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A man who loves his woman never forgets how she was there when he lost everything – Lady recounts how her husband fulfilled a promise he made to her after he lost his job

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An American Twitter user has narrated how her husband fulfilled a promise he made to her when he lost his job one month after they held their wedding.


@adaratheexplorer who recounted how her husband begged her not to leave him after he lost his job, further revealed that he promised to make real her dream of becoming a stay-at-home wife.


The lady disclosed that she took another job to sort out the bills at home and never spoke down on her husband while he was unemployed.


Years after this, the lady revealed that he fulfilled all the promises he made to her. She concluded by saying that a man who loves his woman never forgets how she was there when he lost everything.


She tweeted;


One month after we got married, my husband was fired from his job. We were newly married. Wedding was debt free & we used the money we got in gifts to pay down student loans. That left us with a whopping $1500 in our accounts between the two of us. $1000 in mine and $500 in his.

Fired with $500 in his bank account. That left me with $1000 in mine but I still had a biweekly paycheck because I was working. I will never forget the day he was let go. It was not like a usual day. He barely spoke to me all day and in the afternoon he texted. We have a rule

No important things are discussed by text (that’s another post for another day) but I will never forget the text “hey babe, we need to talk and it’s not a text conversation. Can I call you right now?” I knew this was serious so I excused myself to talk I called him.

Before I could utter a hello he broke down & told me he got fired out of nowhere. He kept saying “I don’t know what I’ll do if you l leave. Give me time to find another job & provide”. I had never seen him so afraid. He kept begging me to come home and that he would figure it out

I was baffled because leaving had never even crossed my mind! In my mind as soon as I heard the “fired” I started calculating how much overtime I could swing to carry us and our church mortgage. Oh yeah, my husband pastors a church. The whole idea that pastors steal money is wild

We were paying several of our church’s bills. Because that’s what you do when there’s a need. Anyway, I told my manager I had an emergency at home and left. I came home to him crying & I realized this deeply hurt him because he was used to providing and always had done so.

Now a month later that was being snatched and things were about to get shaky. We would struggle a bit. However, never in my mind did I think about leaving. In fact, I got another job. For better or worse was imprinted on my soul. So we had dinner that night.

We didn’t have a kitchen table so we sat on our pull out couch and ate Wendy’s. He said “babe, I know it doesn’t seem like it right now but we can come back from this. I just need a little time. Please just give me time. To which my question was obvious- how much time.

He said he didn’t know but he gave me his word that it would happen and my dream of being a stay home wife would happen. Dreams are funny little things. They require work to become reality. And that’s what we did. We worked together. And I never once spoke down to him.

He just needed time and for me to trust. Fast forward, everything he promised, he made good on. The moral of this is that a man who loves his woman never forgets how she was there when he lost everything. When he is in the position to, he will later give her everything and more.