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Julie Deborah Brown Biography, Net worth, Personal Life

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Who is Julie Deborah Brown?

Julie Deborah Brown and Kenneth Lauren Burns

Julie Deborah Brown is the wife of renowned documentary and television filmmaker Kenneth Lauren Burns, best known as Ken Burns. 

Julie is the second wife of Ken Burns, with whom she bore two children with, Olivia and Willie. They married in 2003 after Ken divorced his first sweetheart Amy Stechler. Ken married Amy Stechler several years before meeting Julie Deborah Brown. While Ken Burns is famous as an American documentary and television series filmmaker, not much is known about his wife, Julie, as she keeps her personal life out of the media. 

He and Amy Stechler, his first wife, got married in 1982 and 1993, both couples signed a divorce, and before then, Amy had already given birth to two daughters, one named Sarah and the other named Lilly.  

Julie Deborah Brown Biography

Julie was born in 1966 in New York City, USA, and she is the founder of a non-profit organization known as “Room to Grow.” 

Not so much is known about Julie Deborah’s early life as a child; it is said that she grew up in the hands of her biological parents. 

Her parents were neither too wealthy nor too poor, but they could afford her basic needs. After Julie graduated from high school, she decided to pursue her academics and enrolled further in the University.  

She studied at the University of Michigan. The University of Michigan is currently one of the top best schools for research in the United States of America. 

After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan, she didn’t stop there; instead, she furthered her education by enrolling at New York University to complete her Master’s degree in her field of expertise. 

After Julie completed her Master’s degree, she decided to create a non-profit organization called “Room To Grow,” which she founded herself.  

She wanted to help young children who were separated from their parents by providing them with the care and support they needed, even in the absence of their parents. 

She also aimed to provide for distressed, maltreated and abandoned orphaned children. She helped them by supporting them with healthcare and nutrition. 

Personal Life 

Little is known about the life of Julie Deborah Brown except that she is the second wife of Ken Burns, whom she got married to in 2003, and with whom she bore two children. 

Her husband, Ken, is a multi-award winner who has won several awards and received multiple nominations for his good works in the film industry. 

Julie Deborah Brown is not on any of the big social media platforms. Hence, the media has only a little information about her. 

She is a private woman who doesn’t seem to like appearing on social media. She keeps her personal life out of social media for reasons best known to her. 

On the other hand, her husband is the direct opposite of who Julie is. He is very active on social media due to his personality and the kind of work he does as a documentary filmmaker.  

Ken Burns has been in filmmaking for over 40 years, perfecting his career and doing what he loves most.

Julie Deborah Brown Husband

Kenneth Lauren Burns, known by the industry as Ken Burns for short, is Julie Deborah Browns’ husband. The couple got married on October 18, 2003.

Julie Deborah Brown husband ken burns
Julie Deborah Brown’s husband, Ken Burns

Burns got married to Julie Deborah Browns, the daughter of Leslie Mundjer and Richard Brown, and together they gave birth to two daughters, one named Olivia and the other named Willia Burns.


Ken Burns is best known as one of America’s best and most iconic documentary filmmakers, and he began in the early 1970s.

Ken has successfully published several documentary films and television series. 

Some of his notable film works include “The Civil War,” which was released in (1990). In (1994) he released his second most notable film work titled “Baseball.” 

The film titled “The National Parks,” “The Vietnam War,” and “Country Music” are also some of his notable works that were published in 2009, 2017, and 2019 respectively.  

His works have earned him several award nominations, and he has also won many Emmy awards, among many others. 

Altogether Burns’s work has garnered two Oscar nominations, two Grammy Awards, and 15 Emmy Awards. 

His film titled “The Civil War” received more than 40 major film and television awards, which include two Emmy Awards, and two Grammy Awards, among many others. 

Julie Deborah Brown Net worth

Not so much is known about Julie Deborah Brown’s wealth, but according to a report given in mid-2019. 

It was assumed that the wife of Ken Burns was worth a whopping $700,000, which is not much of a big deal since her husband, Ken Burns is a big name in the U.S, and most of the support she gets comes from him.  

Her sources of income remain unknown, but it is assumed that aside from the support she gets from her husband, she may have other streams of income that are yet to be revealed.