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Saif Ahmed Belhasa Biography, Age, Net worth, Career, Kids

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Who is Saif Ahmed Belhasa? 
Saif Ahmed Belhasa is a popular Dubai-born Emirati business owner, entrepreneur, and investor. Saif Ahmed Belhasa is recognized as one of the wealthiest businesspeople in Dubai. He is known for being the founder and owner of the famously known ‘Belhasa group of Companies.’ ‘Belhasa group of Companies provides vast technological services, including education, real estate, energy, advertising, transportation, technology, trading, and a handful of others. 
In this article, I will share facts about Saif Ahmed Belhas and other minor things you probably didn’t know about him. Before we continue, however, let’s take a quick look at his profile summary.
Profile summary
Name Saif Ahmed BelhasaDate of birthApril 20, 1966ZodiacAriesAge56 yearsHusbandAnthony BourdainNationalityDubaiNet worth $2.5 billion
Saif Ahmed Belhasa Biography 
Said Ahmed Belhasa was born on April 20, 1966, in his home country, the United Arab Emirates, and is currently 56. His astrological sign is Taurus. Although he was raised in the United Arab Emirates, Saif would later relocate to the United States of America. Certifying requirements for neutralization, Saif now holds dual citizenship—American citizenship by neutralization and Emirati citizenship by birth.

Saif Ahmed Belhasa 1Saif Ahmed Belhasa
Looking at Saif’s background, Saif Ahmed Belhasa is of Arab origin, with his ancestry traceable to Dubai in UAE. As an Arab, Saif practices the Islamic religion, and he has a white skin color. Moreover, Saif stands five feet seven inches tall, estimated to be 1.7 meters, 170 centimeters, or 1700 millimeters. 
Side by side, he weighs 75 kilograms, estimated to be 165 pounds. Then again, he has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Besides these, little is known about Saif’s background as he could be better at sharing details about his private life on the internet. 
Saif Ahmed Belhasa Education, Career 
Saif Ahmed Belhasa had his primary education—elementary and high school education—in local schools in Dubai. Later, he proceeded to the prestigious Al Ain University of Science and Technology in AL Ain, where he graduated in 1998. Upon obtaining an undergraduate degree, Saif relocated to the US, where he obtained a Master’s degree from one of the most prominent universities in the United States. 
Regarding careers and job descriptions, Saif Ahmed Belhasa was said to have started his career in the entrepreneurial sector with the guidance of his father. A now-renowned business tycoon joined his father’s company, where he worked for about half a decade, gaining practical knowledge on how to grow a business.
After working with his father’s company for about five years, Saif Ahmed Belhasa started his company, ‘Saif Belhasa Holding Company,’ in 2001 at 35. Later, he started a transportation company, ‘Belhasa Driving Centre,’ with about 15 cars. As of 2022, ‘Belhasa Driving Centre’ has over 650 cars, with hundreds of people working with the company to render transportation services to people. Aside from that, the ‘Belhasa Driving Centre’ enables youngsters to learn how to drive, with driver’s licenses to stamp their performances. 
An owner of several companies, Saif Ahmed Belhasa is the founder and owner of ‘The Belhasa Group of Companies.’ Not only is Saif interested in Entrepreneurship, but he is also interested in people. And speaking of that, Saif has donated money to different causes, including: 

Dubai Autism Center
 Pakistan Flood Victims Program
 Manzil Center
 Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs

Saif Ahmed Belhasa Family 
Saif Ahmed Belhasa is married to his long-term lover, Sarah Belhasa. Having been married for a couple of decades, the lovers have three children. And well, Abdulla Belhasa, Mayed Belhasa, and Rashed Belhasa are their children’s names.

Saif Ahmed Belhasa 2Saif Ahmed Belhasa
Being a very successful business tycoon, Saif has successful children as well. As it is, one of his sons Rashed Belhasa is a popular influencer, otherwise known by the professional name “Money Kicks.” A successful influencer at that, Rashed Belhasa has over $1 million estimated net worth. 
Side by side, Saif Ahmed Belhasa’s other two sons, Abdulla Belhasa and Mayed Belhasa, are popular football players. Playing for the US and their ancestry country, UAE, Abdulla and Mayed are successful at their careers, too. 
Saif Ahmed Belhasa Net worth
Saif Ahmed Belhasa has an estimated net worth of about $2.5 billion. Saif Ahmed earns his net from his career in the entrepreneurial sector, and he has succeeded in most sectors he has ventured into. 

Saif Ahmed Belhasa, in May 2019, hosted Virgil van Dijk at his horse ranch. 
Ahmed Belhasa received the CEO Middle East Business Expansion Award in 2007.
Saif has a private zoo, which houses notorious wild animals, ranging from tigers, t giraffes, and cheetahs to lions. 
Saif Ahmed Belhasa is a lover of football. 
Belhasa made it to the list of “The Strongest Arabs” at number 38.
He enjoys traveling, fishing and sailing as hobbies. 
He was named in the ‘Arabian Business magazine’s list of ‘World’s 100 Most Powerful Arabs in 2014.
He was one of the recipients of awards at the ‘Master Pools Guild Excellence Awards’ in 2011.
Saif Ahmed Belhasa holds dual citizenship.