WWE 205 Live Results 9/17/2021

WWE’s purple brand program returns this evening. Immediately following this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX, the latest installment of WWE 205 Live premieres on the WWE Network on Peacock.

WWE 205 Live

WWE 205 Live

On tap for tonight’s show is Trey Baxter vs. Andre Chase in the main event, as well as Valentina Feroz vs. Amari Miller and in his debut, Malik Blade goes one-on-one against Boa.

Featured below are complete WWE 205 Live results for Friday, September 17, 2021.


WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS (9/17/2021)


The regular signature opening video kicks off this week’s 205 Live show and then we shoot inside the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, FL.

Amari Miller vs. Valentina Feroz

The commentators welcome us to the show and then we head down to the ring for our first match of the evening.

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Out comes Amari Miller as well as Valentina Feroz, as one-on-one women’s action will get things started inside the squared circle on tonight’s show.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with tonight’s opening contest. Early on, we see some back-and-forth offense from both ladies.

Feroz doesn’t make things easy for Miller at all, as she kills her offensive momentum and takes over. She ends up showing off some lightning quick offense before finally catching her and finishing her off. She scores the pin fall victory.

Winner: Valentina Feroz

Malik Blade vs. Boa

Now it’s time for the 205 Live in-ring debut of a fresh face on the scene on WWE’s black-and-gold brand in NXT, as Malik Blade makes his way out for our next match of the evening.

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Blade will be going one-on-one against Boa in singles action. The bell sounds and now we’re off-and-running with our second of three scheduled matches here on tonight’s show.

Early on, we see Blade fare well and even showcase some decent high flying ability.

However when all is said-and-done, Boa pulls off the victory in a relatively quick and basis middle match on this week’s show.

Winner: Boa

Andre Chase vs. Trey Baxter

After a quick time out we head back inside the CWC and down to the ringside area where the commentators get us ready for our main event.

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Andre Chase’s theme hits and out he comes for our final match of the evening here on this week’s purple brand program. His music dies down.

Now the theme for Trey Baxter hits and he heads down to the squared circle as well. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with our featured attraction of the evening.

We see some back-and-forth action early on and then Baxter starts to get beaten down by Chase. He fires back up and hits a nice springboard spot off the ropes.

After a big burst of energy, Baxter ends up finishing Chase off and picking up the pin fall victory to end this week’s show. Thanks for joining us!

Winner: Trey Baxter

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