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Jemma Middleton: Life, Love & Gaming

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According to Hcareers, there is a lesser chance of burnout when you work with your spouse. Work tends to be more like a lifestyle than work – that may not be the case for Jemma Middleton. She was a regular stay-at-home mom until her husband influenced her to start a YouTube channel. She did, and it became what launched her to fame on the internet. She already had impressive gaming skills like her husband, so it was a smooth start for her when she uploaded her first YouTube video titled “Minecraft Mini-Game | JemPlaysMC plays Hot Potato! | Episode 1.” However, she seems to have taken a break from creating content for her platform. She moved from YouTube to Twitch streaming and last posted in 2019.
Jemma Middleton gained fame as a YouTube star thanks to her YouTube channel, “xjemmamx,” where she used to upload her YouTube videos until she moved to Twitch. Also, Jemma is widely recognized as the wife of the famous YouTuber Daniel Middleton. She often appeared in his videos on his moreTDM YouTube channel, building on her husband’s success – this served as her springboard to a successful YouTube career.
In this post, we will cover everything related to Jemma Middleton, the wife of the famous YouTuber DanTDM, including facts about her personal life, career, and achievements, so read to the end to get the full scoop.

Profile summary
NameJemma MiddletonDate of birth09 April 1992Age31 years oldHoroscopeAriesLucky number7SpouseDaniel MiddletonChildrenAsher Middleton, Miles MiddletonCountry of birthEnglandEthnicityWhiteCityHertfordshire
Jemma Middleton Early Life
Jemma Middleton is a millennial born Jemma Millward on April 09, 1992, in Wellingborough, England, United Kingdom, and is currently 31 years old. Unfortunately, there is little information about her family, including her father’s and mother’s names, because they choose to maintain their privacy. Having a famous family member like Jemma can attract discomfort and unusual attention because Jemma gained a significant following on her YouTube channel, where she creates content around Minecraft gameplay and mods.
Jemma Middleton is a single child and has not spoken much about her personal life or family. Her birth sign is Aries, associated with passionate and confident leadership and cheerful community building. She loves animals and has three pug dogs, Ellie and Darcie, who keep her company. Outside the home, Jemma loves to dress casually.

Jemma Middleton and her dogs outside.
Physical Appearance
Jemma is slim; she is 5 feet 4 inches (1.64m tall) and weighs 60 kg (132 lbs). She has maintained this thin body type because she abstains from bread and pizza due to a digestive disorder- Celiac disease. Additionally, Jemma has blonde hair and brown eyes.
The love story and marriage between Jemma and Daniel Middleton
You know a perfect love story when you see one; it usually starts in childhood or high school and lasts a lifetime.
A perfect love story is what Jemma and Daniel have. They attended the same high school and were classmates. They first met as “mere” friends in sixth grade during their time in school, and you know what high-school love is like – going out, spending time with the date, resolving minor conflicts, and dealing with breakups.
Jemma and Dan were lucky to sit next to each other, thanks to their surnames that began with “Mi.” After many late-night calls and texts, in 2010, Daniel, 19, proposed to Jemma when she turned eighteen – the dude knew what he was careful of. In the US, If a dating relationship with someone under 18 involves sexual conduct, it can be illegal.
Jemma Middleton and DanTdm married on March 17, 2013, after being in a relationship for several years – March 17, 2023, marked their 10th wedding anniversary.

