screams. Everyone wakes up and asks what happened Rohit. Rohit shows mehendi on his hands. They make faces and say so tacky, how did you get this applied.

Naren and Yash telling Veena about the pre nup. Naren comes to meet Sonakshi and gives her the papers. She gets shocked. Some time back, Veena asks them to apply beautiful mehendi to Sonakshi. Suman looks after them. Sukhmani says you have done all arrangements alone. Suman says Sonakshi’s CA has done a mistake, if you can give your CA number, then I can take help. Veena says I don’t interact with him. Sukhmani asks why our CA. Suman says its matter of same house. Sukhmani says I feel it would be good if accounts are different. Veena says its fine, I will send the number. Suman thanks her and goes.

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Sukhmani says everything is fine now, but I think something will happen now. Sukhmani says I will find out about Rohit’s property. Ajit washes Rohit’s hands. Pooja says Rohit would be shocked. Sonakshi says Rohit says we are equal. Pooja says last night, Akash fell asleep and I took the mehendi artist to Rohit. Sonakshi laughs. Pooja says I have asked receptionist not to tell anyone. Akash says receptionist doesn’t know anything. Sonakshi calls Rohit and asks how was the party. He says too good. She says I m happy to get mehendi applied. He asks how do actors remove mehendi. She says why would I remove mehendi, what happened. He says nothing. She says come home, see my mehendi. He says no, I can’t come, I have to go to hospital. She says I wish I could show this beautiful mehendi to you. He ends call. He says Sonakshi has done this, she is mad. Ajit says so cute, why are we trying to remove it, let it be. They sing mehendi laga ke rakhna…. Rohit gets shy. Mahesh gets Parvati’s name tattoo made. The man says your wife is lucky, you love her a lot. Mahesh says Parvati, you will be mine, be as happy as you can.

Suman says this thread will save you from bad sight, you can’t go out of the house till marriage. She ties the thread. She asks Veena to tie it to Rohit’s hand. Veena says thanks, Yash would have sent you CA’s number. Suman calls CA Ramesh and introduces herself. She says I have some imp work and you will get good price for this, send me the address. Sumit says no Raima, Sonakshi isn’t like that. Raima says Rohit is with her because of my foolishness. Sonakshi comes. Sumit says you had an off today. Sonakshi says yes, I had to come for some imp work, we need to talk. Sumit goes. Sonakshi says you are affecting Sumit well, are you annoyed with me about Sangeet, trust me, I wanted to say sorry that day. He hugs Raima and says sorry. She shows her mehendi and says my mehendi was incomplete without you. She asks Sunita to apply mehendi to Raima. She goes. Raima says this mehendi was mine and I can take it back also.

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Sumit stops Sonakshi and says I want to talk about Raima. She asks him not to worry. She gets a call. She says mum is calling, maybe she reached home. She goes. Sumit says I m scared that Raima can do anything wrong. Veena asks Vimmi to ask Sukhmani about requirement. She calls Rohit. Rohit comes. He asks him to give his hand, she has to tie the thread to his hand, he can’t go out and meet Sonakshi. He says I have to go on dinner date with my GF. She asks him to give hand. She sees him wearing gloves. She removes it and laughs seeing his mehendi. He says everyone will think I m over excited, Sonakshi has done this. She laughs and asks him to let anyone think anything.

She says mehendi is a colour of love, let the world know about Sonakshi’s love, you both are equal in love, so the colour of love should be equal also. He says right, everyone should see it. He throws the gloves and says I love you. He hugs her and goes. Vimmi says Naren is calling you. Naren says Suman was trying to find Rohit’s property by asking Ramesh, she was bribing him to hide the matter, do you think we shouldn’t give prenup to Sonakshi. Veena asks what. Yash says its meant to assure that Sonakshi doesn’t ask for any property. Naren says I don’t trust Suman. Yash says I think this would be right now. He goes to get papers. Naren says this marriage won’t happen if Sonakshi doesn’t sign. Veena says I m with Naren in this, its about family, Naren give the papers to Sonakshi.

Pari gets a greeting. Rohan asks Tanya not to take stress. She jokes. She says I m so happy and hugs him. He gets Pari’s call. He says its a call from office. He goes and answers. Pari scolds him. She says how can you send me yellow roses. Naren comes there. Rohan worries hearing him. Suman asks Naren to come in. Naren asks where is Sonakshi. Suman says she is packing things. Naren says I want to talk to her in private. He goes to Sonakshi and gives the papers. She says prenup agreement. He says read it well and then sign it.

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