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Jenni Neidhart Biography, Age, Career, OnlyFans, Family, Net worth

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Who is Jenni Neidhart? 
Jenni Neidhart is a renowned model, OnlyFans star, gourmet chef, and social media sensation from Canada. She is adored by her fans for her physique and beauty. Also, she is famous for being the first child of Jim Neidhart and the sister to Natalya Neidhart. 
Jenni’s father, Jim, is an American professional wrestler recognized for his decade-long career in the wrestling field. He’s notable for being a two-time WWF Tag Team Champion and winner of several titles from fights, including in Championship Wrestling from Florida, Stampede Wrestling, Mid-South Wrestling, the Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation, and Memphis Championship Wrestling. Jenni’s sister, Natalya Neidhart, is also a notable professional wrestler, currently signed by WWE. 
In this article, I’d share facts about Jenni Neidhart and everything about her. Here is a quick summary of her profile you can go through before you read more about her.

Profile Summary
Name Jenni Neidhart Birth City Calgary, AlbertaDate of birthJuly 13, 1980Birthday July 13Age42 years old Nationality Canadian, American Parents Jim Neidhart, and Elizabeth “Ellie” Hart SistersNatalya Neidhart, and Kristen “Muffy” Neidhart GrandparentsStu Hart, and Helen Hart Hair Color Light Brown Eye Color Brown Ethnicity/AncestryWhite/Greece Profession Social Media Influencer, Chef, OnlyFans star, and Model Cousins Harry Smith, Teddy Hart, Matt Hart, and Mike Hart Body measurements35 inches (Bust)28 inches (Waist)37 inches (Hips)Shoe size7 (us)Height/Weight 5’8/58 kgNet worth$2,000,000

Jenni Neidhart Biography 
Jennifer Neidhart was born on July 13 1980 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; she is 41 years old. She is the first child of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and his wife, Elizabeth “Ellie” Hart. Natalya Neidhart (born on May 27, 1982; 40 years old) and Kristen “Muffy” Neidhart are her two younger sisters, with whom she grew up in Albert province, Western Canada. Sunflowers are one of her favorite flowers. Jenni has dual citizenship; Canadian citizenship and American citizenship.

Jenni Neidhart with her family when she was a kidJenni Neidhart (right) with her family
Other family members related to Jenni by blood are her maternal grandparents, Helen Hart and Stu Hart (born May 3, 1915, aged 88). Her grandfather, Stu, was famous as a professional wrestler and founder of the professional wrestling promotion based in Calgary, Alberta, called “Stampede Wrestling.” Edward Hart and Elizabeth Stewart Hart are Jenni’s paternal great-grandparents. 
More so, Georgia Hart, Bret Hart, Bruce Hart, Owen Hart, Smith Hart, Wayne Hart, and Keith Hart are the names of her maternal uncles and aunts, most of whom are also famous. Harry Smith, Teddy Hart, Matt Hart, and Mike Hart are her cousins who are wrestlers.
Jenni loves animals, especially cats, and dogs. And that is why she has a cat named Georgie and a dog with whom she lives in Canada. 
What are Jenni’s hobbies? She revealed that she loves to travel the world and swim as hobbies. And also she loves cooking. With her skills in the culinary department, she reads and tries out new recipes often. Her favorite cookie is Gingersnaps. 

Jenni Neidhart 1Jenni Neidhart
Jenni is yet to share details about her education; however, her younger sister, Natalya, attended Vincent Massey Junior High School and Bishop Carroll High School, so it’s likely she attended one of those.
Jenni Neidhart Career 
Although Jenni had always wanted to be a wrestler, she got famous on social media by randomly posting stunning photos of her wearing a bikini and other model-like outfits on her Instagram account @harttotable. Currently, she has over 257k thousand followers, so she makes a lot of money from promoting brands and businesses through paid advertising and partnership. 
Furthermore, she has an OnlyFans account with over 339.3k likes. As with most OnlyFans content creators, she shares premium and exclusive content with her monthly subscribers at $14.99 per month and $35.98 for three months.
Aside from Instagram and OnlyFans, Jenni runs a YouTube account named TheNeidharts, with her sister Natalya. The YouTube account was created on January 11, 2020, and has over 92.3k subscribers so far. Jenni and her sister have posted several videos based on their life experiences. With fans eager to watch them, they have accumulated over 6.3 million. Their friend, Cordelia, is the video producer for their channel. 
How to contact Jenni Neidhart for business proposals and collaborations? To contact Jenni, email her at [email protected]

Jenni & Nattie's Naughty & Nice New Year Goals 2023! | TheNeidharts

Jenni Neidhart’s Parents’ Marriage 
Jenni’s parents, Jim Neidhart and Elizabeth Hart married in 1979. However, they divorced in 2000 over marital issues, which they later settled. About a decade after their first divorce, they reunited and remarried in 2010. Accordingly, they were married from then till August 13, 2018, following Jenni’s father’s death.
Is Jenni Neidhart married? No, Jenni is not married. Although she may be in a romantic relationship, whether or not that’s the case for her is unknown as she doesn’t fancy sharing details about her private life on the internet.
Is Jenni Neidhart’s Father Dead? 
Yes, sadly, Jennifer Neidhart’s father, Jim Neidhart, is dead. He was born James Henry Neidhart on February 8, 1955, in Montebello, California, U.S. He died from a head injury that was caused by a seizure when he had a hard fall on August 13, 2018, in Wesley Chapel, Florida, U.S., at the age of 63. 

Social Media Handles
Instagram Jenni Neidhart @harttotable (257k thousand followers, 1175 posts) Twitter @neidhartjenni (88.5k thousand followers, 336 tweets) — joined in August 2022YouTube @TheNeidharts (92.3k thousand subscribers, 70 videos, 6.3 million views) — joined on January 11, 2020 OnlyFans @jenni-neidhart (339.3k thousand like 366 posts) TikTok @jenni_neidhart (2.9k thousand followers, 23 videos, 2.5k likes) — joined on September 24, 2021

Jenni Neidhart Net worth 
Jenni Neidhart’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. Her primary source of income is from selling her content to her OnlyFans subscribers and promoting businesses on her Instagram account.
I’d like to know your thoughts on Jennifer Neidhart. Is she one of your favorite social media influencers and OnlyFans stars? Come on in the comments section; let’s discuss all of that.