Jemma Middleton and Daniel Middleton during their wedding
They have shared beautiful and captivating photos of themselves on their Instagram accounts, showcasing their love and commitment to each other.
Their marriage gave birth to their first child, a baby boy, Asher Middleton, on January 05, 2020, and Miles Middleton on November 22, 2022. Asher is 3 years old, while Miles is 5 months old.
Jemma Middleton Education
It is known that Jemma Middleton attended a grammar school in Wellingborough, England, although there is no further information regarding her education.
Given her age, she may have already completed her university studies, although no specific information is available. It is interesting to note that Jemma Middleton and Daniel were classmates in school.
Jemma Middleton Gaming career
When Daniel’s channel reached 100,000 subscribers in 2012, he decided to focus more seriously on YouTube and received support from Jemma. Encouraged by her husband’s success, Jemma created her YouTube channel on July 22, 2013, called xjemmamx, and loaded it with videos of her Minecraft gameplay.
Her last video on that channel was in 2015, which is 8 years ago because she moved to a Twitch account and uploaded her recent video there. She and her husband were meritoriously awarded Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award in 2015; since then, she moved her content to Twitch.
In her Twitch account, where she “plays games and talks about food a lot,” she also seems less active as she last streamed in 2022 and last uploaded a video in 2019, 14 years ago. Her uploaded videos were mostly gameplay of The Sims 4, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Minecraft & Stardew Valley.
On her youtube account, she has over 200,000 subscribers but only uploaded around 40 videos that year. Her most popular videos were her Minecraft battles with Daniel, with one gameplay titled ‘Minecraft| Husband vs. Wife SURVIVAL| Episode 1| Fast Food’ receiving 2.9 million views.
Her first video on her channel was a Minecraft mini-game video titled “Minecraft Mini-Game | JemPlaysMC plays Hot Potato! | Episode 1,” uploaded on August 20, 2013. Her channel primarily focuses on Minecraft gameplay and modding videos.
We don’t know what happened to Jemma; we can’t tell why she kept her gaming video distribution channels stale. She has not publicly announced it, but we can’t wait to watch her latest stream. She can’t be keeping fifty-two thousand Twitch subscribers waiting for so long.
However, it is notable that she paused creating content for her Twitch account in 2019, three years before she gave birth to her second child, Miles, and four years after her first. Pregnancy, childbirth, and raising two kids require time and dedication. We look forward to seeing her content in the coming months.
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Jemma Middleton Net worth
Jemma Middleton has been quite successful as a YouTuber; her subscribers on Twitch and YouTube meet monetization requirements. Adding up her average views, 2000, and watch time when she was active, she makes up to $monthlymonth from her YouTube account.
Although she maintains the status of a famous game streamer, Jemma is currently inactive on her platforms. She has not disclosed her net worth to the public, and her earnings from her content distribution accounts have tanked a bit. Her husband remains active and makes the most of his YouYube, DanTDM, which now blends content about his gaming lifestyle with game plays. Let’s cease a few paragraphs to tell you about Jemma’s husband.
Jemma Middleton Husband

Jemma and her husband, Daniel, with their child Asher
Jemma’s husband, Daniel Middleton, is a famous YouTuber born on November 09, 1991. He is 31 years old and is renowned in the gaming niche to the extent of featuring in Free Guy (2021) movie. He appeared in a short scene where game streamers in the film wondered who the Blue Shirt Guy was.
Daniel goes by the name DanTDM which means DanTheDiamondMinecart. His youtube account has millions of subscribers and millions of views. Aside from Free Guy, he has to credit other game-related series, such as; DanTDM’s Harcore Lets’s Play (2019 – 2022 – 90 episodes), Minecraft High School (2015), and Tomodachi Life (2016 – 2018 – 29 episodes). Dan is proudly the YouTuber behind moreTDM and DanTDM Youtube channels.
In conclusion, Jemma Middleton’s journey in the gaming world and her relationship with her husband, famous YouTuber Daniel Middleton, exemplify the benefits of working alongside one’s spouse. As a successful YouTube and Twitch streamer, Jemma has leveraged her husband’s success to create her path in the online gaming community. Her story highlights the importance of support and teamwork in a marriage and the potential for couples to achieve significant accomplishments together. Although Jemma has taken a step back from her gaming channels in recent years, likely to focus on her growing family, her followers eagerly anticipate her return to the gaming world. As a testament to the power of collaboration and shared passion, the story of Jemma and Daniel Middleton offers inspiration for couples looking to combine their love and professional lives.