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Late US Rapper, Coolio cremated with his ashes to be encased in jewelry for his children and other family members

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Late American rapper, Coolio has been cremated with his ashes to be encased in jewelry for his children and other family members.


The Gangsta’s Paradise hitmaker died tragically at 59 last month from suspected heart attack.


A death certificate obtained by TMZ this week revealed that the Gangsta’s Paradise hitmaker has already been cremated.


Now his remains will be preserved in necklaces that will be distributed among his 10 children as well as other close relations, his representative shared.


The ashes will be kept in pendants on which each of his children will be able to arrange for customized inscriptions.


After the necklaces are sent around to Coolio’s loved ones, the remainder of the ashes are going to be kept in an urn.


Coolio shared four of his children – Artisha, Brandi, Jackie, and Artis – with his ex-wife Josefa Salinas whom he divorced in 2000.



The beloved rapper, whose real name was Artis Ivey Jr., had a further six children – Grtis, Milan, Darius, Zhaneand, and twins Kate and Shayne – by various other women.


Coolio was discovered on a friend’s bathroom floor last month and then pronounced dead of a suspected cardiac arrest.


His longtime girlfriend Mimi Ivey, who had been with him since 2012, exclusively told DailyMail.com how she reacted when she was told the news.


‘I just remember all of the air and life coming out of my body,’ she recalled. ‘I was outside, getting ready to take my son to football practice. All I remember was dropping to my knees. I collapsed.’


She revealed that in accordance with Coolio’s own instructions, he would not be having a full funeral and would be cremated.


A source close to Coolio informed the publication that the measure was taken to prevent a possible spat between the mothers of his children.


Mimi, an exotic dancer and chef, revealed that she knew Coolio was seeing other women and that they had come to an arrangement as a couple.


‘We were best friends,’ she said. ‘We would talk about everything and joke and laugh about everything. There was never a dull moment being with him.’