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Solo Uniacke Biography, Age, Parents, Siblings, Net worth

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Solo Uniacke is the son of Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike. His mother is one of the big shots in the Hollywood movie industry and his father is a prominent businessman.
Solo Uniacke is one of the “lucky” people to be born into a family of famous people. It comes with lots of perks right from birth. One is the fame that comes with the “celebrity” identifier. Also, his mother is in the news about a role in a movie or for an award she won.
From day one, his life is not like everyone else’s – he starts making headlines as a child – people begin prying into his personal life, and even – paparazzi start following him from an early age. It can be uncomfortable for many people like Ben, son of Harrison Ford of Star Wars, who said, “having a famous dad was more hindrance than help at times” – he owns a restaurant, by the way.
For Solo Uniacke, we are yet to hear from him about his straight-from-birth fame. Let’s take a look at his profile summary.
Profile summary
Birth NameSolo UniackeDate of Birth 6th May 2012Birth PlaceUnited States of AmericaZodiac Sign TaurusAge 10 years oldFathersRobie UniackeMotherRosamund PikeBrotherAtom UniackeSkin color White Eye color Dark brown Hair ColorBlondeNet worth –
Solo Uniacke Biography
Solo Uniacke was born on May 6, 2012, to his parents, Robie Uniacke, a businessman, and Rosamund Pike, an actress. His famous parents have sworn to keep details about Solo private until he is of age. Solo is the firstborn of his parents, and he is 10 years old. He is still in preschool and will get into high school in the coming years. An interesting activity Solo was doing during the lockdown was learning Mandarin from his father – Robie did not know Mandarin, but he had to learn it from scratch so he could teach his kids.
For physical appearance, Solo visibly picked most of his traits from his mother; he has blonde hair and blue eyes, just like his mother. Physical attributes like height, weight, etc., are bound to change as Solo grows up to a mature age, so we can’t put a number on those.
From his paternal side, these are the names of Solo’s great and great grandparents;

Grand-parents: Robie Uniacke, Jennifer Cunningham
Great-grandparent: Robie Uniacke
Great Great-grand parent: Cecil Dudley Uniacke

Likewise, these are the names of his maternal grandparents;

Grandparents: Julian Pike, Caroline Friend

Solo’s parents had previous partners before they met, but only his father had children from his previous relationship – they became his step-siblings.
From his parent’s current relationship, Solo has a younger brother named Atom Uniacke, who was born on December 9, 2014, and is 8 years old. His step-siblings are;

Olive Uniacke
Robie Jonjo Uniacke
Hector Uniacke
Florence Uniacke

That’s it for Solo’s bio; let’s discuss how his parents met and how their marriage is fairing.
Solo Uniacke Parents
Solo’s parents, Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke are famous in their respective professions for their great achievements. They started dating in 2010 after they met each other at a party. Three years after getting to know each other well enough, in 2012, Robie and Rosamund had their first child, Solo Uniacke. They had their second in 2014. As of when they had their first and second child, they were not married till this day.

Rosamund Pike 1Solo’s mother Rosamund Pike
Speaking on marriage, Rosamund is not known to have kept one. She has not been officially married to anyone or even her current partner, Robie. According to her, during an interview with her.ie, separation is key to a successful relationship. What!! Wait up. During that interview, she meant that she must not sit beside her partner in public to have a successful relationship. So how has that helped her? Let’s see.
Rosamund’s first official relationship was with Simon Pegg, her lover from their days at Oxford University, where they studied English. It was tough love for Simon because Rosamund was cherishable by her colleagues. However, their relationship lasted for two years – they broke up in 2013 – it turns out Simon was gay, and he is now married to his lover, a man. The second relationship Ros had was with Joe Wright, a movie director, for four years, and it got to an engagement level. But it was called off after she, without his approval, shared “save the date” pre-wedding cards to dozens of friends with a tasty picture of her and her lover in a hot tub. Her lover found that disgusting and called it off. Want to know the twist? Joe Wright turned down dinner with George Clooney to propose to Rosamund.

Robie UniackeSolo’s father Robie Uniacke
Still, on marriage, Solo’s father, Robie Uniacke, has been in and out of two marriages – he has four children in total from both. Dailymail.co.uk described him as a “big, rather shambolic Old Etonian” 18 years older than his partner, who gave him two kids. Robie has his dark sides; aside from a failed business that ruined his reputation, he has some relationship issues.He married Emma Howard, the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle, in 1983, when he was just 22, and she was 30. Despite being parents to a son, Robie Jonjo, they were addicted to drugs which was the reason behind their divorce in 1989 after rehabilitation. The “For Better, For Worse” vow did not keep them together.
After Emma, he moved on to marry Rose Batstone, an interior designer – there, he had three children with her, Hector, Olive, and Florence. After both marriages, In 2014, he had an association with PR girl Sophia, who was 19 then. He was 24 years older than her, and Sophia’s father would not have it. According to him, Robie had no issues with the age gap between him and any of his younger lovers; “The older you get, the less difference it makes.”
Solo’s parent’s relationship is not ideal, but what matters is that they have lived happily together since 2012. During Rosamund and Robie’s first meeting, she was basking in the glory of her nomination in the British Independent Film Award as British Supporting Actress of the Year for her role in “An Education” and “Made in Dagenham.” She has won more laurels since then and spends quality time with her family.
Solo Uniacke Name Meaning
Solo has several meanings; in English, it means Alone. Also, it means someone who has lived in a country estate, going by topographical depiction according to ecelebritymirror.com. The name has an entirely different meaning in Thailand, meaning making something red hot.
Uniacke relates to the Anglo-Norman culture and is a common name for a respected military officer. It is derived from the expression Unicus Est.
His parents gave him the name because, to them, it represents strength and symbolizes characteristics that they admire.
Solo Uniacke Net worth
Solo is not old enough to earn an income under his name. If he has any assets, they will be managed by his parents till he is of age. That being the case, estimating his net worth is impossible.
However, he is the son of super-rich parents – his father’s net worth is up 10 $10 million( Robie is a businessman and has worked with brands such as Vogue as a model). His mother is worth $6 million; she went into the big leagues after she played the role of James Bond’s girl in Die Another Day. Most of her income comes from movie appearances and brand deals.
What is Solo Uniacke doing now?
Career-wise? Nothing. He is still in school and lives with his parents, who care for him properly. He is not bothered by the fame his parents have rubbed on him, at least not yet. His parents have kept him and his siblings off media attention so that he can enjoy his life just like a normal person would, but for how long? That is up to Solo.