Eternal Love Thursday 18 March 2021 Update

Eternal Love Thursday 18 March 2021 Update
Eternal Love Thursday 18 March 2021 Update


Eternal Love Thursday 18th March 2021 Update on starlife: On Eternal Love Thursday 18 March 2021 Update, The Episode starts with Rohit saying I m sorry to trust you. He slaps himself and throws a glass in anger. Sonakshi gets shocked. Some time back, Sonakshi goes to Rohit. He cries at Veena’s words. He says I didn’t cheat her, I was just protecting her. She consoles him. He recalls Suman. He says how did your mum know about my dad.

She sees Ajit outside. Ajit folds their hands and cries. Sonakshi says I told mum by mistake, I didn’t feel that mum will bring this matter out, I m sorry, I made a mistake. Rohit says I hate you. Ajit looks on. Rohit says we had a trust between us, you broke it today, I hate you Sonakshi. She gets shocked. Ajit goes.

Rohan throws his phone and says why isn’t Pari answering my call. Tanya says mom is broken down, you still want to talk to Pari. He says yes, I love Pari, you had fixed the camera to show proof to everyone, I m happy with Pari. She cries and says our baby. He says this doesn’t matter to me, I don’t know about dad, he cheated mom. Tanya says you are also like him. He says dad lied as he wanted to stay with mom, I don’t want to be with you. He goes. Rohit drinks. Sonakshi comes to him.

He says you came to me if I m fine. She asks him to sleep. He says we shall have a talk, you are so pretty, when I saw you for the first time, I was mesmerized seeing your beauty, just like an angel, you were unconscious but beautiful, I thought I will love my wife a lot. She worries for him. He says wives are lovely and make sacrifices, so I thought to always support my Sona, I always supported you about your work, I fought dad, Nishi and family, I madly loved you and trusted you, what did you do, you broke my belief.

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He stumbles. She tries to hold. He says I just asked you to love Veena, you ruined her existence. She says sorry. He says I m sorry to trust you. He slaps himself. She asks him to stop it. He says it’s my mistake to trust you, you don’t know the difference between real emotions and actions, you are heartless. He throws the glass. He says what would have happened if you didn’t tell this your mom. He holds her hands in anger. She says I m getting hurt. He says think about my mum, Veena is like my Lord, you made her cry. He steps on the glass piece and falls. Ajit comes to help. They take Rohit to the room.

Ajit says sorry, I can’t see Rohit’s hatred for you, you tell Rohit that I told everything to Suman, tell about Yashwant also, I can’t see you like this. Sonakshi says I m doing what Rohit asked me to do, support his family, our relation isn’t so weak, he is much angry with me now, it’s fine. She does aid to Rohit’s foot. She says I will support him, he is shattered, mum could have handled this situation in a better way. Ajit goes. Sonakshi takes care of Rohit. It’s morning, Rohit wakes up.

Eternal Love Thursday 18 March 2021 Update: Sonakshi asks him to take the tablet. He says stay away. He goes to Veena’s room. He says to talk to me once. Naren comes. Rohit says I don’t think she wants to see your face. Naren says she is my wife, I don’t need to ask you, stay out of it. Veena opens the door. Naren says I made a mistake, forgive me, Pooja isn’t at fault, she is with Nishi and YK. Rohit says I just want you to be happy. Veena says you both cheated me, you were my pride. Sonakshi comes.

Veena says in fact I shall thank someone. She thanks Sonakshi for waking her up from a long sleep, there was love and faithfulness in my dream, thanks, you and your mom have awakened me. Sonakshi says please listen to Rohit once, dad also…. Veena says I don’t want to talk. She shuts the door. Pooja says I need to talk to you. Sonakshi goes with her. Nishi looks on. She says Veena didn’t talk to Rohit and Naren, she thanked Sonakshi. Yash says we have to think about Pooja, not Sonakshi.

Eternal Love Thursday 18 March 2021 Update: Nishi says Pooja is with Sonakshi. Yash says I will talk to Pooja. Nishi locks the door. She sees Pooja’s pic. She says illegitimate girl, go to hell, I don’t care. She throws the pic and says I m not a fool to raise my brother’s sin, Pooja is just a medium for my motive, I didn’t wish Naren’s truth to come out, if this matter doesn’t get solved, I swear I won’t leave Sonakshi.


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